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The best 6 Sigma management strategy for your own enterprise

The 6 Sigma management strategy suitable for your own enterprise is the best.

Everyone who wants to implement the 6 Sigma strategy in the organization will think about this problem — which is the best way? To make decisions, ask yourself three related problems.  CNC machining online quote

What do you want to get?

(2) do you want to involve a large part of the organization?

How soon do you want to get the result?

Question: what are you going to get what? What is the purpose of the implementation of 6 Sigma? Every enterprise and business leaders are trying to pass through it to obtain economic benefits, however, feasible or the degree of change needed in the enterprise are not the same. What is your goal? These are all of these methods are for different target, detailed analysis of these kinds of targets below. CNC machining online quote

1, personal development

If your goal is to improve the skills of your employees or employees in the organization, you can choose your personal development method. It allows employees to use 6 Sigma tools to influence the organization.

Objective – to identify the skills that employees or yourself need to develop in the following areas:

(1) training leadership;

(2) continuous improvement;

(3) solve the problem. CNC machining online quote

In this case, our challenge is to carry out the 6 Sigma project work in the company’s existing system. Within the framework of our experience is: only 6 Sigma training staff and not to create a suitable operating environment, so the organization does not usually get value. If the existing system is not suitable for the continual improvement of 6 Sigma, so only the most persuasive talents themselves, most strong willpower will learn and use 6 Sigma skills. The company only to send employees to participate in the training, but the company did not make leadership training, nor the introduction of continuous improvement of operating system effectively, so the training investment finally would be for naught. If this occurs 6 Sigma, continuous improvement strategy name will be damaged, and also with the previous short-lived initiatives like abortion.

2, solve the problem

If your goal is to solve the problem of product and service production and quality related problems, you can choose the solution to the problem. CNC machining online quote

Objective – to address issues related to the following aspects:

(1) cost;



In this case, enterprises will train a small number of people, and they will carry out value-added project work aimed at solving specific problems.

3, targeted reform to achieve continuous improvement

If your goal is to take advantage of opportunities or overcome some of the weaknesses in some of the strategic areas within the enterprise, then targeted transformation is the best choice at this time. CNC machining online quote

Goals – seize the opportunity or overcome some of the weaknesses in the strategic areas within the enterprise, such as:

(1) supply / production / design (function);

(2) ore / oil / energy (business department);

The United States / Asia / Australia (region).

4, complete transformation to achieve continuous improvement

If your goal is to achieve a radical transformation or transformation, let the organization form a customer centered culture, or maximize the creativity of employees, then we need to adopt a complete transformation method.

Target – the culture of changing or transforming organization, for example, how to shape:

(1) the culture of customer centered;

Innovation and creative culture;

(3) the culture of the core business process indefinitely;

All things pursue a culture that is constantly improving. CNC machining online quote

Question: do you want to participate in the organization the most improvement? In the initial stage of the project, we need to determine the implementation of the entire organization in depth and breadth. For large organizations, different departments can choose different methods. A company department in a strategic industry in the successful implementation of the strategic transformation methods. After more than two years, 6 Sigma strategy just penetrated into other departments in the company.

At the same time, also have to evaluate your organization by which method is more realistic. In order to achieve the intended target and the organization is willing to invest enough resources? Whether company leaders pay enough attention to the implementation of the measures. In order to get the desired result? There is no other scattered resources and leaders attention measures? Will encounter much resistance in the implementation stage? In some areas, strongly resist will drain your energy (the energy that could be used for other aspects). However, the boycott, we want to see a signal: the culture of the organization may need to be adjusted. CNC machining online quote

Question: how long is your organization ready to harvest the results? Essential part of short-term gains is not a long-term success, but in the implementation of 6 Sigma, often need to have short-term benefits. The solution will achieve short-term gains, but could not create a strategic transformation method of the potential long-term benefits. Therefore, the organization must have the flexibility of both short-term and long-term proceeds the implementation of 6 Sigma. CNC machining online quote

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