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Why is Japan’s lean business management famous?

First, strict and meticulous style of work. CNC machining brass parts its-056

The management of Japanese companies is very rigorous and standardized, and there are very sophisticated corporate management systems and process systems. Japanese companies are very strong in their execution. They have a strong sense of implementation, respect rules, and comply with rules. They are strictly enforced from the president to grassroots employees. The company system follows the process. In addition, the work plan of Japanese companies is very strong. The preparatory work, planning plans, implementation, data statistics, and analysis and summary of each work have been carried out in an orderly and orderly manner. When I worked as a PMC manager in a Japanese-funded company, the company had nearly 60 production lines, but our production plans were accurate to every day of the next 6 weeks, and they responded to customers and were responsible for delivery. This seems to most companies. It is unthinkable. In addition, in terms of detail management, the gap between us and Japanese companies is very obvious. The waste products in the company are strictly placed according to the classification. Even the order of the folders is clearly marked with adhesive tape. The Japanese monograph The spirit of perseverance is described by many of us as the word “stupid.” For example, on a hot day, the Japanese will meet with customers in formal suits. It is absolutely meticulous for a table to rub him ten times. Perseveringly achieved today’s high-quality, fine-crafted Japanese products. CNC machining brass parts its-056

Second, a highly professional career attitude. CNC machining brass parts its-056

The professionalism of the Japanese is world-famous. The work is absolutely the first, and sometimes even requires dedication. They think that work is the essence and meaning of life. They admire loyalty and dedication. So they turned the company into a home and worked diligently and tirelessly for a lifetime. They were called “workers”. Japanese-funded companies often see Japanese workers working late to work late, but they still work energetically on the second day. Unlike most of us, we only regard work as work and it is part of life. They regard work as a sacred mission and truly regard it as their own business. This is the real difference between Chinese companies and Japanese companies.

Third, the system of comprehensive welfare protection. CNC machining brass parts its-056

Japanese people pay attention to loyalty and dedication, depending on the company is home, and so on, in fact, because companies have a systematic and comprehensive welfare protection, can guarantee their career worry-free, so they will be willing to devote their lives to the enterprise. The welfare measures of Japanese companies are not only perfect but also human-oriented. For example, employees have a welcome meeting when they enter the company, employees have a farewell party when they leave, people feel warm and intimacy when they leave, and they leave nostalgia for the company. I left the Japanese companies that used to serve for many years and I still miss the good times. Employees’ birthdays, marriages, maternity, major accidents, etc., company management personnel and senior management will send gifts to condolences and appeasement; Purchase all kinds of insurance, housing funds, housing subsidies, food subsidies, transportation fees, fitness cards, coupons, etc.; build sports grounds, libraries, medical rooms, library rooms for employees’ physical and mental health, and organize various cultural activities, etc. This system and perfect welfare protection system brings a little bit of care to the Japanese company employees to truly take the company as their home and create a strong sense of belonging and ownership.

Fourth, the cost control in the end. CNC machining brass parts its-056

The background of Japan’s corporate cost control is that Japan’s resources are extremely scarce, and they are not allowed to waste. The Japanese have a sense of diligence and thrift, and Japanese companies treat waste as a natural enemy of corporate management and use shame as waste. Always trying every means to eliminate waste, such as Toyota’s lean management is a very effective way to solve the waste problem, Japanese companies believe that only acts that do not generate value are wasted. Japanese companies are almost at the limit of cost control. They are practical and do not pursue face and poise. For example, many Japanese corporate executives and senior executives all rent out their cars on a business trip. This is very different from our domestic company’s luxury cars. It seems that people in China are simply unbelievable. They can’t afford to buy a car, but they can calculate it. Renting a car is more cost-effective than a company’s buying a car. It takes insurance, repairs, maintenance, driver’s wages, and so on. It can save costs, and even Japanese companies still have Will rent copiers, printers and so on. In short, as long as it can save costs, they will do it, so the cost control of Japanese companies can be used to describe.

Fifth, never tire of continuous improvement. CNC machining brass parts its-056

Japanese companies are able to prosper and maintain their vitality and vitality, which is inseparable from their continuous improvement. They are always trying their best to improve the production process, improve product quality, control costs, improve the environment, and enjoy it. They will often use the way to set up an improvement team to carry out special and continuous improvement of the company’s problems, such as TCM (Comprehensive Cost Management), TPM (Comprehensive Production Management), TQM (Full Quality Management), 5S and so on.

Six, regulate the system of personnel training mechanism. CNC machining brass parts its-056

Japan is a country that attaches great importance to education. Emphasis on corporate internal education and training is not only the operating characteristics of Japanese companies, but it is also fixed as a national policy in the form of laws. In 1958, Japan formulated the “Professional Training Law.” From the start of entry, employees of Japanese companies will develop a comprehensive training plan based on job requirements. The training content includes corporate spirit, moral education, management knowledge, professional knowledge, and job skills. After working for a Japanese company for six months, they dare to be called formal employees. When the training is qualified at the job site, the company will also arrange for a master to continue training for one year with a one-on-one instructor system so that it can be proficiently mastered. . In the future work, the company will also train and expand other skills of the employees according to the needs of the company. “Multi-energy workers” is the effective result of the Japanese company’s talent cultivation. Japanese companies will also perform rotation of the company’s management personnel to enhance the management’s comprehensiveness. Quality, the potential of development management personnel, while at the same time in the process of rotation to find talent through inspection. The vast majority of middle-level and senior-level managers in Japanese companies start from the grass-roots level and raise them step-by-step, which shows the importance and effectiveness of Japanese companies’ talent training mechanisms. CNC machining brass parts its-056

Seven, compatible with the spirit of learning. CNC machining brass parts its-056

Japan is a hobby-learning country. It always tries its best to absorb the essence of foreign countries and integrate it with its own realities to create its own things. For instance, it learned from us during the Tang dynasty and learned our great wisdom such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Tea ceremony, kimono, etc.; when the Meiji Restoration was learning from the West, with its own industrial technology, the subsequent launch of the war of aggression brought great harm to China and Asian countries; after the Second World War, it learned from the United States, the West, etc. In the course of operation, the Japanese management model of the world is now heard and so on. There are too many methods, tools, and management models for business management today, so many business owners are confused and wonder which management model to learn. It is the best management mode that is suitable for the enterprise’s own characteristics and can be effectively combined with the enterprise. Therefore, we should rationally learn to absorb the external management theories, absorb the essence and integrate into the actual operation of the enterprise, and form our own enterprise management mode. For example, the lifelong employment system and the annual power system, which are known as the three pillars of Japanese business management, are not suitable for today’s increasingly fierce competition, emphasizing the elimination of the right and wrong, and encouraging innovation. CNC machining brass parts its-056

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