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One-stop quality inspection does not improve the product

Guidance: Quality is produced, not tested, only in every link of the production process, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the production process and operating instructions, in order to ensure product quality. CNC co

However, the topic “Quality is produced or tested” has always been the focus of debate in the business community: Producers say that quality is tested, and inferior products flow into the market; inspectors do not have a good relationship; inspectors say that quality is Produced, if producers do not produce defective products, there will be no inferior products on the market! Today, many companies, once they have quality problems, push their responsibilities to the quality department, thinking that this is the responsibility of the quality department, because many companies have such wrong views:

Wrong view

1. Tolerance to minorities is unacceptable; accidental embarrassment is unavoidable;

2. Quality is the responsibility of the quality control department;

3. Only pay attention to the inspection of the product, the inspector needs to be responsible for solving the defective product;

4. When problems arise, they feel that they are the quality department. CNC co

I think many friends who do quality work have had more or less the same feeling. Often when writing a report, the quality department completes one person, and other departments basically do not care; the boss thinks that quality is not very important, research and development are very important, and earning money is the most important. Therefore, the quality department does not have any position in the company, often said a few words, and it should be flashed. CNC co

So, is the product quality produced or tested?

First of all, we must analyze the relationship between first and second, active and passive. As we all know, the product is produced first and the test is later. In other words, only if the gentleman produces the product can it be tested. If there is no product, there is no way to test it.

Obviously: production is active and inspection is passive. Before the concept of “product quality was produced, not tested”, early quality management was limited to quality inspection, and only the quality of products could be checked afterwards. William Deming’s famous quality statement pointed out that only in each step of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and work instructions, can we ensure the quality of the product. If you ignore the process control, relying solely on inspection, it is impossible to ensure product quality, because the quality inspection can only remove defective and waste products, and can not improve product quality. In other words, the focus of quality control must not be placed on the post-mortem check, but must be placed in the manufacturing phase, that is, the production process. CNC co

01 Why is there a quality problem?

If the problem of product development is not handled well, and the mass production pass rate is too low, we hope to rely on quality firefighting and want to improve the frequency of detection and reduce defective or unqualified products.

Added rework materials, unqualified materials, but no prior test and verification, there is no accurate knowledge of product quality fluctuations;

The customer presses for delivery of goods, exerts pressure on it, and the boss speaks according to his own so-called practical experience. For products that are not in the standard range, special release is implemented, leading to product problems;

The industry has improved the product quality standards, and the company still produces according to the original standards;

Non-artificial quality problems occur in the production process, but they are not within the detection frequency range…

02 The real case of quality
Case number one

An auto part, using a company’s ABS (750SQ), after using 3.4 tons, found that the surface of the plastic parts made of the raw materials had black spots, which caused the products to fail and caused huge losses. CNC co

Case 2

A company produced a white film for a milk film, and all the test items were qualified, so the method was shipped. However, when the film manufacturer used it, it found that the taste of the masterbatch was unpleasant and later made a complaint. As a result, hundreds of tons of orders were yellow because of such a quality problem. Fortunately, the user did not produce the film and it was really unthinkable.

Case three

The masterbatch produced by a company, due to the lack of strict control over the color, caused the use of plastic parts produced by the company to cause color differences, thus resulting in customers no longer using the company’s plastic products.

Case four

Due to the fact that plastic moisture control is not strict, plastics manufacturers use plastics in the process of using plastics, resulting in a variety of air bubbles, resulting in a large number of unqualified products, the last dozens of tons of plastic, all return, and compensation for the losses caused. CNC co

There are many examples of quality plastics. If these conditions have to be thrown back by the quality department, then it is really awkward.

Quality control is required at every step of the quality management system, and these controls are obviously not fully borne by the quality inspection or quality management departments. These controls must be implemented by the best-located personnel. For example, some products find quality problems in the production process is easy, but it is difficult to find in the inspection, at this time, the production operator is obviously more knowledgeable than the quality inspector on quality issues, if the operator does not actively control the quality, Only relying on quality inspectors to check, product quality is difficult to guarantee fundamentally.

