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Manager role is ” clock – making ” instead of ” time of time “

China Manufacturer of CNC milling china. The role of the manager is “clocks” instead of “time”. What do you mean? I give an example to illustrate. If I ask you a few now, most people will look at the table and tell me a time, this is the time. What is called the clocks? If someone asks you a few points, you can tell him to want to know what time it is, there are several ways: China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

First, to buy a watch or buy a clock to see their own;

Second, homemade a hourglass;

Third, speculate the time according to the position of the sun in the sky and so on. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

It inspires the interrogation people to find their own way to solve the problem and improve their ability to solve problems. That’s what we call “bell making”. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all people ask us questions, they all respond to this question.

Remember 20 years ago when I joined HP, once I have encountered a problem, he could not think of what a good way to go to the market manager. I do statement about, ask him, how do you see? This is a normal thing in other enterprises however, my boss did not directly answer me. He looked at me for a moment, he asked me: “what do you say?” I was stupid, I thought: “I came to ask you, it is you want to do it, how do you give me back to the top” so? I said, you can not think of what a good way, to seek the views of the leadership. He let me go back and think about what other think recommendations come looking for him. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

I go back, a start was pretty uncomfortable — how people here? I ask him for help, he didn’t say a word just sent me back. For him, this thing is definitely a very simple thing, tell me is helpless, I only? Their results also rack their brains to think of ways to really come up with a plan. The second day I went to see him, I want to put out a plan to tell him about it. He listened to me and stared at me and asked: “is this a way?” I get a positive response, he said go back to think again, I can think of several ways to solve this problem.

After he was such a force, I had to go back and carefully pondering, really found a more problem solving and thinking. When I took the three program again looking for him, this time he received me very seriously, listen to the ideas of every solution I finished, he helped I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the different programs. After the analysis, he said to me: “I just help you analyze the merits and demerits, which specific program or by your own decision, I don’t give you a conclusion. That is why you for the first time, the second time to come to me, I did not immediately tell you the answer, because you come, I will not tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what to do.” this dialogue gave me a strong psychological impact. Human nature, everyone show their love in their own areas of expertise, to meet their The strengths are his impulse, even though it is very humble, very introverted person is no exception. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

Because of the nature of human beings, managers of many domestic businesses generally like to show their ability to solve problems, and they can get a sense of achievement by showing this process of ability.

Because we used to measure a level of management, is to see this person can not work, problems can come up with a good way to solve the problem. Under this standard upgrade for managers who are strong individuals who, they are accustomed to himself. To guide the subordinates to do so to solve the problem of the fastest, managers told the staff to answer for the first time, employees back to try, really effective, immediate. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

But when the staff once again, he still does not know how to do, had to run to help the boss in the course of time, it becomes a habit, a problem for leadership. Managers to solve an underlying problem easily, if there is how to do the ten men? If each men have problem, boss a fireman. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

Moreover, in many domestic enterprises, there are still leapfrog management problems. In many cases, all employees are the company first hand men (in multinational companies is not the case, usually a number of management managers can not exceed 15 people, but can not leapfrog Management), if there are 100 with the issue of subordinates, as can be imagined, the CEOs of the time is certainly not enough, even can’t sleep can’t cope, because all things are waiting for him to answer. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

The boss at the beginning may feel a sense of accomplishment, but insists it will not be long before complain incessantly, and felt scorched by the flames, the boss will think men are incompetent, does not have the ability to solve the problem. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

In fact, which is the same as the doting parents, when children grow up at what time will do, don’t blame them, the parents did not give them a chance to exercise, what things are arranged for them. In multinational companies, a measure of managers have no skill, not to see his own can not solve the problem but, if he can teach men to solve the problem, let the men have the ability to solve problems, this is a matter of principle. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

Please, any employee, is not for every day he sat there waiting for the boss layout work, nor the superior said what to do. Otherwise, the enterprise culture is a group of only the body has no head, no initiative and enthusiasm, not thinking of the “robot”.

We are advocating “clocks”, is to teach the staff to do things and thinking about the problem, rather than a direct answer. In multinational companies, will “clocks” managers is a good manager. A problem, I teach you how to think, will be a permanent labor Yi, the staff will not come back to ask next time.

In the short term, it takes a great price to do it – it takes a few days to know what you can say clearly in 5 minutes. China Manufacturer of CNC milling china

But in the long run, the thinking and working methods of the employees have slowly reversed, and the organizational efficiency has been improved.


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