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From procrastination to efficiency, you only need to master these ten tips

Regardless of what position you are in the company, the places where you spend your time in work are concentrated in three major areas: thinking, socializing and activities. You may often be interrupted or pulled in different directions. How do you complete important projects in the day’s messy work events and effectively manage your working hours to get the best results? CNC Machining Service | Prototypes & Production Parts | Plastic & Metal

To share the top ten coups for workplace time management. CNC Machining Service | Prototypes & Production Parts | Plastic & Metal

1. Create a week’s work schedule and to-do list, and record what you did, ideas, and activities to attend. This allows you to understand how much you can do in a day and know where you spend your time. You will find out which time is used effectively and which time is wasted.

2. All activities or social networking that help you achieve the results of your work should be allocated time to do it. The long list of to-dos is definitely not enough. It is necessary to do a good job schedule, create time for priority tasks, plan their start and end times, and strictly follow the implementation.

3. At least 50% of the work plan is spent on thinking, activities, and social networking that can bring you results.

4. Arrange for a break. There must be plans to stay away from work in the schedule. For example, there is a distinction between “office hours” and non-“office hours”. CNC Machining Service | Prototypes & Production Parts | Plastic & Metal

5. When you go to work every day, spend 30 minutes planning your work on this day, unless you arrange a day’s work plan, otherwise do not start work. This time for planning a good day is your most important time of the day.

6. Determine what kind of effect you want to achieve before each call or task starts. This will help you to predict what they are likely to achieve. After each call, it will take 5 minutes to see if it is possible. The result you expected. If not, where is the problem? How do you avoid similar problems next time?

7. When you have an urgent or necessary task, do not disturb or interrupt your work. CNC Machining Service | Prototypes & Production Parts | Plastic & Metal

8. Disconnect instant messages, practice not answering the phone and not reading emails. Don’t let them distract you immediately, unless he is critical to your job and you need to respond immediately. Instead, special arrangements are made to reply to the mail and call back.

9. Don’t let social media such as WeChat and Weibo interfere with your work. Focus on social media while focusing on a job unless your job needs them.

10. Remember that the work is endless. Also keep in mind that 80% of your work effectiveness is determined by 20% of your ideas, activities, and social connections. CNC Machining Service | Prototypes & Production Parts | Plastic & Metal

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