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Team Management Manual

Introduction: Business operation and management is a “fine work”. You must manage the looseness and tightness of the management and take good care of the scale: too loose leads to the sloppy spirit of employees and the loss of control of the situation. Too tight will kill passion and creativity. A tight and tight, reflects the realm of the art of operation and management. carbon fiber CNC service

Efficient management of employees is difficult, but it is not impossible. The key is to find laws and follow laws. Managing employees in accordance with the rules, unwieldy employees will become docile, inefficient teams will become full of vitality. There is no shortcut to management.

Establish a system of management thought above all else

The system is the cornerstone of ensuring the normal operation of an organization. The management of arbitrary trampling regimes is doomed to failure management. The most embarrassing and most easily guilty mistake for managers is to put individual will above the system. In the long run, the system is in name only, and the behavior of employees and the operation of the organization will inevitably produce irreversible deviations.

1. Establish and improve the organizational structure

2. Establish a strict employment system

3, design a good salary system

4, establish a competition mechanism

5. The establishment and improvement of the system should always be placed first

6, resolutely abandoned the law does not blame the thinking

7, set an example by system

Prestige, management will be effective

The system is a benchmark for management. However, having a system and acting according to the system does not mean that all problems are solved. The manager’s personal prestige also has a decisive influence on the effectiveness of management. Of course, establishing prestige does not happen overnight. Many managers need to grasp their own. carbon fiber CNC service

1. Prestige is the first element of managers

2, establish a prestige to have tactics

3, prudent attitude, said to do

4. Infect subordinates with your own style

5. Appropriate time to “enlist and prosecute”

6, do not use emotional things

7, facing the pressure yourself

8. Do not falsify the private image of the public economy

9, resolutely break up the small circle

10, moderate hair fire

11, the distance to produce majesty

12, for the subordinate Enwei and

A bowl of water is flat and should be the manager’s key management point

In fact, the general staff’s requirements for managers are not high and they are easily met. As long as you treat each employee fairly and impartially and evaluate the performance of the employee accurately and objectively, he is willing to obey your management. “A bowl of water is flat” is a common saying used by ordinary people to chant, and this is exactly the manager’s decision that should be read by managers.

1. Fairness is more important than fairness

2. Deal with conflicts between employees to first classify conflicts

3. Artistic decision-making conflicts

4, learn to reduce conflicts with the interests of employees

5. Recognize the dangers of gangs

6, replace internal friction with competition

Harmonious superior and inferior relationships are lubricants that increase management efficiency

If the subordinates are distasteful to their superiors, there is a stomach of opinion, then the effectiveness of the management of the manager is greatly reduced; on the contrary, if the relationship between the superior and subordinates is harmonious, subordinates are always happy to accept the task, and make every effort to complete the task, the result Nature is very different. As a manager, you must know how to care for, care for your subordinates, and be an intimate person of your employees. In this way, harmonious relations between the superior and the inferior will come unexpectedly. carbon fiber CNC service

1, consider the problem of the staff’s position

2. Don’t abandon subordinates in crisis

3, the critical moment to give subordinates necessary help

4, as a good employee’s “parent”

5, let the enterprise full of human emotion

6. Put down your “shelf” when appropriate

7. Remember the name of the employee

8, understand the character of employees

9. Emotional management of employees

10. Understand employees’ satisfaction
Smooth communication can avoid management problems

When the communication was mentioned, some managers shook their heads: I gave the order to do the following, and it was not important to communicate without communication. Besides, the things that I needed to deal with each day were complicated and there was time to communicate. In fact, this common idea of managers is one of the causes of many obstacles in the management process. Without communication, it is impossible to understand the real ideas of the subordinates and the real situation of the operation of the company, and to artificially widen the distance between the employees, it is indeed an approach that is not desirable for smart managers. (More management sharing recommendations follow the global human resources think tank, WeChat search GHRlib can be)

1. Ensure effective communication and information sharing

2. Listening is more important than speaking in communication

3, broaden the channels for communication up and down

4, good at listening to opinions can play the potential of employees

5. Share happiness with subordinates

6, courage to admit mistakes is a good way to achieve good communication

To give subordinates personal opinions

Ordinary employees have the power and opportunity to express their opinions. It is one of the criteria to measure whether an organization is operating well. Managers must create a management atmosphere where all people can speak freely. In this way, everyone in the organization will feel that they are one of the important members and will be happy to do their job well. This is often a time when some draconian management measures must be effective. Much more. carbon fiber CNC service
1. Create an atmosphere that allows subordinates to open their mouths boldly

2, let employees understand the actual situation

3, identify employee dissatisfaction

4, correctly treat employees’ dissatisfaction

5, listen carefully to employees’ complaints

Appropriate incentives are efficient killers

Every manager hopes that his subordinates will spend 100% of their time and work efficiently. But at the same time, managers should understand that the effectiveness of employees’ work is directly related to what kind of incentives you use. The era of winning with high pressure and peremptory management has long passed, and adopting appropriate incentives is a killer for modern managers to increase their management efficiency.

