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Seven similar habits of people who did not succeed, causing too many people to resonate

People who do nothing are similar, and those who are effective are different. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

1, absent

Eighty percent success comes from attending.
– Woody Allen

More attendance – This is one of the biggest and simple things you can do to ensure more success in your life, whether in your social life, your career or your health. If you want to improve your health status, one of the most important and most effective things is to appear in the gym every time you should attend. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

Maybe the weather will be bad, maybe you will not want to go out, maybe you have a lot of other things that must be done. However, if you continue to be in the gym even if you are less motivated, it will be much more effective than relaxing on the couch you stay at home.

I think this can also be extended to other areas of life. If you insist on writing or drawing every day, you will quickly improve. If you go out more you can meet more new friends. If you participate in more appointments, your chances of meeting someone will increase greatly. Just more attendance will make your life greatly different. Absenteeism will only make you accomplish nothing. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

2, dragging and pulling

The symptoms of dragging are not mentioned. My favorite 3 ways to get rid of dragging are:

1) Destroys the frog

This means that the hardest and most important tasks are completed at the very beginning of the day. A good start in the morning will keep you high emotional and active motivation throughout the day. This usually makes you very efficient this day. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

2) Eat the elephant

Don’t plan to eat it as a fat one. This will make you feel so burdened that you will have delays. Divide a job into small steps that can be put into action, and then focus on the first step until it is completed, and then continue to the next step.

3) Convince yourself

I found this wizard-type adjustment very effective. It took me 20 minutes of repeated meditations that I would be very productive these days. After that, I would no longer be in a procrastination, or keep refreshing my 5 favorite websites. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

3, always do not matter

One of the symptoms of procrastination: Being busy with irrelevant matters.

In order to increase efficiency you may need some kind of time management method, which can be extremely simple, such as using the 80/20 rule at the beginning of the day.

The 80/20 rule, which is the Pareto principle, says that 80% of the harvest is derived from 20% of the effort.

So for efficiency, you should concentrate most of your energy on a few important things. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

When using this rule, you only need to write down the three most important things you need to do this day in order of priority, and start from scratch. Even if you can only accomplish one of these things, you are still fulfilling the most important thing today.

You may also prefer other methods such as GTD. But no matter how you organize your work, the most important thing is to look for the most important tasks.

Record a list of “the most important three things” in Evernote every day. You can also summarize them directly in your notes at night, and you can also summarize and improve them one week or one month. This effect is better than a simple GTD application. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

4, can not stop thinking

Because of many concerns, little action has been taken. Being trapped in endless analysis will only make you lose time. There is nothing wrong with thinking before acting. Do some research, develop a plan, and explore possible positive and negative factors. However, forced repeated thinking will waste time.

You don’t have to check everything from every angle before you try, and you can’t wait for the perfect time to do it, because such time will never happen.

5, too negative

When you consider everything from negative aspects, your enthusiasm will be greatly reduced. You will find that there are problems and mistakes everywhere, and these problems do not exist, and in the end your “doing something” does not exist. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

So you can do almost nothing. You complain to anyone willing to listen (many people don’t want to hear) and complain about how bad your work, life, and leadership are. Your life depends on how you see the world. This has become a self-fulfilling prediction.

One solution to this problem is to understand the limits of the negative aspects and recognize that your negative thinking is not a true portrayal of the world. Then try some other angles.

For example, you can try to cultivate the habit of thinking from a more positive and optimistic perspective, which will help you a lot. In this way, you may begin to try this positivity challenge. This is not easy, but if you accept this challenge and only think positively for 7 consecutive days, you suddenly realize that your perspective and ideas are so influential that your understanding of the world and you are so profoundly influenced. The results obtained. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

If you turn over the diary you remembered before, you will find that you have grown a lot. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to note that the “viewing the world from a 7-day perspective” in the above-mentioned document is in Evernote. It is not long in a week, but it is enough to change something.

6, isolated from the world

It is difficult for people to admit that their own ideas are not the best choice. Therefore, you are more and more persistent in your own ideas and become blind. This will make it very difficult for you to make progress. For example, efficiency will be hard to improve. In this situation, even thinking about the possibility of changing your life will become difficult. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

Obviously, one of the solutions is to open your mind. Broaden your horizons, learn from others’ mistakes, and learn from books and other resources. As with anything, this is easier said than done. As I said before, my suggestion for this is to realize that your knowledge area is after all limited, and the way you do things will be inadequate. Then try something new.

In addition, I would like to add that: Do not be blind to books, and do not blindly pursue new information, otherwise you will become a person who is addicted to self-help.

7, excess information

Excess information does not mean that you read too much. What I mean is the excess of all input information. If you let all the information flow into the brain, this of course will make it difficult to think clearly because there are too many stimuli. The following are the drawbacks that this habit may have: ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

1) Some of the information you received may be negative. The media and the surrounding environment will provide a negative message for various reasons. If you don’t choose the information you need, you may be in a negative state, affecting your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

2) This will make you eager to catch up with what is happening today. However, there are more than a dozen things happening at the same time. It is almost impossible to catch up with them. Your life will be stressful.

3) If you are continuously bombarded with information and you also try to classify all the information, then it will be difficult for you to make a decision and take action. For me personally, if I get too much information, it will cause some kind of paralysis and nothing happens. Or you will be trapped by this habit, eager to work on some non-important things all day long. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining

In order to concentrate, think clearly and act, you need to be more selective when it comes to information. Avoid as much distractions as you can while working. Turn off the phone, disconnect the network, and close the door. You will find it incredible that when you haven’t been interrupted every five minutes, you haven’t had the chance to delay the use of WeChat, and you can accomplish so many things.

Finally, sum up these seven habits and deepen one’s impression, one step further away from inefficiency. ustomized aluminum precision CNC machining


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