03 how to control product quality in all directions

The product is basically positioned in the design stage, and then the quality depends on the procurement, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation to ensure that these links are controlled and the quality is naturally controlled. Therefore, product quality is achieved during the design and production process, and quality is achieved through process management. How to control product quality:

Establishing quality awareness

All employees must realize that: if the quality of the product is not good, there will be no market for the product and no market for the product. The company will lose its source of profit. If it takes a long time, the company will fail and the employee will become unemployed. Of course, for the company, even if the product market is good, it is also necessary to “think dangerously in times of peace”, to do a better job of product quality, and to create a better corporate reputation. As the saying goes: “If you bloom, the breeze will come.” CNC co


Everything is customer-centric, considers itself as a customer, considers itself as the operator of the next process, and sees itself as the consumer of the product. In this way, the work will be done consciously, everyone will do a good job, the quality of the product will be guaranteed, if you cut corners in your work, the harm will be their own interests.

Establish a quality awareness of prevention

“The quality of a product is produced and designed. It does not depend on testing. It must be done well at the first time.” This is not a slogan. This is a good example of the preventive nature of product quality. Without starting from the source, it will be difficult to control the quality of the product. CNC co

Even if a large amount of inspection manpower is put into production to control the production, a large number of defective products or even waste products generated from the source control during production will greatly increase the cost of the product. Moreover, the quality problems of some products may not be discovered and remedied from subsequent processes. This requires us to do a good job at the first time and prevent the occurrence of quality problems.

Establishing a procedural awareness of quality

Quality management is the whole process and company-wide. The work between departments and departments must be orderly and effective. All quality management personnel and operators are required to strictly follow the procedures. If not, follow the procedure. Opportunities for work errors will increase, and the quality of products will not be guaranteed. CNC co

Establishing a sense of responsibility for quality

80% of the quality problems are due to management, and only 20% of the problems originate from employees. That is to say, managers have about 80% controllable defects, and operators have less than 20% controllable defects. While improving the managerial level, the manager must also understand the following four points:

1 The operator knows what he did and why he did it;

2 The operator knows whether the product he produces meets the requirements of the specification;

3 The operator knows what consequences the produced product will not meet the specifications;

4 The operator has the ability to correctly handle abnormal conditions. CNC co

If the above four points have all been met and the material conditions such as equipment, tooling, inspections, and materials in production are still in place and the failure still occurs, it is considered to be a controllable defect of the operator;

If any of the four points above cannot be satisfied or a failure occurs in the material conditions such as equipment, tooling, testing, and materials in production, it is the responsibility of the manager. Only by understanding the responsibilities of quality issues can we focus on improving problems and improving quality.

Establish a continuous awareness of quality

Quality is not the best, only better; quality improvement is a continuous, continuous improvement process that follows the PDCA model. CNC co

The PDCA mode can be briefly described as follows:

P-plan: develop improvement plans based on the requirements of the product;

D – implementation: implementation plan;

C-check: According to product requirements, the process and product inspection;

A—Disposal: Take measures to continuously improve product quality.

Only in this way will the quality of our products continue to rise. Only by continuously improving quality and innovation will we continue to win over the market.

Establish quality cost awareness

(ie, quality standards awareness) to ensure quality, the pursuit of profit is the company’s eternal goal. In order to develop, enterprises must pay attention to the cost of production. However, cost and quality are closely related. If the quality is done well, the cost of the product can be minimized. If the quality of the product is not good, the customer will often receive a complaint for return, then the cost will be It will remain high and even push companies into desperation. CNC co

A lot of reasons for the decline of enterprises: not because there is no customer, no orders, but because the internal management of the company is not good, the cost can not fall down and can not participate in market competition, companies should take warning.

However, the more stringent the quality is, the better it is for the company. On the contrary, excessively improving product quality will result in excess quality and also increase production costs. Therefore, in production, we require that all processes and links be strictly conducted in accordance with customer standards, so that we can minimize costs and improve market competitive advantage.

Establish a quality educational awareness

With the development of the times, the concept of quality management is constantly updated and needs to be learned. Successful enterprises in the 21st century will belong to those learning and growing companies. Strengthening internal training and improving the innovative capabilities of all employees will make the company prosper and change with each passing day. Therefore, “Quality begins with education and finally education.” It turns out that those successful companies strictly follow the concept of “products are produced”. They strictly control every aspect of product production and ensure that each one The quality of the link is not wrong, and the link is closely linked, so that the product produced is a qualified good product that can stand the test of the market. CNC co

The details determine the success or failure, and the attitude determines everything. Only by establishing superior quality consciousness, striving for excellence in quality, perseveringly and persistently, can we do a good job of quality in order to elevate the quality to a new height, and to go higher and further. CNC co

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