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Ten sentences that best reflect entrepreneurship!

1. The entrepreneur must be unrelenting and unrestrained! The fear can survive, paranoid to succeed! – Ren Zhengfei. customized precision CNC machining aluminum

2. Unsuccessful business, only the era of business! Always tremble, always on thin ice! – Zhang Ruimin

3 . Entrepreneurs are people with a sense of mission to create social values! Entrepreneurs must stick to their dreams and dare to play! — Ma Yun. customized precision CNC machining aluminum

4. The so-called entrepreneurial spirit is to promote changes that we think are valuable! – Wang Shi

5. Wanda can develop to the present day, and the most important thing is to dare to innovate! Dare to think about things that others dare not think, dare to do what others dare not do! Do not live for yourself, do not die for yourself, this is entrepreneurship! – Wang Jianlin. customized precision CNC machining aluminum

6 . Innovation is the core weapon of enterprise development. Management determines the radius of enterprise development! The core of entrepreneurship is innovation. The premise of innovation is rich imagination! — Ma Weihua

7. The company must have a lofty goal, but can’t run a long-distance race as a sprint! Entrepreneurs should have ideals, but they should not be idealized! Persistent pursuit, willing to give! Liu Chuanzhi

8. I believe that people can be educated, promoted and shaped! I believe that putting people in a great and noble organization will also become great and noble! I believe that managing people is almost equal to managing everything in the enterprise! Ning Gaoning. customized precision CNC machining aluminum

9 . The Internet competition is the speed of life and death. The value of users is the foundation of the foundation. Only continuous innovation can keep young! Sometimes hard work is not because of stress, but because of stress! – Ma Huateng

10. The vision of SF Express is to become the most trusted and respected company! We do not pursue rankings, nor do we have to do much, but we hope that our people and business conduct can be trusted and respected by society. – Wang Wei. customized precision CNC machining aluminum

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