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[HR] performance system construction (1) how to choose performance appraisal methods

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Performance appraisal is the main means to improve employee efficiency and achieve the goal of work. Different industries, different enterprises, different stages of development, performance system construction is not the same, the choice of assessment methods are not the same: China chromium copper Wholesale Manufacturer.

1, has your company implemented performance appraisal? 

2, what are your company’s performance appraisal methods? China chromium copper Wholesale Manufacturer

Reference analysis:

This week to enter the performance system, said the performance really is an important work for HR, because he was dragged into the interests of employees, so we must be cautious, since the performance management system of our company after the Spring Festival have also been adjusted, from the estimates, the plan for comments, revise and improve the setting of assessment indicators. Calculate the bonus data, until payment in place, I also gained some experience. In the process of implementing the basic assessment is the same procedure, namely: performance target setting, performance implementation, performance evaluation and performance feedback in four stages, this undertaking, because this week are: five, the focus of study, according to the requirements of said today an overview of performance appraisal: China chromium copper Wholesale Manufacturer

First, the classification of employees and salary division:

The performance of the company in accordance with company personnel system is divided into categories: company personnel divided into business and non business class, salaries are also difference. All staff salary includes fixed monthly salary and performance pay, the monthly fixed pay include: basic salary, post salary, seniority, salary and communications subsidies. The basic salary and in accordance with the level of employees is different. Pay for performance business include: two annual performance pay, performance pay monthly salary; performance refers to the performance evaluation results according to the company’s quarterly assessment after the release of the monthly salary; salary year-end performance refers to the performance evaluation results should be allocated according to the distribution of performance pay at the end of the year. Department staff according to the results of the annual appraisal of one-time payment of pay for performance. China chromium copper Wholesale Manufacturer

Two, the division of performance appraisal methods:

According to the division of job categories, performance appraisal methods are divided into two categories: business and non business categories. Business departments assess the completion of business indicators, rather than the business sector assessment is the achievement of key performance indicators

Three, the implementation process of performance appraisal of functional departments:

The staff assessment index by professional departments or job skills, satisfaction and key performance indicators of the completion of three parts. The three assessment of the weight: 10%, 10%, 80%. key performance indicators of the weight of 80%, will be further divided according to the degree of importance of working solution, the staff overall assessment scores for the total 100%.

Employee quarterly performance evaluation score = sigma = professional or work skills promotion goal x 10%+ satisfaction score * 10%+ key performance index score * 80%}

Performance reward is issued according to the corresponding performance coefficient of the employee’s performance appraisal. China chromium copper Wholesale Manufacturer

Employees year-end performance appraisal scores are divided into five.

A file: excellent – more than 95 points (including 95 points) – coefficient 1.5

B files: good – 80 to 95 points (including 80 points) – coefficient 1

C file: qualified – 70 to 80 points (including 70 points) – coefficient 0.8

D files: need to improve – 60 to 70 points (including 60 points) – coefficient 0.6

E file: substandard – less than 60 points – coefficient 0

Performance rewards are fulfilled by calculating results

Four, business department performance appraisal implementation process calculation

According to the business indicators and performance appraisal scheme, determine the amount of rewards, the specific calculation is in accordance with the profits, sales revenue, sales to complete the extraction of the bonus coefficient obtained. Then multiplied by the interior design sector distribution coefficient, distribution coefficient of the Department Manager is 4, coefficient of general staff from 0.8 to 1, taking the weighted average method the calculated unit value, multiplied by the individual factor is the current bonus amount, the amount of reward further fine-tuning by the Department, mainly is adjusted according to the performance, and the remainder is regular, when the assessment cycle reward amount. China chromium copper Wholesale Manufacturer

In addition, in the implementation of the performance appraisal process, in addition to doing well in accordance with the above standards, combined with my implementation experience, I think we should do the following points in the operation process:

1, in the scheme, we should listen more to the opinions of the business department, and then implement it after repeated calculations, especially when determining the coefficient of the reward, we should compare the data over the years, and calculate the reward result of the simulation operation is reasonable

2, the whole process of performance management plan is decomposed in the implementation process, so that the assessment and assessment are familiar with each stage of the operation method

3, set up a trial run process, or in a certain level or a department for trial implementation, after a revised and perfect link, and then all the implementation

4, reward, let the staff see the performance management to bring help.

5, do a good job of performance appraisal, that is, assessment feedback

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