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Who is not cheating on the boss while burying his head?

To be honest, do you have a WeChat group called “No boss?” China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

Now there are countless WeChat groups in smaller companies. Companies with slightly more office politics will have various numbers of WeChat spits. In particular, there will be a very active group of bosses who deliberately leave their bosses alone. China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

The result of this is that after each meeting, there will be a wave of collective vibrations on everyone’s mobile phones. This is not an ordinary mobile phone vibration. Each voice is full of emotions because of the just-decision-making. It may even be accompanied by a cordial greeting to the boss and mother from time to time.

However, after finishing chanting Tucao, to return to his station, it is still necessary to effectively implement the content of the meeting just now. While satisfying the boss’s request, he constantly calls on Daddy to Party A.

This world, who is not the boss, while burying his head hard work.

I don’t want to miss people
It’s a silly X to stand up to the boss.

With the increase of business opportunities, the threshold for becoming a boss is getting lower and lower. Really more companies and bosses. China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

One: Money is not enough, feelings come together

In 2018, there were even bosses who poured thick chicken soup on the staff, and they still put the kind of parsley. As long as there is a meeting, the chicken broth is full, at least once in the morning and at night before and after work.

“Be grateful to those who have made you grow up with a grateful heart. Good morning.”

“No matter how difficult the obstacles are in front of us, we can always welcome our own tomorrow and good night as long as we fight hard.”
As the saying goes, there is always one in the temple, body and soul.

In the previous class, some employees came to make money. Some employees earned their dreams to make money, but they did not come together to raise their moral standards. China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

Nowadays, idealism is a scarce resource. Occasionally talking about dreams can be an enviable thing. However, in the workplace, non-money-based feelings and tricks are no different.

I can’t always give a salary of one thousand dollars in my hand and I want to make employees create the value of two thousand dollars. Then the remaining one thousand will be served with special chicken soup of the boss brand. The good one can add two more meals. Chicken rice is taken for delivery, but how can employees be so fooled?

What’s more, some chicken soups are really unappreciated. Now that the blessings for the Chinese New Year can’t be used for mass production, as a chicken soup used to pay wages, some of them are still copied and pasted.

II: Insufficient ability to work overtime

Let’s recall that in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, what are your work efficiency? China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

I have seen such a situation, the important reason for team inefficiency is that the boss is incapable or ill-considered, and then drags everyone together to work overtime. The typical manifestation is that it will not be approved in the morning, leading to nothing to do in the morning and piles of things at night.

What is even more unthinkable is that employees have become accustomed to such a time arrangement and unwittingly created a smart culture. It was taken for granted that the bosses had a meeting in the morning, drinking coffee, etc., and the work mode of carrying out meeting decisions in the evening overtime was taken for granted.

The prescribed working hours are from 8 am to 6 pm, but the actual working hours are usually from 2 pm to 12 pm.

The same length of work, but the latter obviously created an illusion that they and the team were particularly desperate. Every day at midnight on the way to work, I can move myself to tears and wait for me to read aloud a successful book on the spot. China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

Under this corporate culture, not working overtime is a criterion for not working hard, and it is subject to collective contempt from the boss and teammates.

But we could have done our work without overtime and effortlessly.

III: IQ is not enough, emotional intelligence can not be resolved

“If you want to, then I will sit in this position”, the power of this sentence is comparable to the hot water of a boyfriend.

The heart of glass is not a patent for interns. Not all bosses are highly sophisticated, fearing that the boss is a knife-headed glass: employees are not allowed to question themselves, they do not acknowledge their mistakes, and employees are frequently accused in public. China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

Last weekend, I drank coffee with a friend who was working as a public relations officer. I hadn’t seen it in a short period of six months, but she was as old as she was. She said that because of the decision of the boss to lose a very important case, when the meeting had originally thought that the boss should apologize, did not expect the boss to thunder, but everyone fiercely attacked, and ultimately they still work these people.

The most exasperating is that the whole company together pays the IQ for the boss, but the boss is still on the shelf and thinks that he is a high-level employee. Seeing that the money on the company’s account has been volatile, the corporate culture of the company is about to collapse, and the boss is still standing in the office and shouting that his employees are slag. China CNC Machining Factory | High Quality ; ISO Certifcated‎

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