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Types, causes and solutions of enterprise financial risks

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The formation factors of enterprise financial risk. Financial risk in enterprise management are threatening the survival and development of the company. Therefore, the company should establish firm financial risk prevention awareness, strengthen the construction of internal control system and improve the company’s financial risk is facing a real problem reflected the financial activities of the set is also the company. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

The company’s financial activities throughout the entire process of production and operation, financial risk is a realistic problem that must be faced in the process of financial management, financial risk is also a signal. It can comprehensively reflect the status of the company. Because the company’s financial risk is formed by a variety of factors effect so, the company can not advance overall expected corporate financial risk, resulting in financial loss of revenue. The financial risks of enterprises are all aspects of objective existence in the company’s financial management work in the company, therefore, the financial risk managers should take effective measures to reduce the risk, but not completely eliminate the risk averse corporate financial risk. Refers to the management process to reduce the minimum loss in the established, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the company. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

Corporate financial management is the center of the company’s operation, and good financial operation is the foundation of the company’s development

The company’s financial risks threatening the survival and development of the company. In turn, the company should establish firm financial risk prevention awareness, strengthen the construction of internal control system and improve the company’s financial risk is a practical problem facing financial activities is also reflected in the company. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

The basic types and characteristics of enterprise financial risk

Only by fully understanding the basic characteristics of financial risk, to take timely and effective measures to prevent and control. Is the so-called enemy can ever victorious. So in the financial management, to reduce financial risk must fully understand the various characteristics of financial risk, prevention and effective control of financial risk based on grasp the characteristics of the company’s financial risk mainly has the following characteristics: objectivity, financial risk is not the people’s will and swivel exists objectively. Comprehensive financial risk exists in the enterprise financial management of the whole process and is reflected in a variety of financial relations. The coexistence of both risks and benefits, and is proportional to the generally speaking, a lot of financial relations, the greater the risk, the higher the income. That is the objective existence of incentive, financial risk will encourage enterprises to take measures to prevent the financial Risk, strengthen financial management, improve economic benefits. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

Analysis of the causes of enterprise financial risk

First, obtaining good income is the basic starting point of the company operation under the condition of market economy, while the enterprise financial risk is caused by uncertainty and predictability in the future, and it is an objective phenomenon accompanied by obtaining good returns. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

With the development of market economy and increasing competition, will make the company with greater risk in profits. In general, the risks and benefits is proportional to the size. The greater the risk, although the profit is greater, but the chances of success may be smaller, there is the possibility of risk more failure. Company managers can not blindly pursue income without considering the risk, not afraid of risk, do not want to take risks and can not guarantee the stability and safety of gasoline, if the company follow the conservative and negative management ideas, can only maintain the status quo, dare not to take any risks, this practice itself there is a huge risk. Either in the fierce market economy, no progress will inevitably lead to the risk of being eliminated. Therefore, the operator of the company should be to master the ability to cope with risks, improve risk tolerance, treat the financial risk reason. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

Two, analysis of the factors affecting the financial risk of enterprises

As the company’s business activities are facing their own conditions and social environment is very complex, therefore, there are many factors that affect the enterprise’s financial risk, because both the gasoline outside, also because of internal reasons and gasoline. The formation of different enterprise financial risk are not the same. Specifically as follows:

The macro environment is complex and changeable

As everyone knows, the ongoing financial crisis, will enable the company to fund supply shortage, capital chain rupture, attached to a large number of bank loan companies have a great risk, and even bankruptcy. The company in the business environment, legal environment, market environment, social cultural environment and the macro environment, it is inevitably have a huge impact on gasoline itself. The change of macro environment is difficult to accurately predict and cannot change to the enterprise, adverse changes in the macroeconomic environment will bring financial risk to the company. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

Second, financial personnel lack of risk consciousness

The financial risk is an objective existence, as long as the financial activities, there must be financial risk, but in reality, many of the company financial management of risk awareness is superficial, because the company in the credit process, the customer’s credit rating a lack of understanding, lack of control, blind methods, resulting in a large number of accounts receivable is out of control. Accounts receivable to long-term recovery, until it becomes bad. A serious impact on the liquidity and safety of enterprise assets, resulting in financial risk.

Thirdly, the internal control system has not been established

This is another important reason for the company s financial risk, between the various departments within the company, in the management and use of funds, interest distribution is unclear responsibilities, poor management of the phenomenon, resulting in inefficient use of funds, serious loss of funds, financial security, integrity can not be guaranteed, bring risk to the company. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer


Since we have found the reason, produce enterprise financial risk, so, how to resolve the financial risks of enterprise is the enterprise financial risk prevention and control of the important one. We should resolve in the risk assessment of enterprise financial risk according to the actual situation, not blindly apply, so that we can handle more effective enterprise financial risk brought by the crisis. There are many methods, to guard against financial risks, which of the following is relatively effective:

First, to reduce the risk of using effective means

Gasoline to raise funds, according to the different period of the enterprise’s industry characteristics and development, not only fully consider the business scale, profitability and financial market conditions, but also consider the enterprise existing funds and the future financial conditions, choose a combination of comprehensive capital cost minimum, determine the size and structure of bank financing, the dynamic balance of short-term, medium-term with long-term debt ratio, the maximum value of gasoline, the risk is reduced to the lowest level. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

2, diversifed dispersed enterprise financial risk

Based on the core products competitive in the management of the main business case development, according to their own strength and market situation, development of a variety of business, a variety of industrial products in a variety of time, space and profit complementary offset, reduce the risk of corporate profits and business risk. According to the diversified investment portfolio theory. Considering the correlation among securities, risk and reward, by holding a variety of securities investment risk can be dispersed implicit in the concentration of individual investment projects, can not raise the risk level under the condition that the highest rate of return. Therefore, selection of portfolio optimization is reasonable and effective modern enterprise investment hedging.

Third, prudent investment risk avoidance method

The company is in the choice of financing plan, should be a comprehensive assessment of various options may produce enterprise risk, under the premise of ensuring the financial management goal, choice of enterprise financial risk smaller scheme has reached to avoid the financial risks of enterprise. Of course, the law does not mean that companies can not avoid small risk investment, enterprise to achieve the effect of even control the investment enterprises, only by way of equity investment, in this case, it is necessary to take appropriate investment risk. Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

The effective way of using the risk transfer method.

The enterprise of potential enterprises of various existing risk can also transfer risk through some effective ways, such as through the payment of insurance premiums on the financial risk of an enterprise to the insurance company, the enterprise financial risk transfer to insurance powerhouse, the risk business activities of the specialized agencies, in the form of contracts will be transferred to the risk of loss others, through various forms of economic integration will cross transfer risk, can also account receivable bad debt risk in the transfer to the professional institution or agent through the transfer of accounts receivable and mortgage transfer, the transfer of rights and the transfer of risk, financing for business capital, can make the enterprise from passive to initiative, unfavorable factors into favorable factors, is a kind of effective method shooting two birds with one stone.

Competitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer

Competitive custom metal shop China ManufacturerCompetitive custom metal shop China Manufacturer


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