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Chinese characteristics of official word collection! Take it quickly!

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A lot of times, sitting in the audience, listening to a very Chinese vocabulary, from the speaker’s mouth jumped out. Sometimes feel really fantastic, they say so skilled self-confidence, is this true? Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

This question, I think, in the future for a long time, many participants will also have

I never think these words are what the original sin, in fact, they are still many idioms, we should Chinese is the crystallization of culture and wisdom. Just blurt out regular routine one after another, a major feature of our society should be. Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

Of course, even those words, I’ve heard great speeches, and sometimes moved to tears. I belong to a more vulnerable person

But more often, I know that the speaker is put out. They finished, you can walk. This is like the show, with first-class performance, there are no inflow. For example, the inflow to the above froth, but below the row of sleep. Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

Thanks to the Internet people, the collection of Chinese characteristics of official words!

Appendix 1:

1 commonly used parallelism

The most commonly used three words: can be summarized as sexual, sense, multi, point, not, change, new, force

A, XX: the importance, urgency, self-consciousness, initiative, firmness, nationality, age, practical, targeted, comprehensive, forward-looking, strategic, active, creative, long-term, complex, arduous, speakability, agitation, plan, sensitivity the effectiveness of; Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

B, XX: sense of responsibility, sense of urgency, sense of crisis, identity, sense of honor, sense of achievement;

C, multi XX: multi-level, multifaceted, multi-channel, multi-channel, multi measures, multi power, multi element

D, XX points: starting point, entry point, breakthrough point, foothold, focus, combination point, key point, focus, focus, the fundamental point, support point;

E XX: No, not slack, do not slack, do not retreat, not afraid of difficulties, do not give up, do not shake, do not give up, do not change, do not compromise; Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

F, XX: legalization, standardization, institutionalization, procedures, intensive, normalized, orderly, intelligent, high-quality, normalized, scientific, younger, knowledgeable, professional;

G, the new XX: a new level, new realm, new initiatives, new development, new breakthroughs, new achievements, new achievements, new methods, new achievements, new situation, new requirements, new expectations, new relationships, new system, new mechanism, new knowledge and new skills, new progress, new practices, new style new things, new heights;

H, XX force: activity, control, influence, creativity, cohesion, combat effectiveness, infection, pro vitality; Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

Enthusiastic, patience, sincerity, determination, core, inner, center, center, to attack, enterprising, responsible, self-motivated, servant of the heart;

Political consciousness, organizational consciousness, overall situation consciousness, sense of urgency, sense of responsibility, legal consciousness, sense of probity, consciousness of learning, consciousness of progress, sense of management;

Grasp the starting point, grasp the breakthrough point, clear the foothold, find the foothold, seize the breakthrough point, grasp the key point, identify the breakthrough point, grasp the focus, do a good job foothold;

Stimulate great enthusiasm, condense infinite strength, produce fruitful results, show new charm

The current work should have a new level, team building should have a new look, clean government construction should have new initiatives, self construction should have new development, internal management should have a new breakthrough

Political identity, theoretical identity, emotional identity, historical inevitability, realistic choice, the future direction. Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

2, commonly used phrases

Based on the current, long-term perspective, consciously act according to the law

Seize the opportunity, face the challenge, and be brave and follow the tide

Highlight the key points, step by step implementation, identify the breakthrough point implementation

To promote a comprehensive, balanced, comprehensive management, into which, throughout, earnestly, and promote and accelerate the development, continued to increase, actively and steadily implement the plan, strict control, strict implementation, and resolutely stop, clear responsibilities, hold high the banner, firmly, firmly grasp, actively, carry out, focus on strengthening the standardized procedures,. Improve the style of work, positive development, and strive to build, in accordance with the law, the benign interaction, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and development, make a deep, do fine, meticulous, comprehensive analysis, comprehensive implementation, promote the sustainable, comprehensive implementation of full implementation, gradually reversed, the basic form, generally increased, basically established, more complete, step by step perfect, obviously improved, gradually improved, gradually formed and strengthened, sustained efficiency, consolidating and deepening, greatly improved, significantly improved, constantly enhanced, more and more perfect, more perfect.

3, commonly used verbs

Carry forward, accessibility, guidance, counseling, focus, attraction, shape, good performance, tilt, benefit, simplification, cohesion, mediation, concern, collection, analysis, investigation, consultation, resolve, mobilization, linkage, promote, stimulate, learn, test, protection, encourage, improve, enhance, tolerance, harmony, condensed, together, build a strong test, enterprising, cohesion, setting, absorb, create, awesome, focus, support, show, reflected. Competitive CNC edm China Manufacturer

4, commonly used nouns

Relationship, strength, speed, reflection, demands, situation, task, nature, important guarantee, the overall layout, strategic task, internal requirements, important progress, decision-making arrangements, and prominent position, the maximum, the guiding ideology, science, coordination, institutional mechanisms, basic strategy, concept consciousness, basic line, basic program and basic experience, order, starting point, goal, task, core, main positive factors, level, policy, structure, increment, proportion, scale, standard, method, subject, function, characteristic, difference, mode, channels, leading, link, subject, carrier, system, demand, capacity that burden system, focus, resources, functions, orientation, order, way, activity, project, project, policy, project, competitiveness, environment, quality, rights, interests, authority, environment, function, role, powers, needs, abilities, foundation, proportion, long-term mechanism, initiatives, elements, spirit the fundamental status, achievements, core, The spirit, strength, ties, ideas, ideals, beliefs, vitality, confidence, fashion, consciousness, theme, righteousness, focus, mood, connotation, management, pattern, criterion, network, stability, security, support, situation, environment, key, guarantee ability, outstanding position, acumen, pertinence, validity, coverage, characteristics, rules, policies, measures, position, system security, the level of urgency, task force. Competitive CNC edm China Manufacturer

5, the outline of the manuscript (sample):

We should actively promote the institutionalization of XXXXX in a realistic and pragmatic manner

To optimize the service for the purpose of actively promoting the normalization of XX work

To promote the quality as the responsibility, and actively promote the XX work process

With unblocked security as the guarantee, actively promote the intelligent XX work

The record for reference, and actively promote the standardization work of XX.