1. Inspire the ability of the backbone of the business with appropriate incentives

2. Give sincere praise to subordinates for their outstanding performance

3, a good way to reward the meritorious people

4. To grasp the timing and methods of awards and penalties

5. Establish an efficient incentive system

6, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees

7. Enticing “title” incentives

8, incentives have to find the reason

9, can not engage in egalitarianism

10. The combination of monetary incentives and spiritual incentives

Correctly consider the strengths and weaknesses of subordinates

If the manager only watches the weaknesses of the subordinates, then he is a shortcoming. Correspondingly, your attitude towards the employees is only criticism and punishment. This is a kind of extremely negative management thinking, avoiding shortcomings and using its strengths, is the management of high-level managers. carbon fiber CNC service

1. Skills to protect short and protect short

2, do not easily deny subordinates

3, to the subordinates to see more advantages less see the disadvantages

4, to treat people who have opposed themselves

5, so that the subordinates can also be used for my shortcomings

Criticizing methods is one of the essence of management art

As leaders, managers inevitably have to criticize subordinates, but they must not be viewed simplistically. The purpose of criticism is to point out shortcomings, mistakes, and look forward to corrections. If your criticism just points out mistakes, or is only the release of personal emotions, but does not achieve the purpose of allowing critics to correct and let others be vigilant, this is a kind of Failed criticism. So criticism is about methods. It is one of the essences of management art.

1. Seriously treat the ways of criticizing employees

2. Criticism should pay attention to methods and methods

3, with love to criticize

4, euphemistically pointing out that mistakes are more easily accepted

5, don’t be blamed on the public

6. Short and powerful criticism is more effective

7, criticize with “praise”

8, “Leng Biao” do not forget the good

When the shot must be bold

Which unit will have such “thorn-headed” characters and when it may be a problem that seriously endangers the management situation, for which managers must not hesitate to hesitate to dare to get rid, and they must put out heavy fists in the first shot. Strive for one hit and one hit will solve the problem. carbon fiber CNC service

1. Do not hesitate when decisive

2. Correcting subordinates’ mistakes with a clear attitude

3, principle issues can not do wall grass

4. Use an effective method to let arrogant people obey orders

5, boldly swept “dismissal” this killing stick

6, may wish to accommodate for a while, may wish to deter

Do not know how to be authorized to go on the fast lane of management

There is no need for managers to carry out large-scale tasks, although there are unnecessary flaws in the handling of certain things, but from the management point of view, it is a huge flaw. Because this will make all subordinates become noiseless and self-motivated worms. The boss is exhausted and the staff is idle. Administrators who do not know how to authorize will bring the company or a department to the slow lane in the “sincere and professional” business.  carbon fiber CNC service

1, managers can not be all things

2, do not know how to authorize it is not a qualified manager

3, authorized to pay attention to strategies and skills

4. Power and power should be treated differently when empowered

5, generous promotion, so that employees are all bosses

6. We must resolutely remove many obstacles to reasonable authorization

7. Putting authorization into practice in supporting subordinates

Regulators are indispensable

Authorization is not a matter of putting power away. Supervision, follow-up, and management after authorization are essential. Some managers often feel distressed. How can power always be put on a chaos? In fact, the root cause lies in the fact that the relationship between authorization and supervision has not been resolved. carbon fiber CNC service

1, smart managers will not put their power out of the

2. There is a limited degree of skepticism that prevents unauthorized control

3, managers in the follow-up to achieve effective monitoring of power

4, should limit the power of the highest power

5. Beware of “anti-authorization”

6. Grasping the necessary power to prevent the license from getting out of control

7, do not save the “check job” this link

Starting from the spiritual level is the golden key to open the door to management

For most of the ordinary employees, the material treatment requirements are the most basic, but also very important, but if you look at the material requirements as the only needs of the employees and you know the management ideas, you are wrong. After satisfying basic material needs, the spiritual aspect is the golden key that truly opens the door to management.

