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Three good, four meetings, four requirements, five principles and three principles in the Operation of equipment

Three good

1, good management: consciously abide by the order machine system, with the operation license to use equipment, other people’s equipment if there is no operating certificate, should not be used. Tools and accessories should be neatly placed and good custody. Do not damage or lose. The protective devices and line lines on the equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure integrity and reliability. Factory direct supply Custom made light fittings parts

2, good use: strictly abide by the operation rules and maintenance system, the equipment is not overloaded use, not small machine, running without disease, not in the operation of equipment speed change and stevedores, meticulous operation. Try to prevent accidents.

3, repair: with the help of maintenance workers, master the general repair technology step by step, be able to independently remove the minor trouble of the equipment, participate in the second level maintenance of the equipment, overhaul general assembly and test run acceptance work.

Four meetings

1, will use: familiar with the structure of the equipment, master the technical performance of the equipment and operating methods, know the processing technology, reasonable choice of cutting parameters, so as to use the equipment correctly.

2, will maintain: correctly according to lubricating chart regulation oiling, changing oil, keep oil route unblocked and oil line, linoleum, oil filter clean. Clean carefully, keep equipment inside and outside clean, no oil dirt, no rust. To achieve “paint to see the color iron light”, serious daily maintenance, regular first-level maintenance.

3, will check: understand the equipment precision standards and processing specifications, will check the processing process related equipment abnormal state. Factory direct supply Custom made light fittings parts

4. Troubleshooting: can analyze abnormal sound, temperature and operation, find out abnormal state of equipment, take measures to eliminate general malfunction, participate in accident analysis of equipment and find out the cause. Learn from the lessons and take precautions.

“four requirements” for equipment maintenance

1, tidy

Tools, complete accessories, neatly placed, not directly on the guide rail surface of the machine tool. Toolbox, rack and workpiece should be placed in a reasonable order.

The protective equipment and parts of machine tool should be complete and all kinds of signs should be complete and clear.

All pipelines and electrical lines should be installed neatly, safely and reliably.

2, clean

Clean inside and outside, no yellow robes, grease, rust, no iron debris.

All sliding surfaces, three bars, gears and rack are free of oil dirt.

The ground around the machine tool is always clean, free of oil, water and debris.

3, lubrication

Familiar with the lubrication chart, on time according to the quantity of refueling and oil change, keep the oil standard eye-catching.

Oil tanks, oil tanks and cooling tanks should be cleaned without iron debris.

Oil kettle, oil gun, oil hole, oil cup, linoleum and linoleum should be complete and clean.

Oil pump pressure is normal, oil flow smooth, all parts of the bearing lubrication.

4, security

Familiar with equipment performance, comply with safety technical operation rules, prevent personal and equipment accidents.

Operating equipment with operating license.

Observe the “five disciplines” in the operation of the equipment, understand the contents of the “three good and four meetings”, and implement them conscientiously.

4) reliable grounding, good insulation, limit switch, safe and reliable stopper, sensitive signal instrument.

Five principles for the operation of equipment:

1, must rely on the operation certificate to use the equipment, strict compliance with safety technology operating procedures and process documents.

2, keep the equipment clean, oil according to the lubrication chart, do not do lubricating work, do not drive, do not clean work.

3, conscientiously implement the handover system, fill in the turnover and operation time records.

4, The tools and accessories shall not be lost.

5, do not leave the station while the equipment is in operation, stop the trouble immediately, if you can’t handle it, notify the maintenance worker to repair it in time.

After the accident of equipment, we must follow the principle of “three do not let go”

Third, the cause of the accident is not clear analysis; Those responsible for the accident and the masses have not been educated; According to the degree of damage to the equipment, the nature of the accident and economic losses, careful analysis, serious processing, and collation of records into the equipment file. Factory direct supply Custom made light fittings parts

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