To solve the problem as the focus, and actively promote the orderly XX work

To serve the purpose of the organization, and actively promote the quality of XX services

Take the overall planning as the key point, and actively promote the normalization of XX work

First, seek truth from facts, and actively promote the institutionalization of XX work

Two, establish the system, and actively promote the normalization of XX work

Three, standardize the writing, and actively promote the XX work process

Four, strengthen the responsibility, and actively promote the orderly work of XX. Competitive CNC EDM China Manufacturer

Five, pay attention to quality, and actively promote the standardization of XX services

Six, take overall consideration, and actively promote the normalization of XX work

First, seek truth from facts and do a good job of research work

Two is to improve the quality, do a good job of information

Three is closely follow the schedule, do a good job of supervision

Four is efficient norms, do a good job of secretarial work

Five is highly responsible, do a good job of confidentiality

Six is to coordinate and promote, do a good job in archives work

Seven is active and reliable, do a good job of letters and visits

Eight is strict requirements, do a good job in services

First, we should set up a system to improve the new level of service

Two, grasp the business, heavy effectiveness, and strive to create a new situation in the work

Three, re coordination, strong progress, as soon as possible to show the new results of work. Competitive CNC edm China Manufacturer

Four, grasping learning, emphasizing honesty, and promoting the quality of the team

1., focus on the overall situation, do a good job in XXXX

  1. efficient specification, do XXXX work
  2. keep up with schedule and do XXXX work well
  3. improve quality and do XXXX work well
  4. careful and meticulous, do a good job in XXXX
  5. coordinate and promote, do XXXX work well

First, the establishment of a system, and actively promote the institutionalization of XX management

The two is to standardize the writing, and actively promote the XX work process

Three is to establish the system, and actively promote the normalization of XX supervision

Four is to focus on quality, and actively promote the standardization of XX work

Five is to perform their duties, and actively promote the orderly work of XX

Appendix two: collection of frequently used words in official documents

Verb (word):

Grasp, engage, go up, down, out, think, plan, order, fix, give, out

Verbs (two characters):

Analysis, study, understand, master, found, put forward, promote, promote, develop, perfect, establish, introduced, perfect, strengthen, strengthen, enhance, promote and deepen, deepen, expand, implementation, refinement, prominent, construction, construction, development, use, develop, innovation, transformation, development, unified to improve, enhance, maintain, and optimization, meeting held, implementation, execution, setting, guidance, norms, rectification, service, coordination, communication, coordination, cooperation, support, increase, develop, expand, consolidate, guarantee, guarantee, form, guidance

Nouns (two characters):

System, mechanism, system, system, planning, strategy, policy, policy, measures, points, focus, focus, focus, difficulties, contradictions, problems, highlights, construction, thinking, understanding, style, environment, regulation, order, function, local, grassroots, traditional, operation, monitoring, monitoring, control, supervision, engineering, planning, action, innovation, growth, transformation, pattern, quality, level, efficiency, meetings, documents, spirit, consciousness, service, coordination, communication, efforts, field, space, performance, achievements, progress, effectiveness, based on the premise, key, security, power, conditions, links, methods, ideas, ideas, methods, path, idea, way, effort, effort, steps, situation, opinions, suggestions, network, guide, guide, directory, scheme

Adjectives (one word):

Many, wide, high, big, good, fast, provincial, new

Adjectives (two characters):

Sustained, rapid, coordinated, healthy, fair, open, transparent, prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious, peaceful, fine, good, reasonable, stable, balanced, balanced, stable, stable, unified, modern, trendy, backward, lagging behind. Competitive CNC edm China Manufacturer

Adverb (word):

Ruthless, early, thin, solid, good, very, relatively, again, more

Adverbs (two characters):

Speed up, as soon as possible, seize, as soon as possible, as a whole, fully, continue, in-depth, conscious, active, independent, close, energetically, and strive to be sure, effective and effective


Adverb (three word):

Further XXXX (three to five of the available parallelism)

Suffix (2+1 word):

XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX (sex: necessity, importance, long-term, arduous, complex. Sense: mission, responsibility, crisis, urgency, sense of honor)


The unity of thinking, raise awareness, a clear understanding of the situation, a clear mandate, strengthen leadership, improve the mechanism, exchange of experience, research questions, solidarity and cooperation, cooperate closely, do solid work, forge ahead, focus, implement the responsibility to fulfill their duties, concentrate, concentrate, undivided attention, intentnesses, conscientious, excellence, a catch in the end dedication, pragmatic, mind the overall situation, to broaden their horizons.

Competitive CNC edm China Manufacturer

Competitive CNC edm China Manufacturer


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