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Workshop management functions  NC prototype machining
(a) plan

The plan is the primary function of any economic management work; it is a common feature of all modern large-scale production; it is a guide for all kinds of work; and it is an important tool for mobilizing and organizing the products that a company’s employees need to complete. CNC prototype machining

The planning function of workshop management is first of all to formulate the whole workshop’s activity goal and each technical economic index, it can make each working procedure and even each staff member have the definite goal of struggle, can connect various production links with each other, make people’s property All elements are closely integrated to form a complete production system.

With planning, there is a direction and goal for action; with planning, there is a basis for inspection work improvement; with planning, there is a measure of the work outcome of each employee in each unit. CNC prototype machining

The workshop does not participate in business activities outside the factory. The basis for planning the workshop is the plan issued by the company and the actual resources of the workshop. In addition to the annual production and operation and the target policy, the workshop is mainly based on the production schedule, quality control plan and equipment maintenance plan.

(B) the organization and command

Organizational command is an indispensable prerequisite for the implementation of other management functions. It is an important part of completing the workshop plan, ensuring production, developing balance, and making adjustments.

Workshop organization and command functions:

First, according to the objectives of the workshop, establish and improve the management organization and operation organization, such as the establishment of the management organization, the selection and allocation of management personnel, and the organization and distribution of labor. CNC prototype machining

Second, through the organization and system, using the leading arts, we will supervise and urge the department and team members and employees to make arrangements for their activities toward the established goals and keep the coordination among them.

(C) supervision and control

Supervision is the implementation of various management systems, the implementation of plans, the implementation of higher-level directives, inspection and supervision, and the implementation of management activities. Control is in the implementation of the plan and the production and management activities, the actual implementation of the plan with the established target comparison criteria to identify gaps, identify the reasons for taking management measures to take.

(D) Production Services

Since the workshop is a unit that directly organizes production, it is necessary that production services be a function of workshop management.

Production service content:

The first is technical guidance. In the production process, it is necessary to help employees solve technical problems, including improving the transformation and innovation of process equipment.

The second is the use of workshop equipment services and maintenance services;

Third, materials and power services;

The fourth is to help the work team to coordinate and contact the units outside the workshop;

Fifth, life services.

(5) Motivational morale

The basis for the effectiveness of the company’s operations is the morale of the workers on the production floor of the workshop. Because, under certain conditions, people are the decisive factor, and the workshop has the responsibility to directly motivate staff morale.

Motivational morale is to use various methods to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, broadly absorb employees to participate in management activities, give full play to their experience and knowledge, enable people’s potential to be fully utilized, improve work efficiency, and ensure the completion of workshop tasks.

All the functions of workshop management are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. Those who perform these functions include the deputy director of the workshop director and the head of the division chief and workshop staff. CNC prototype machining

How to manage the workshop?

As an excellent workshop manager, it should be an active promoter of corporate culture. A country that has a national culture that other countries do not have; a nation that possesses the different national spirits of other peoples; it is an individual who also has its own unique spiritual pillar!

In this way, the country can prosper and prosper, the nation can last forever, and individuals can be perseverance. As a company, the soul of its spiritual pillar is “corporate culture.”

Looking at the world’s top 500 companies, they all attach great importance to and actively promote the company’s corporate culture. To be a good workshop management, as a good production workshop manager, the first job is to actively promote the company’s corporate culture, with the corporate culture to motivate employees to motivate employees. CNC prototype machining

Through the promotion of corporate culture, employees understand the company’s history of development, enhance their trust in the company, so that they love the company; Through the implementation of corporate culture, employees understand the company’s vision of the company’s vision and development trends, improve employee confidence in the company, and thus firmly They are loyal to the company and are willing to dedicate themselves; through the promotion of corporate culture, employees are made aware of the company’s various systems, making it clear of their personal development goals, establishing a sense of competition, and thus promoting the company’s production development. We must be good at using various occasions and various occasions to actively promote corporate culture so that corporate culture is pervasive everywhere.

As an excellent workshop manager, it should formulate and implement a reasonable management system. No rules, no standards. Any collective, losing its discipline, is bound to be disorganized and has no fighting power. CNC prototype machining

As an excellent workshop manager, not only must be familiar with and implement the company’s existing management system, but also gradually establish and improve the management system of the workshop, formulate the employee’s code of conduct, drafting documents focus on operability, try to make each An action has clear rules, and it is updated promptly according to the feedback of use. It can change according to the rules and regulations and regulate employee behavior in all aspects.

And through daily inspection and supervision, it gradually cultivates employees’ good work habits, encourages employees to consciously follow the procedures, solidifies good behaviors, corrects wrong behaviors, and lays a solid foundation for the regularization of workshop management.

As an excellent workshop manager, it should be the advocate and implementer of safe production. Safety For production, production must be safe. Safe production is the most fundamental guarantee for corporate social development. CNC prototype machining

Different types of work in different locations at different times, require different safety measures, production workshop safety measures, can be summarized as a “man-machine material ring” five elements of management and norms.

① “people”, that is, human management.

In the final analysis, security management is the management of people. The personnel requirements procedure for production workshops should be very standardized.

The employees of the new workshop needs, according to the detailed materials of the company’s recommended personnel, form the initial intention of setting the post, and then go to the auxiliary position for a period of time. During this period of running-in period, the workshop takes the sense of responsibility as the most basic evaluation benchmark of the employee, and then makes an overall assessment based on the level of proficiency of the employee’s operational skills, forms written materials, and feeds back to the company to implement the post. CNC prototype machining

For those who can’t assume the position in the initial evaluation, the workshop will enhance the employee’s comprehensive ability through training and re-education to achieve the purpose of competency. If an employee is no longer competent, he will not be hired.

