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“Don’t walk in a straight line to promote people” in the workshop: genchi genbutsu TOYOTA

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In TOYOTA, genchi genbutsu in use is often referred to as “(Gemba Attitude), the Gemba is the” local “scene, really happening the meaning in Japanese, it is Japanese in the daily life of common words. Broadly speaking, it is the” incident to “narrow sense; Gemba, refers to the enterprise’s” work “or” work place “.

For TOYOTA, the words of great significance, because it is one of the most important principles of the management of TOYOTA, this is the meaning of the principle, method of solving the problem is to see the actual situation personally, grasp first-hand information. With the Toyota Auto Body Co founder Toyoda Kiichiro’s words, is:

“Never trust an engineer who doesn’t wash his hands and eat.””

Of genchi genbutsu the best explanation is a small story of TOYOTA, this story is called: “in the workshop go straight guy did not do, or say,” never be promoted a go straight in the workshop “. China custom fabrication near me Wholesale Manufacturer

This sentence is Taiichi Ono said. At that time, when he was in the quality of management, personally to the workshop to watch the production process, and front-line workers to establish a close relationship.

For example, when you walk through the workshop, when employees meet you, will you say, “would you please come over here?” what are you going to do? Discuss the problem. China custom fabrication near me Wholesale Manufacturer

If you are a bureaucrat, the staff will be hiding from you. So, good leadership is the leadership of genchi genbutsu, where to go, there will be problems come to you in the workshop must go straight, such talent is reliable.

Therefore, genchi genbutsu at TOYOTA, said is one way to solve the problem. TOYOTA requires workshop managers to do all the staff to solve the problem of the partners, to make employees willing to talk to you about the problem together. China custom fabrication near me Wholesale Manufacturer

Did TOYOTA President Zhangtomi Shio said, he said: at any level, leaders should make a scene termists. When he was sent to the United States for the Georgetown plant in Kentucky, he told me the management personnel, the only way to see the factory implementation of TOYOTA mode of production of the situation. Is personally to the scene to see whether they follow the standard procedure? Is not follow the smooth process and on-time production? Whether the parts in need not already sent?

All these questions are impossible to answer in the office, must personally observe the material sent to the production line process, must personally check whether the use of an online operator lamp request support and suspend production line, when necessary, and so on, is the proper meaning contained genchi genbutsu “.

Chinese saying “seeing is believing”, but TOYOTA’s philosophy is “100 see as a line. In the Toyota Corporation, whether in manufacturing, product development, sales, distribution or public relations department, when we asked the TOYOTA model and other management methods differ when a word is” now now “. China custom fabrication near me Wholesale Manufacturer

You can’t really understand any part of any business problem unless you check it yourself, and the Toyota Corporation doesn’t allow any “take for granted” idea, nor does it allow you to rely solely on others’ reports

This logic, even in the TOYOTA crisis reflected more obvious under the global financial crisis at the end of 08, Toyota Corporation announced by the TOYOTA family of Akiotoyoda took office as CEO, TOYOTA’s founder Akiotoyoda is the grandson of Toyoda Kiichiro. This change, for TOYOTA, is not entirely due to a decrease in sales, because several car companies compared to Europe the TOYOTA’s performance is not bad, Akiotoyoda took office for TOYOTA, has a strategic significance directly, that is the TOYOTA shareholders that TOYOTA this time loss, and not simply because the economic situation decline, but because of the development of TOYOTA in recent years, from the “TOYOTA way”.

From what the TOYOTA way? Akiotoyoda said this is very clear, he warned: “the management of TOYOTA in the past 3 years, TOYOTA has hired 40 thousand employees, they have no known for company culture. This problem will not be suddenly exposed, but it is similar to a type of metabolic disorder disease, when you found it it was too late”

How to solve? Akiotoyoda reiterated TOYOTA is in the way of “genchi genbutsu”, “customer first.” he asked leading out of the office, to inspect the existing problems, and lead the sales executives to the scene, to the production site, “looking for TOYOTA wasted evidence, looking for blocking” value for customers communicate with dealers, and efforts led to the company and some American dealers have differences of pricing strategies.

Akiotoyoda warned the management after the investigation: dealers think TOYOTA car pricing is too expensive, and in the past many years, TOYOTA has been known for a fair price image of the world, and now dealers and customers are complaining that TOYOTA himself is destroying this image

Next, he has left TOYOTA parent company several years of Inaba Ryo, Masamoto Maekawa and Yasumori Ihara into the board of directors, and appointed 5 new members of the board of directors and 18 new managers. At the same time, a start for the business management personnel transfer, such as the TOYOTA Chinese minister, TOYOTA headquarters China room for such changes. These old will return, reasonable logical explanation is Akiotoyoda hope that through these familiar with TOYOTA culture, “genchi genbutsu” and the TOYOTA culture back.

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