1. Unite the team’s management goals with employees’ personal goals

2. It is the staff’s belief and spirit that most need to be cultivated

3. Improve the effectiveness of employees’ work by improving their spiritual level

4. Taking construction management ethics as the top priority in improving management capabilities

5. Grasping the mentality of employees means finding a golden key to improve management effectiveness.

6. Improve the combat effectiveness of employees and enterprises through the construction of corporate culture

Reasonably selecting and using talents is the necessary quality of managers

What management? Nature is a person. Different people do not manage by the same means. The result will be very different. This is the difference between the selection and use of talent. So smart managers will start from employing people to implement their own management philosophy. The most important thing in selecting talented people is to achieve the word “reasonable” and to be able to do so, so that managers can say that they have the basic management qualities. carbon fiber CNC service

1, choose a good person to use it

2. Spare no effort to retain outstanding talents

3, to dig people must be willing to pay

4. Appointments may be appropriate “moderate”

5, the amount of personnel is only suitable for use, avoid weaknesses

6. Managers should treat new and old employees differently

Have a special mind for important employees

Most of the important employees are capable people. There are a lot of lofty and arrogant people who are able to use them. How to use such people is a benchmark for the management ability of the university. If such a person can use it well, he will exert tremendous energy, and it is very difficult to use such a person’s broad-mindedness that is not able to accommodate people.

1, high salary may not be able to retain people

2, find the cause of the loss of employees

3, use alternative “can”

4, warmer people stay more effective

5. Use “technical level” to retain people

6. Make employees full of hope for the future

7, make appropriate concessions

Maximize the energy of the team

Among the NBA teams in the United States, if the players cooperate with each other, they will say that this is a team with a chemical reaction. Such a team may not have a superstar, but the winning percentage is often the highest. A good manager is to be a bit of a means to make gold, so that chemical reactions between subordinates, so as to maximize the release of the team’s energy. carbon fiber CNC service

1, to establish a solid management team

2. Team spirit is the guarantee of team stability

3, the unity of the staff is the premise to shape the team spirit

4. Balance the cooperation and independence in the team

5. Encourage active work

6. Inspire creativity and encourage innovation

Soft ratio hard can sometimes produce better management results

Harder and more powerful, this is common sense in life. However, in the management work, hard-line effects have not been better. On the contrary, some relatively soft, warm and humanized methods have subordinated them. As the saying goes, people’s hearts are long meat, and when you face a hot heart, soft, it is indeed more penetrating. carbon fiber CNC service

1. Learn how to use Roquegan’s management

2. The leader must first manage his temper

3. Turn antagonists into champions.

4. Give mistakes to subordinates

5. Motivate subordinates by resolving conflicts

6. “Daogao” is a clever management

Grasp the tight and tight management scale

Management is a “careful workmanship”. One of the manifestations is that you must manage loose and tight management and take good care of the scale: too loose leads to sloppy employee spirit and the uncontrollable situation. Too tight will kill passion and creativity. A loose and tight, reflects the realm of management art.  carbon fiber CNC service

1. Don’t let your instructions become a piece of paper

2. Awards and penalties should be assessed on the basis of performance test

3, correctly view the subordinates did not complete the task

4, in a tightly focused manner to make everyone have a strong sense of urgency

5. Expressing a clear position on the issue of principle with timely punishment and appreciation

6. Perfectly combine “loose” and “tight” in a coordinated manner

7, learn to hide behind the system “inaction” type manager

It can make you understand more clearly

The manager must be a sensible person: to understand the authenticity and to check the pros and cons; the manager must be a confused person: avoiding the evasion and letting go. It is difficult for managers to understand and easy to do, because the former needs competence and knowledge, while the latter requires a broad mind. carbon fiber CNC service

1, some things really need to be confused

2, to be confused and not confused

3, using fuzzy thinking, clever avoid problems

4. It is also a kind of “fooling technique”

5, should not compete with employees

Details can only be done in place

Managers not only have to manage major issues, but also manage small things. This is not in contradiction with the way of empowerment advocated earlier, because some details and minor issues are also very important and are the outline of the issue. The program can only be seen and the important details can be put in place. Things can be done.

1, to control the good things in the management of small things

2. Leaders can’t ignore the personality of subordinates

3. It is stupid to criticize subordinates behind

4. Release positive signals in the right way

5, pay attention to the details of words and deeds at work
twenty one
Use different methods to pursue different management effects

Management needs “methods”. Needless to say, because managers face complicated situations, they often need to solve some difficult problems. They manage them in a simple and clear way and they will be in a passive position. At this time, with some tricks, it is necessary to use a little means, as long as it is not to harm people but to solve problems, there is nothing wrong.

1, learn to control their own color

2. Why did the newly promoted manager become “proud”?

3, do not underestimate the role of “push”

twenty two
Continuously improve overall competitiveness through training

Many managers are talented and capable, but their understanding and practice in employee training are far from the requirements of modern management systems, and even have a special negative attitude towards employee training. In fact, training is a highly rewarding investment. If managers do not pay attention to employee training, it is impossible for companies to achieve sustainable development. carbon fiber CNC service

1, post retraining is equally important

2. Learn to teach while speaking

3、Continue learning as a job need

4. Let employees improve themselves through training

5. Establish a long-term talent development plan

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