In daily production, workshop managers should pay attention to communicate with employees and encourage employees to increase their work confidence and passion by rewarding incentives and other incentive methods.

2 “machine”, that is, the management of machinery and equipment.

Machinery and equipment are the material conditions for enterprises to carry out production activities and are the primary guarantee for safe production. As a production workshop manager, according to the complexity of equipment maintenance, the “equipment responsibility card” should be customized for each equipment, and the responsible person should be assigned.

The company conducts on-site management inspections from time to time and establishes a matching rewards and penalties system so that each person responsible for the equipment will form a good habit of consciously maintaining the equipment. When the employees are handing over the shift, they must submit the transfer records of the operation of the machine equipment. Once the abnormal operation of the equipment is found, they can report and maintain it in time. In addition, machine equipment operation training or theoretical training should also be regularly organized to achieve the purpose of safe operation. CNC prototype machining

③ “material”, that is, material management.

Material management is the basic factor in safety production. Due to the special nature of chemical materials, the conversion of material properties is very fast, that is, from low temperature to high temperature, from low pressure to high pressure, and a series of reactions such as dilute thickening, accompanied by a The addition of materials can be done in an instant. The workshop starts with the picking staff and should be professionally trained to familiarize themselves with the process, be familiar with the physical and chemical properties of each material, and be able to accurately calculate the materials needed for a day.

For materials that are not suitable for storage, it is strictly forbidden to stay in the workshop and be ready for use. The picking personnel must carry out timely inspection of the raw materials in the warehouse and it is forbidden to bring unqualified raw materials into the workshop. To this end, the workshop should also establish a special assessment system to cultivate the staff’s careful and careful work style.

4 “French”, that is, operation method, instruction book.

The operation method is the guideline for the operation, and the route cannot be changed during the operation. Some operatives, especially new employees, often have doubts about the operation method. As a workshop manager, in addition to interpreting, they should send experienced old operators to teach them hands-on until they fully understand and master. In order to reduce potential safety hazards, the shop should also display recorders based on the original records and conduct inspections from time to time to remind operators to be vigilant at all times so that operations and regulations are completely consistent. CNC prototype machining

5 “ring”, the management of the environment.

The environment can directly affect safe production and is also a prerequisite for creating quality products. As a workshop manager, it is necessary to combine the 5S management ideas of “sorting and cleaning up and cleaning literacy” with field management as a starting point, and conduct self-examination and mutual investigation in combination with the actual conditions of the workshop.

For each different post, the workshop should also formulate detailed rules for the functions of each post. One small comment on a week and one big comment on a month. The rewards and penalties shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the assessment rules, so as to further improve the meticulousness of operators in the operation procedures. .

In short, as a workshop manager, it must be recognized that safe production is not a phased work, but it is a long-term continuous project. Safe production management should also focus on the following four aspects:

1 People-oriented safety management must be steadfast.

The first is that management should update its concepts and get rid of the conservative thinking of sticking to conventions and enterprising ideas. The second is to work hard on employees, and the quality of staff stuck at work should be shut off and the ideological level should be shut down. Everything should be done according to the standards. We must be good at studying the ideological dynamics of employees, and eliminate hidden dangers before and after work. Second, we must improve the methods and methods of work. We must focus on adopting flexible and diverse forms of work, be strict and not die, focus on emotional investment, and create a harmonious team atmosphere. CNC prototype machining

2 safety management must focus on the control of the operation process.

The first is to establish a management assessment mechanism. The management personnel should strengthen the inspection and supervision of the on-site operation process, truly discover and deal with the security risks in the dynamic process, and eliminate formalism; second, check and inspect the grass-roots departments to ensure that the results and processes Combine, on the basis of in-depth field investigations and investigations, conduct inspections of results to eliminate one-sidedness.

3 The security management must be transformed from the external management to the team self-management.

First of all, it is necessary to establish a team assessment mechanism, establish a step-by-step assessment framework for the workshop appraisal team class appraisal team appraisal posts, place the responsibility of the responsibility down the shift team, the responsibility and power into pressure and motivation, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of each employee, and consciously take the initiative to participate Safety management, self-control and mutual control in safety management and other controls. Realizing the team’s self-management can truly reinforce the first line of defense from the foundation. CNC prototype machining

4 safety management should be ahead of the guard, move forward, do a good job model.

The first is to take the initiative to attack, find pressure, dare to expose the ugly. To highlight the existence of outstanding safety hazards, we must seize the typical model and expand the analysis of education so that the responsible person will be shaken and the employees will be educated. The second is to focus on establishing preventive measures, highlighting the principle of prevention as the priority, and formulating preventive and preventive measures for routine inspection findings and management work, promptly formulating preventive measures, resolutely rectifying, and finding the key positions of key people at work, focusing on control. Prevention of the problem occurred.

As an excellent workshop manager, attention should be paid to avoid unnecessary waste and save costs and resources. In the general production process, many “wastes” are generated in daily work. In fact, in the production management, there are usually “seven kinds” of waste. CNC prototype machining

This “seven kinds of waste” not only occurs at the production site, but if we only pay attention to the problems existing at the scene, and do not solve the essential problems covered by the phenomenon, it is undoubtedly the result of the failure. Even if the surface is vigorous, the actual effect is very limited. Therefore, as an excellent workshop manager, not only must understand the causes of this “seven kinds of waste”, but also pay attention to avoiding and eliminating these waste factors, saving costs and resources, and improving production efficiency. Lean management consulting finishing release. CNC prototype machining

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