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Why do coins have jagged edges? The real reason is that you never think of it

We sometimes see the edge of the coin

A regular Nick

The serrated notch has a formal name

Called “edge tooth”

Why designers in the edge design of a sawtooth coin?

Is it to look good?

In order to hold in the hand is not easy to fall down?

In fact, not so simple.

Xiaobian immediately introduce

The design of this coin edge

The first is the famous scientist Newton design

In fact, the famous scientist Newton from 1686 until his death in 1727

Has served as director of the Royal Mint

When is this coin process

After the first metal cutting machine cutting rely on rotating horsepower

Then with the help of craftsmen’s eyes and hands

Make the round coins and printed on the pattern

This is called “chipped” silver coin

This is the most deadly defect of silver is easy to be abused

Think also ah

The silver surface marked with the currency in the middle

And all around and no special mark

So one would secretly cut a circle and then sell silver coins

In order to solve this problem

Newton invented the tooth edge design

That is on the edge of the coin is engraved cut rule

If someone is trying to cut part of the coin

The side tooth will destroy the coin

So people can easily see through

The side tooth coin is complete

To determine whether the coin had been tampered with

So we could understand

The largest coin edge function is actually a fake

The side tooth casting technology has been constantly in progress

For example, our last century minted in 90s

The five corners of the side teeth is intermittent side teeth

Now every year issued silver panda edge tooth is tooth bevel

The side tooth issued in recent years the Chinese Zodiac commemorative coins

The length of the interval is bevel tooth

Originally, a small coin unexpectedly there are so many mysteries!

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