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[career Story] A boss meets a strange interviewee, and then… Reminiscent of the past

China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj. In the previous time , a young man was recruited .

When he was interviewed , he was very enthusiastic and well prepared .

He also studied the company . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

Even the dialogue question , obviously , was rehearsed before , in short , it seems to be a very serious boy .

” I think this is the company and culture I want , and that ‘ s what I like ! ” he said . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

The young man wore black – framed glasses , and when he spoke , an idealist was in a state of passion .

To be frank , I was struck by this kind of state . I think maybe work is full of boring , but only this passion can make excellence .

Later , I looked at the work and thought it was good . I decided to admit it . Soon HR gave him the OFFER . He came to work in the second week . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

A few days later , he sent a short message to the supervisor , saying he didn ‘ t like the job . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

The next day he didn ‘ t come . Even after leaving . I was surprised when the supervisor told me . ” That ‘ s not possible ? Microsoft.TeamFoundation .

Modeling.dll I think this kind of reckless behavior is totally different from that of the young man . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

I wanted to talk to him and sent him a text message . I didn ‘ t respond . I ‘ m going to call him , but I thought it was unnecessary .

Even if I ‘ m on the phone , what am I gonna talk to him ? persuade him to go on to the company ? No , I won ‘ t want him anymore . Talk to him about ” responsibility ” ? _ Both are adults and do not mean .

Talking about the relationship between ” likes ” and ” work ” ? _ I am not a rice farmer and a husband .

I can ‘ t say ” I don ‘ t like the job I like . I don ‘ t like the work of the hand ” . I ‘ d like to tell him my own story . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

I want to talk about myself 7 years ago.

At that time, I didn’t graduate from university. I wrote scripts in a movie advertising company. Scripts were very hard, and movie advertisements were not interesting. It was totally different from my previous imagination.

A strange girlfriend came to me. One day, I didn’t say hello to my boss, and I said to the administration, “I don’t do it” and go away.

Mobile phone shutdown, with his girlfriend after a few days of isolation, happiness, heartless days. One day, I suddenly felt the give an account of the company, so the task to the company, talk to the boss.

To see the boss in the company, the elevator, with a group of people carrying the size of equipment, hurried out off. The boss saw me stunned for a moment, as I said: “I come back with you”

I’m scared. The boss is usually in a big temper, and can’t get me dead at this time? China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

I waited for an hour in the company. I watched the rest of the company busied and didn’t take care of me. It was embarrassing.

I found a piece of paper, wrote a long letter, and put it on the front desk. I gave it a hand.

In short, I fled.

This is the beginning of my career. A disgraceful, blemish start.

I want to find that young man to talk about it.

I want to tell him, this thing I become unable to remove later embarrassment, heart itch marks. China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

After that, I often will suddenly remember little figure in the shower, the heart itch, could not help but howling two voice to ease.

Later, I formally entered the advertising communication industry, in a local creative company for 3 years, followed by the director to start a business, this year is fourth years.

In 2012 , it was a coincidence that I met the boss of the film company .

After all , after all , I ‘ ve had a common heart to greet people .

He also remembered me , shook hands with me , asked me about the recent situation , praised me for being ” talented , ” and seemed unable to remember the awkward encounter at the elevator entrance .

We had a meal together , and we had an opportunity to cooperate later .

Since then , we haven ‘ t seen any more . China Manufacturer of metal fabricators nj

After that meeting , I forgive myself thoroughly . I understand one thing _ almost all that you think embarrassing , only you remember . Others have forgotten or not , only yourself , as a long – lasting ” heart itch ” .

At that time , I like Wang Xiaobo . Wang Xiao – bo has an article called ” Work and Life ” . I read a lot of experience at that time . I can ‘ t compare it to a single – line pig .

But now look back , this article is almost every word written into my heart . T

here are three sentences , Jude Medical : The first sentence is : ” It ‘ s a great benefit to get fun from work . ” The second sentence is : ” All in all , what is good ; but it is the value and dignity of the human being to do it . ” The third sentence is : ” When a man is in work , he shall not use his hand , his legs and the waist , but also with his brain and his chest . ”

Unconscious , I find myself in the face of work , attitude is exactly the same as my life idol . This makes me feel excited . It was as if I had gone through a cultivation that I had not noticed at a time .

Now it has been printed , repaired to be in the body , and the realm is as usual .

What time does this attitude and cognition begin ?

It starts with the awkward start of that section , starting with the itching of the heart that cannot be dissipated for a long time .

That embarrassing experience , as well as the ever – growing self – reflection , and the years devoted to the work of the whole , made me reconsider the matter of ” work ” and how I should treat ” work ” .

Yes . If I have the opportunity to see the young man again , I ‘ ll talk to him about these .

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