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[HR] performance appraisal and management (four): performance interview feedback, what should HR do?

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Performance interview feedback, or by the general linear charge of the staff and talk to him, HR as a supplement, it is not the means HR just did not have too much work to do a bystander? Apparently do not. Then HR in the performance feedback link should play a role of how what to do, how? Do better? (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer.

1, what role does HR play in performance interview?

2, the role, specifically, what HR should do, how to do better? (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer

First, what role does HR play in the performance interview?

According to the role of HR in the whole performance interview, it can be summarized as the following roles:

1, data preparation: performance plan, job description, performance appraisal form and performance files, at present we only prepared the first three items, the last one is not standardized and perfect; (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer

2, time control: HR department in the interview to arrange before the appropriate time and place, and according to the content and importance of performance control and schedule, monthly, quarterly assessment of general control in 30 minutes to 45 minutes; annual performance appraisal interview can be relaxed to 1 hours, but not too long; (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer

3, promote the planner: HR should clearly need to reach the interview plan and purpose in an interview at the beginning of the game, so the whole process is in the “affirming the achievements, shortcomings and find out the employees by providing assistance and training, to help employees improve, improve the performance of listed in the required support and improvement plan.

4, just in the interview, the supervisor: HR to ensure that the interview focused on performance, and the character is not the employee on the charge of not by personal likes and dislikes to judge employees, to solve problems through to establish performance goals, so as to ensure the performance appraisal of the public, to ensure the fairness of the interview;

5, continue to perform: at the same time because performance management is a repeating process, a performance feedback after the end of a new performance appraisal cycle immediately come. So HR to ensure that the supervisor and the employee according to a period of performance, and combined with the improved plan of a new round of assessment plans and goals, so that performance management continues, the record of continuous improvement, the formation of effective performance records. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer

Two, according to the role, specifically, what should HR do, how to do better?

According to the steps of the following performance interview, HR focuses on the information and the proper attitude and responsibilities that should be prepared:

1, opening: at this stage, HR can eradicate the staff contribution and attitude classification, finding staff concerns, help create superior communication atmosphere, the point.

2, employee self-assessment: the main speaking skills and methods, HR can cooperate with the department head set problems, pay attention to the focus of staff reviews, guide the recording of employees’ true ideas. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer

3, the superior evaluation: in this process, HR can pay attention to whether the supervisor to evaluate employees in accordance with performance evaluation standards, and how to properly explain the achievements and deficiencies of employees

4, discuss performance: HR at this stage can pay attention to the different opinions or evaluation of the performance of the subordinates, and focus on guiding the reasons behind the problem, and help to find the consensus between the two sides

5, make improvement plan: in this step, HR can work hard on performance standards and related performance facts, and guide the two sides to unify on performance goals. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved custom cut metal Manufacturer

6,Discuss the necessary support and employee development plan: HR can discuss the required information and support and the way to achieve it according to the advice of the superior and the training development needs of the employees themselves

7, reiterate the content and objectives of the next phase of evaluation: this step is an important process to confirm the next goal, standard and time limit for completion, and HR can use SMART principle to help formulate

8, confirm the evaluation results: as a finishing work, HR should according to the interview finishing record and record, after the two sides signed confirmation, to the staff to express their gratitude, and put forward the encouragement and requirements

In fact, in each company, performance feedback in different ways, different skills, the corresponding staff is different, the effect also has its own advantages, HR are among them, the role is also large and small, so the “generic operating standards”, seemingly generic, but not necessarily the most appropriate

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