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Three, four, and four requirements for equipment operation


1. Manage well: Consciously abide by the fixed and fixed system. With the operation permit, the equipment is used. If other people’s equipment has no operation certificate, it should not be used. Tools and accessories should be placed neatly and kept safe from damage and loss. The guards and line pipes on the equipment should be inspected frequently to ensure completeness and reliability. CNC servicing

2, good use: strictly abide by the operating procedures and maintenance system, the equipment is not overloaded use, no small machine, no sick operation, not in the operation of the gear and loading and unloading parts, careful operation, and strive to prevent accidents.

3, repaired: With the help of maintenance workers, gradually master the general repair technology, can independently eliminate the device’s minor faults, participate in the equipment of the second maintenance and overhaul assembly and test acceptance. CNC servicing

1, will use: Familiar with the equipment structure, grasp the technical performance of the equipment and operating methods, know the processing technology, reasonable choice of cutting amount, so that the correct use of equipment.

2. Maintenance: Correctly add oil and change oil according to the lubrication chart to keep the oil line open and the oil line, felt and oil filter clean. Carefully clean, keep the equipment inside and outside clean, no grease, no rust, to “see the true color see the light see the light,” do a good job of daily maintenance, regular maintenance at a level.

3, will check: Understand the accuracy standards and processing specifications of the equipment, will check the abnormal status of the equipment related to the processing technology.

4, will eliminate the fault: the abnormal sound, temperature and operating conditions can be analyzed to find the abnormal state of the equipment, can take measures to eliminate the general failure. Participate in accident analysis of equipment, identify causes, learn lessons, and make preventive measures. CNC servicing

“Four requirements” for equipment maintenance
1, neat
(1) The tools and accessories are complete, neatly placed, and are not allowed to be placed directly on the rail surface of the machine tool. Tool boxes, racks, and workpieces should be placed reasonably and neatly.
(2) The protective devices and parts of the machine tool should be complete and complete, and all kinds of signs should be completely clear.
(3) The pipes and electrical lines should be installed neatly, safely, and reliably.

2, clean
(1) Clean inside and outside, no yellow robe, grease, rust, no iron debris.
(2) No grease on each sliding surface, three bars, gears, and racks.
(3) The ground around the machine tool is often kept clean, free of accumulated oil, water and debris. CNC servicing

3, lubrication
(1) Familiar with the lubrication chart, according to the quality and quantity according to the amount of oil and oil, to keep the oil standard eye-catching.

(2) The tank, sump, and cooling tank should be clean and free of iron debris.

(3) The oil tank, oil gun, oil hole, oil cup, oil line and linoleum should be kept complete and clean.

(4) The oil pump pressure is normal, the oil circuit is open, and the bearing lubrication is good in all parts.

4, security

(1) Familiar with the performance of the equipment and comply with safety technical regulations to prevent personal and equipment accidents.

(2) Operate the equipment with the operation permit.

(3) Observe the “five disciplines” of equipment operation, understand the contents of the “three good four meetings”, and earnestly implement them.

(4) The electrical circuit has reliable grounding, good insulation, safe and reliable limit switches and iron block, and sensitive signal instruments. CNC servicing

Five principles of equipment operation:
1. The equipment must be used in accordance with the operation permit, and the safety technical operation procedures and process documents must be strictly observed.
2. Always keep the equipment clean, add fuel according to the lubrication chart, do not do a good job of lubrication, do not drive, do not do a good job of cleaning does not work.
3. Conscientiously implement the transition class system, fill in the records of the handover class and operating platform.
4. Take care of tools and accessories and do not lose them.
5. It is forbidden to leave the station when the equipment is in operation. If the fault is found, it shall be immediately stopped. If it cannot be handled by itself, it shall be promptly notified to the maintenance worker for maintenance. CNC servicing

After equipment accidents, we must follow the principle of “three no-missing”

The third is that the cause of the accident is left unclear and unclear; the person responsible for the accident and the masses have not been left unimpaired; there are no preventive measures. According to the degree of equipment damage, the nature of the accident and economic losses, careful analysis, serious processing, and organize the record deposited equipment files. Lean management consulting was published. CNC servicing

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