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[HR] refining and setting of assessment indicators (three) how to set index weight

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Assessment indicators, but which is important, which accounts for the minor, their score score proportion or the weight of how to be? How is appropriate? And so on, in the formulation of assessment scale we must be clear, otherwise, no statistical evaluation results. In this aspect, many business practices the superior head to decide by experience. Sourcing CNC metal cutting Manufacturer from China

So, how do you determine the weight of the assessment index after it is extracted?

Reference analysis:

The distribution of the weight of the assessment index is mostly determined by human experience, but it can not be patted at random, usually follow the general rules and principles:

1, a general evaluation index of post 5~8, and the weight of every index is generally set at 5~30%, not too high or too low, if the weight of an index is too high, so that employees may only focus on the Gao Quanzhong index and ignore others, and if the weight is too low, is not his pay enough attention and give up the index, the index has no meaning.

2, the higher the post, he assumes the financial management indicators and performance indicators of the greater the weight; the lower level of the post, the weight of the process indicators to undertake the smaller, and the greater the weight of the results of the class indicators. Sourcing CNC metal cutting Manufacturer from China

3, for the majority of posts, according to the principle of “quantitative priority, qualitative priority, quantitative first qualitative”, the weights of quantitative indicators are generally set priority, and the total weight of quantitative indicators is more important than the qualitative index weight

4, according to 20/80 rule, usually the most important indicators are often only two or three, if there are 1, then its weight is generally over 60%; if there are 2, then generally each index weight is more than 30%; if there are 3, then each index weight is generally more than 20%

5, in order to facilitate the calculation and comparison, the index weights are generally multiples of 5%, the minimum is 5%, too small is meaningless

Method of setting up the index with simple sort encoding (Fu encoding human value, too simple, multiple (subjective) method requires historical data support), optimal sequence method (Practical), AHP (too complex) “, according to our practical experience, we will use the most is a combination of comparative law and Delphy Fa 22 ways to determine the index weight. Sourcing CNC metal cutting Manufacturer from China

In the specific operation, we will invite the position of the post, upstream and downstream colleagues representatives, directly under the boss, department heads, HR and the performance committee members of the group of experts, according to the following steps to carry out:

The first step, first of all, the importance of the index of the 22 comparison, sorting, get the highest number of indicators ranking combination method is the index of the importance of the final order. The higher the degree of importance, in the front, the corresponding weight is greater, and vice versa

The second step, according to the principle of setting the weight of index, by members of the expert group on each index weight set, and then by the HR summary average and the results back to the “experts”, then, according to the results of expert feedback, to adjust the weights of each index set, finally HR is responsible for the summary of the average (integer), which is the index weight in the end. Sourcing CNC metal cutting Manufacturer from China

Among them, HR will try to collect more historical data and organizational strategic objectives, requirements for experts to draw on the reference, and before the assessment of experts “weight setting of the general rules and principles” related training

Therefore, even if the human experience to determine the weight of indicators, but also to have a basis and laws, with the assessment of the job closely related to the comprehensive evaluation of the decision, rather than give a person free to beat his head

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