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Business is difficult to do, deep plowing their own industry is more reliable than career change!

Author introduction: recent friends often micro letter to me, said it is difficult to do business, you want to switch, let me give some advice.

All I have to help the industry in the process, and their communication, found a very interesting phenomenon, to do the project now works very hard to do, do you want to switch to wine, the wine that the profit is high; the wine wine said it is difficult to do, since the first leading advocate thrifty wind, wine is difficult to engage in the project you want to switch with friends, heard that doing the project is profiteering, wants me to give him some advice.

2015 really messed up, a lot of people have said to his bowl of meat is not interested, all stare at the pot. But the problem is another pot of meat is delicious? They can eat have?

Money is made by professionals, right?

All walks of life usually encounter problems and I exchange a lot of people, in fact, now many industries are very difficult, encountered such a bottleneck, not all industries. The industry to abandon the original one, is a risky thing, first you have to re learn to adapt to the new rules of the game industry, but also a symbol of the second the accumulation of years of customer resources has not much significance, large span, which means the original resources should be cleared to start afresh.

Some time ago, “boss don’t cry” a series of words and articles, pictures and so on, once the volume of friends circle, dug out the boss of the heart of the pain, I was deeply touched

But, in the environment that all people want to change careers, can a career change solve the problem?

Someone told me, want to take breaking strategy breakthrough to other industries, I asked him what he said, breaking the law, they entered the industry it will be to grab customers, I can not make money, the price than the first industry people cheaper, grab the customer come again, again for higher margin products to make money.

Listening to my heart is cool! It is breaking strategy?

Do you want to go to other industries, others want to go to your industry, so that a referendum to toss a bucket to bucket, can solve the problem? Only the blind yourself but also to other industries to enhance the pain!

Did we think about such a problem before we switched to work? Now, is the business difficult, or is it the problem of our own industry, or is our ability to support the problem of ambition?

I think so, whenever you encounter difficulties, setbacks, I will meditate on yourself, it is often said that the inward, I ask myself why I will encounter this problem? I think it will be my own ability, because encounter this problem but can not solve the problem is yourself the problem of ability.

I remember my first article in 2013 May opening of entrepreneurs business school platform is made: “fix the root, everything starts from me!”, the core content is the “I” is the root of all, nobody else’s business, is the “I” problems. Interested can click at the end of the reading text look at the article.

Personal views, methods for a gun shot is not feasible, no reliable switch, their industry does not have enough ability to do, go to other industries will have the ability to do it? I think it difficult to do business again, their own roots industry and transform their ability than to rely on spectrum! Some people will say, my personality is suitable for doing what the industry, you can try.

Sometimes, a lot of good China industry, good product, the project will soon be playing bad, why? Are heard, heard that the industry well done, I heard that the industry is good, like a swarm of bees rushed past, this strategy is the strategy, could hurt others toss themselves, finally, toss it again after. Feel, in fact what industries are similar, just do not know that before did not enter the competition much, some like a mixed meal, finally found, if only when the feed industry is just play bad after they have to re find the industry to play.

Finally, my advice is to take roots in your industry, a breakthrough method, but you have not thought of how to break it, instead of running to switch to the so-called breaking its own strategy, so it is pernicious, really.

I have a friend named WeChat idlers who wrote several steps to do business must be thinking, made up for your reference, you may have to help. These steps are:

The first step: who is your accurate customer?

The second step: who owns your customers (fish pond pond owners)?

The third step: how do you cooperate with the owner of the pond so that he is willing to introduce his client to you?

The fourth step: how do you deal with potential customers when you come to your store?

The fifth step: how do you let customers continue to buy your products or services?

Today, first write this, in the micro era, the article is too long, the people also see pain, “micro” also has a slight advantage, the content is short, clear at a glance, easy to absorb



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