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Six solutions of enterprise cost management, originally so simple!

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Cost management is an important part of enterprise management, whether it is in charge of the enterprise, the production or the person in charge of finance, or all employees should establish the consciousness of cost. To carry out full cost management education, so that we understand the relationship between cost management and the work of enterprises, links, personal interests and the original data reporting staff Jiangyoufalie, causing the everyone is concerned about cost management, a good atmosphere of brainstorming. CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

First, the implementation of total cost management

Whether it is in charge of the enterprise, the production or the person in charge of finance, or all employees should establish the consciousness of cost. To carry out full cost management education, so that we understand the relationship between cost management and the work of enterprises, combine the personal interest and the original data reporting staff, award and punish bad, causing everyone concerned about cost management, good the atmosphere by brainstorming. Total cost management, total cost is not only is the dynamic management of the whole process. To correct focus only on output, profits and other indicators, ignoring the line quality and cost data errors. If the products of backward production technology, technical operator of low quality, poor sense of responsibility, do not pay attention to the premise to ensure quality, raw material saving, will inevitably lead to the material and the energy consumption is too high, rising costs, product market competition ability. CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

Second, do a good job of product design cost control

In the competitive market environment, enterprises to develop new products, not only do the market is feasible and technically feasible, but also pay attention to the economy is feasible. The market is feasible, is refers to the enterprise product must be marketable; technology is feasible, is refers to the enterprise with the product manufacturing equipment, technology, personnel conditions; economic and feasible, it refers to the product the profit space. Some enterprises emphasize the market orientation, some enterprises make cost oriented, the two is the same. In the development of productive forces, the progress of science and technology, commodity rich today, has been a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, consumer demand is the source of enterprise product development. To ensure quality, reduce the cost, the enterprise product development is eternal the direction. In the stage of product design, must be on the quality of materials, processing technology to cost estimation, both to ensure the key components of excellent quality, but also to prevent the non key parts, non fitting precision For the high, thereby increasing the share of such components in the product cost in the proportion of the cause caused by excess waste. If the product quality function of the various components can match the corresponding cost, and the service life of the whole product is basically the same, has realized the product manufacturing cost optimization. CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

Third, choose the appropriate target market

According to the market principle, should be based on a comprehensive market distribution and dynamic analysis, choose one or a few of the target market, put all power enterprises. Due to the small and medium-sized enterprises in small scale of production, marketing ability is limited, the lack of funds for advertising, cast a big net, diffuse sea fishing, inevitably difficult to gain. And the relative concentration of the market can cultivate comparative advantage, improve the local market share, and can save marketing expenses, get a relatively complete market information, to achieve a multiplier effect.

Fourth, stress the efficiency of capital operation

The size of funds of small and medium sized enterprises, financing channels are limited, if the blind investment, may defeat even throw the helve after the hatchet, unable to get up after a fall more cautious. Investment activities, need not excessive pursuit of cutting-edge technology and products, but can not be tied to its “sunset industry”. The chariot of the investment program to take, to adjust the direction of production small, to increase the variety, are on the basis of market research, technical and economic feasibility analysis, in order to avoid failure. But don’t take “accomplish the whole task at one stroke” risk, to step in the implementation of the transformation of enterprises. CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

In addition, the small and medium-sized enterprises want to coexist and even compete with large enterprises in the market economy environment, we must break through the traditional production and management mode, to cultivate their own core competitiveness. At large enterprises or multinational corporations may be a shortcut, but must assess the risk, identify the partners. In fact, in the same industry chain of small and medium the formation of enterprise alliance, through joint ventures, technology exchange capacity, market share swap, etc., can significantly improve the product development, market development ability, greatly reduce the production cost, design, and management of all aspects of sales, and enliven the operation of capital. CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

Fifth, estimate opportunity cost management

In the era of planned economy, government offices, enterprises, more emphasis on political influence rather than economic efficiency, even had “extreme economic accounts do not claim”. These years focusing on economic construction, enterprises in the market environment, stressing economic benefits has been fundamentally changed. But we used in making a decision, estimate payments, the accounting cost management (also called the book cost management) as the basis, rarely consider the opportunity cost of management. CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

Human resource management, it is also a departure from the economic benefits and efficiency, the effective application of individual and group time resources and reasonable collocation, this is the “time is money” interpretation. In fact, our ancestors have repeatedly warned people to cherish the time, that “inch gold inch time”, and “do this don’t do that” contains the measure of time opportunity cost of resource management. The opportunity cost management size, hidden to the enterprise product cost management but profound influence can not be ignored.

Sixth, to seek satisfactory decision-making scheme

In decision making, “optimization” is probably one of the highest frequency vocabulary. The optimization refers to a scientific decision, first proposed to encourage as much as possible to encourage the free airing of views, the “plan”; then give do not have the conditions for the implementation of the “utopian scheme”, “keep feasible scheme”; finally set up the index a scientific and rational system, as a technical and economic comparison of feasible schemes, select the “optimal solution”. However, in reality, the optimal solution may not exist, even if there is, it may not find; even can be found, it may not really is “best”.

CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer

CNC machine products OEM Manufacturer


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