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Its creator, master

Masters are seers, leading trends, making trends, CNC Machining experts

Master is the fence, the trend will always be led by the nose;

The master is a low profile preacher,

Bear the loneliness which is unacceptable to ordinary people,

Accumulate, try, learn,

Willing to share your knowledge with more people,

A master is a high profile dictator,

Enjoy the enviable worship,

Never allow yourself to make mistakes,

Always hope this I understand, you don’t understand,

Well, you have to listen to me;


The master is growing in fire fighter,CNC Machining experts

In the egg, flowers, under the tile,

See through the glitz, adhere to the initial heart, intentions creation,

The master is the surviving deserter in the cliff,

Experienced the cruel practice of reality,

Long lost the insistence and faith,CNC Machining experts

Believe in being superior, getting out of position first;

There are few real masters,

But a few years later,

Master or master?,

And a lot of masters,

But it will only become a wanderer!

Out of position, unable to achieve classics,

Reveal the heart in exquisite works,

Forging miracles in excellence

The more impetuous, the more indifferent! CNC Machining experts

Just like a singer who’s obsessed with singing and reading,

Clinging to needlepoint embroidery,

Obsessed with bamboo sound singer sixian,

Don’t like fame and fortune, not for a place,

Creation only!

These, it is worth careful appreciation, slowly aftertaste!

The rapid development of science and technology,

People rejoiced for countless times breaking the limit,

It’s also questioning its possibilities

Everyone thinks that personal computers have no more room for innovation,

Lenovo has always adhered to the initial heart, continuous exploration and innovation!

Because of understanding creation, only then has YOGA! CNC Machining experts

Perhaps, in the eyes of many people,

YOGA is synonymous with multi-mode personal computers

However, the details of it, show ingenuity,

Dilute the regalia decoration,

The vanity of vanity,

The ultimate pursuit of design and craft,

Redefined the extraordinary use of experience!

Creation by heart, deduction by great achievement,

Such exquisite works of art,

What charm will it have?

1YOGA 4 Pro(YOGA 900)

The performance and value of Yan concurrently, YOGA 4 Pro (YOGA900) is the world’s thinnest notebook Core-i multimode, it is equipped with a new Intel Skylake Core-i processor, the performance is significantly improved. At the same time, Lenovo designed the world’s smallest Core-i motherboard. The motherboard, only about two credit card size, the overall thickness is less than 1mm. by the industry leading high density electric battery, the light in 200nit, 1080P play local video up to 9 hours, to simulate user browsing mode, life time of up to 10.9 hours long standby to work life more convenient, if you play the video on the journey, you can easily meet you all the way to chase drama in Paris at the same time. A representative of the chain, with exquisite workmanship, the new YOGA 4 Pro (YOGA 900) chain axis of adjustment and upgrading, the main shaft and body color integration, the whole YOGA notebook is more muddy Naturally, at the same time, the adjustment of torque makes the connection more rigorous and the turnover more smooth,CNC Machining experts

More subtle products, experience your own experience!

2YOGA plate 3 Pro

YOGA 3 Pro is the world’s first tablet computer built-in micro projector can rotate 180 degrees. The generation of products from the shaft side out, and the angle is fixed, in some scenarios will cause some inconvenience. In order to solve this problem, the design team redesigned the mechanical structure, to put it into a rotating shaft in the 180 degree of freedom projection. Other flat products currently on the market without projection technology, not to mention the ability of 180 degrees of freedom projection. At the same time it also for the first time 4 JBL is equipped with a loudspeaker, providing wonderful sound subversive, like voices from all directions, so that all tickets can also feel the panoramic sound theater shock in the sound field. Imagine, under the outdoor camping tents for the night, the stars, the curtain, as buddies put a movie, isn’t it cool? In addition, YOGA tablet 3 Pro The experience of more intelligent interconnection. It supports arbitrary Anypen pen technology allows you to use a fork, a carrot or any has certain conductive ability can be easily manipulated flat. Of course, YOGA tablet 3 Pro and more unexpected places, waiting for the fans tasting!

3MIIX 4(MIIX 700)

For mobile office to create a pluggable combo computer MIIX 4 (MIIX 700) with exquisite design table chain axis, lightweight 12 inch double appearance, accompanied by entertainment and office experience to the user. The standard sensitive stylus has reached the level of the market generally stylus exquisite degree of two times, the overall use of pluggable design for designers, illustrators and other professionals can also enter the era of mobile office.

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high precision CNC machining

high precision CNC machining


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