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Twelve truths to improve productivity

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Introduction. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

A successful enterprise should know how to adapt to different conditions and environment. The flexibility is the most important characteristic of most solid management system should possess. As a kind of value and behavior, flexibility is a product of the combination of principles and beliefs, sometimes called the culture. The culture is not only the law of productivity, but also that in the absence of a failure may be under the premise of achieving goals. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

First truth, all the work is a process. It seems to be obviously truth, but some of the modern enterprise management mode that we did not really understand this simple truth. If we’re not aware of the relationship between the customer and the supplier, if I have forgotten the labor is something will come in for what go out, if we can not be beyond the time and space concept of labor as a whole more advanced part, then I am not aware of this truth. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

Second truth, all require continued analysis, have potential to improve. “We have been doing it this way,” this is our most often hung in the mouth of a word. The certificate of quality is often awarded to those who follow the natural process of the production and management mode, can not produce competitive advantage enterprise innovation and fundamental improvement from constant suspicion and discontent. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

Third truth, all should follow. Knowing what to do, this is an important part to achieve productivity targets, but not all. How long must be confirmed every one should understand the relevant data, the system should also ensure these data can be delivered to the relevant personnel.

In the fourth truth, all the necessary conditions in the process must be implemented. It is very unfavorable to put into the work when all the necessary resources that can guarantee the realization of the target are not complete

Fifth truth, the final results of the process should have planning. Ali worked at Shell oil company. Hess pointed out that not only make a rigid plan, and to develop a series of goals, the so-called future memo, let us all in a flexible way to deal with the situation can arise. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

The sixth truth, all processes should have a plan. Don’t wait until you finally know what it’s going to do. Plan each phase of the outcome so that you can control the whole process

Seventh truth, process and system all should be requested. A prescription is: tracking supervision. This is not a lack of trust, but with our team and share responsibility. Generally speaking, the positive conflicts and tracking supervision can avoid the imperfect things.

Eighth truth, all should accept the judgement and control. Alexander the late famous expert. Purau defute often said, no judgment has no control. Determine the work done is good or not, it is essential to success and take decisions. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

The ninth truth, all imperfect aspects, should also be evaluated and controlled. If we do not assess the analysis of these problems, they will be inevitable

Tenth truth, there is a problem of immediate action can achieve the security goal. Don’t wait until later, once found the problem and deviation corrected immediately. This is not just a matter of time, but also related to the cost and work habits. Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

The eleventh truth is that all staff are welcome to receive education and training. The purpose of training is to speed up the growth of subordinates

Twelfth truth, the leadership of the enterprise should be for a team to work. Don’t have any doubt on the common goal of convincing. To dream will become a reality, we should believe that it is possible to believe he can do, absolutely beyond your dreams.

Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts

Professional Manufacturer of CNC lathe parts



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