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The wage situation of skilled workers is in the inventory!

Technical workers are skilled workers who have mastered certain technical skills and engaged in related technical work. According to statistics, in 2015, the average annual salary of workers in China’s first- and second-tier cities is more than 50,000 yuan, of which the average annual income of ordinary first-line employees in manufacturing enterprises is 56856 yuan, and the average annual income of first-line service personnel in non-manufacturing enterprises is 54,583 yuan. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

At present, China’s skilled workers are divided into five levels: primary workers, intermediate workers, senior engineers, technicians, and senior technicians. According to the technical-grade wage system, the wages of skilled workers of different grades differ greatly, and wages vary according to the types of jobs and regions. Therefore, Xiao Bian lists the wages of some skilled workers so that you can understand the general wage situation of skilled workers in China.

1. Construction workers

The construction workers are divided into three major types of work. According to different types of work, there are different wage conditions, and wages in different regions are also different.

Concrete workers: Technical requirements are the lowest, generally 180-200/day. There is also a monthly salary of about 5,000 yuan. Work intensity, night shift and more;

Reinforcing workers: Carrying steel reinforcements and tying steel reinforcements, generally 200-240/day, newcomers will generally be assigned to raise steel bars, wear iron into reinforced beam columns, and then tying reinforcement after being familiarized with; Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

Carpentry: The technical content is relatively high, around 220-260. The starting time is relatively long.

However, behind the high wages of construction workers is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. There is almost no rest time in a month, and the daily working hours are not fixed, and usually it is more than ten hours. The risk factor is also very large. Moreover, the mobility of workers on the construction site is very large. Therefore, many types of jobs only work on odd jobs and the payday ends. There is almost no payment for five insurances and one gold.
2, welders

Welders are divided into certified and unlicensed, and unlicensed posts are illegal. At present, certified welders are “scarce talents” in the Chinese market. It is not uncommon to see tens of thousands of incomes in the country. However, it is difficult to make researches and it makes many people discourage. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling
According to the survey, wages for welders of various types of laborers are generally at the bottom of 3,000. Many units have stated that if the employees are officially employed, it is normal to receive about 5,000 wages, and individual skills are more solid and skilled. The monthly wage can reach 8,000.

3、 Turning

There is no fixed standard for the wages of lathes. There are differences in the level of economic development in different regions. The wages of the same type of work in different regions are not the same. Take Zhejiang Province as an example, the wages of ordinary lathes are generally between 3,000 and 4,000 according to the 8-hour work system. If you work overtime for two to three hours a day, your monthly salary can reach 5,000. Your skills are good and you can do it with skillful action. You can achieve 6,000.

4, the milling work

A milling worker is a skilled worker who performs part processing according to the design part drawing milling machine (equipment for processing a part) and is divided into a primary worker and a senior worker. Parts require high precision. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

According to different regions and different levels of proficiency, the wages of the milling workers are different. General apprenticeships range from 1,000 to 3,000, primary workers range from 3,000 to 5,000, and skilled workers reach more than 5,000.

5. Completion

Completion is a highly specialized type of work. Others rarely deal with it, so the salary is higher. However, because of the connection between work and industry, there is generally only a certain number of mechanical processing plants that have trampolines. This also results in a relatively narrow employment situation. If you can work in a large company, you can get about 7,000 to 8,000 yuan in wages each month.

6, fitter

There are many kinds of fitters, such as mold fitters, mechanics fitters, assembly fitters, etc. There are also different types of wages. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

Assembly fitters: Salaries are mainly linked to the size of the company and its city. The wages for assembly fitters in the domestic construction machinery industry are mostly around 8,000 in the case of saturated production tasks. If wages are not saturated in the context of production tasks, wages cannot be guaranteed. Also related to the added value of production products, such as ABB, kuka and other robot manufacturers’ installation and assembly personnel theory also belongs to the assembly fitter, but the work because it needs to understand the electrical principles, process control, mechanical principles, etc., income is about 150,000 per year. In short, assembly fitters must have higher skills and experience in order to obtain higher income.

Mold fitter: mold fitter is a fine fitter, wages are very considerable, but it requires a certain amount of learning costs, generally take three to five years to get a teacher, the teacher can earn more than 4,000 monthly, work more than five years of the general 5,000 up and down, ten years It can be more than 6,000, but not every company can take it, because the general company does not need so many experienced masters. Higher wages depend on qualifications and luck. In the same decade, we can get more than 7,000 and less than 6,000.

7, printing mechanics

The printing and packaging industry needs folded captains, imposition masters, and proofreaders. Among them, the most ineligible position is the captain of the printing press. Currently, the monthly salary is generally more than 10,000 yuan, and the salary is composed of the basic salary plus the commission. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

According to a recruiter from a printing factory in Shenzhen, there is currently no relevant school for training in this type of work, and talent is in short supply. Many captains started from apprenticeships and learned skills slowly by following the teacher’s practice. It is reported that the chief of the printing press is known as the “golden blue collar”. It has grown from an apprentice to a printing captain and it usually takes three to four years.

However, this line also has ordinary people unimaginable bitterness, such as years of exposure to ink, often need to do paperwork and other physical work, etc., generally women are more difficult to perform.

8, courier

Unlike other industries, the courier is charged by the piece. Most courier companies send a piece of money. They send 200 pieces of express mail a day, which is 200 yuan and is not capped. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

According to the National Research Report on Social E-commerce Logistics Employees:

” Of the 4,539 valid data, 53.4% ​​of the couriers had monthly average salaries between 2001-4000, 28.6% of the site’s average monthly couriers were between 4001-6000, and 70.7% of warehouse operators. The monthly average monthly salary of employees at the site is between 2001 and 4,000. Only 9.3% of the monthly average wages for warehouse workers are between 4001 and 6,000; 53.1% of the management staff have monthly average salaries between 2001-4000, and 31.7. The monthly average monthly salary of the site is between 4001-6000.

It can be seen that most of the site staff wage levels are between 2001-6000, a few can reach more than 8,000, the average salary of the management personnel is slightly higher, and the average wage of warehouse operators is relatively low. ”

As the classification of skilled workers is too many to be able to do detailed inventory, Xiao Bian only cited the wages of some common skilled workers and it is for reference only. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

In January 2018, the Central Committee’s second meeting of the Deepening Reform Leading Group reviewed and adopted the “Opinions on Improving the Treatment of Technical Workers”. The passage of the “Opinions” shows that the state has paid more and more attention to the issue of wages for skilled workers and hopes to increase the wages of skilled workers and enhance the professional workers’ sense of honor, pride, and sense of gain. This is undoubtedly a good news for our craft brothers.

So what do you do? How much do you pay? Welcome to leave a message. Custom CNC Machining Parts China, Precision CNC Milling

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