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Low temperature liquid nitrogen processing technology of zero 321 F and MAG five axis linkage

In 2003, MAG began the development of ultra-low temperature processing technology, and a machine tool using low temperature liquid nitrogen technology was displayed at the 2010 Chicago fair. The feedback effect is very good. “Ultra-low temperature processing technology is mainly used to solve the two problems of super-hard material processing and cooling, and is mainly used in the processing of titanium alloys in aviation field.” CNC machine manufacturers in usa

According to MAG technicians, the emphasis of low temperature liquid nitrogen technology is to combine the liquid nitrogen cooling system with MQL dry processing technology (micro lubrication processing). It can reduce tool wear and chip adhesion, improve metal removal rate and prolong tool life. It is suitable for strong machining of superhard metal workpieces, such as titanium, nickel alloy, ball mill cast iron or vermicular graphite cast iron. CNC machine manufacturers in usa

Formula for conversion of Fahrenheit temperature to Centigrade temperature:

T Fahrenheit = 1.8 t / C 32

Fahrenheit = 32 degrees Celsius × 1.8

Degrees Celsius = (Fahrenheit 32) / 1.8

Minus 321 °F is about -196 ℃, we know that absolute zero is minus 273.15 ℃, so the processing conditions are harsh.

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