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The so – called leadership charm refers to the 21 abilities ( very practical )

1. Cover rule. CNC machining near me

Leadership determines the level of effectiveness of a person. The water in a pot doesn’t cover the lid. Leadership is like this lid. It determines the effectiveness of a person’s work. Your leadership often determines the effectiveness of your work and your potential impact on the organization.

2.Law of influence

The true measure of leadership is influence. If you lack of influence, you can never lead others. Real leadership is not granted, assigned or appointed, it comes from the influence and consequence cannot be appointed, can only rely on to win the title. Can bring only one thing, that is a little bit of time you can. Use this time to increase your impact on others, but also the destruction of this influence. CNC machining near me

The law of the 3. process

From the leadership in a day. And the days and months multiplying, leadership is a collection of various ability, many factors play a role in the leadership of all intangible factors. Self development, improve their ability level, is the biggest difference between leaders and followers.

4. Navigation law

Everyone can take the helm. Only a leader can set a course. Leaders are people who see more than others, see far more than others, and see people before they see them. Followers need leaders who can correctly guide them.

5. Value added rule

Leaders improve value for others. The bottom line of leaders is not how far we can go, but how far we can let others go. Thinking about how to increase value for others is the price that leaders must pay. Only in this way will others follow you. CNC machining near me

6.Basic principles

Trust is the foundation of leadership. Leaders can not again lose the trust of people, also maintain influence on others. The leader by consistent work ability, affinity and good character to win the trust of others. When you lead others, like someone else is willing to walk with you. No one is willing to own trust the people together. The character is the foundation of trust, trust is the foundation of leadership.

7. Law of respect

People are usually willing to follow leaders who are stronger than themselves. People will not follow others freely. They will choose leaders who are better than themselves and worthy of respect.

8.Intuitionistic law

Leaders use leaders’ intuition to evaluate everything. One of the most important abilities of leadership is to know people and what kind of person you are. It determines how you perceive the world around you. Leadership is indeed an art, not a science. CNC machining near me

9. Law of attraction

You can only attract and others like you, you want to attract people. You attract people are not what you desire, but by who you are. You decide is more outstanding leader, will be able to attract more good leaders. If you think you are attracted to people, the original this should be more excellent, it is time for you to should improve their skill.

10. Law of attraction

The leader knows that person before he ‘s thoughts. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care about him. Unless you move, people do not move, feeling before the reason. CNC machining near me

11. Core circle rule

A leader’s potential is determined by the people closest to him. “You can do what I can’t do, and I can do what you can’t do. We can work together to achieve great cause.” what really works is the core of the leader.

12. Law of authorization

Leaders with sense of security will empower people. If we want to lead others, we must help them develop their potential. If you believe them, they will believe in themselves.

13. Mirror rule

See what others do, we will do. The first leader leadership should be their own, first tried to make a change is yourself, but also to set their own standards, should be higher than the others. Only in the moral teaching and establish a model for others, to teach others. CNC machining near me

14. Acceptance rule

People first accept leaders and then accept their vision. Leaders first find goals, then find a group of followers. But ordinary people first find leaders, then they agree with leaders’ goals.

15. The law of victory

A leader can find a way to win for his team. The eager and winning leaders have the determination to admit defeat. Crisis seems to be able to force the best or worst trait of a leader. This is the best time for him to win. CNC machining near me

16.Kinetic rule

Momentum is the best friend of a leader. The difference between success and failure is whether there is momentum. A dynamic organization is like a train running 100 miles per hour. Even if you build a reinforced concrete wall on the rails, it will go straight ahead.

17. Prioritization law

Leaders understand that busy is not always equal to success. Many things will attract my attention, but only a few of them can attract my heart. In all activities, if you concentrate on the most important 20%, you will get 80% of your effort. CNC machining near me

18. The law of sacrifice

Leaders must first “give up” and “get”. Why do people stand up to lead others? Some people earn money for survival, others to create a career, others to build their own organization, while others to change the world.

19. Law of timing

To grasp the opportunity and make good use of strategies is equally important. Everyone’s life will have that special moment, at this moment he wants out. If you can master this special occasion, he will be able to complete the mission in life. When the right time with the right leadership, exciting results will occur. CNC machining near me

20. Detonation multiplication rule

Get training followers, additive effect; training leaders have multiplier effect. Only when you start training leader, and not just when attracting followers, to reach your full potential, and the explosive growth of the organization. It is also called “the leader of the mathematics.

21. Inheritance law

For a long time the value of a leader, decided by its successor. The most outstanding leader, is to lead the business today with future oriented thinking, they can be very good in the inheritance, the development of his career on personal investment. If a leader can make the mechanism without him, still be able to obtain he is so successful, and created the inheritance model. CNC machining near me

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