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Purchase cost management and control system

Improve the procurement management process. dci dental
(1) Plan management:
Under the premise of guaranteeing that no plan will not allow procurement, the principle of “integrity, accuracy, and timeliness” shall be adopted to formulate a procurement plan with reference to production plans, original statistical data, consumption quotas, and other internal resources so as to give full play to the guiding role of the plan. dci dental

(2) Procurement Management:
Focus on quality and efficiency, adhere to “four ratios” (quality, price, service, credit rating), “three disclosures” (product details, manufacturers’ quotation, purchase results), “two musts” (compared with multiple contracts, signed contracts) “One in the end” (whoever buys who is responsible for the end) makes the procurement process open, equal opportunities for manufacturers to participate, and orderly competition.

(3) Contract Management:
1 Establish contract signing standards and approval procedures, determine the contract review mechanism, and avoid contract fraud.

2 Follow-up management of the time, cost, and quality of contract execution, and effective control over contract changes and changes. dci dental

3 A timely summary of the execution efficiency after the completion of the contract and the overall performance of the supplier, to provide a basis for future procurement decisions.

(4) Arrival acceptance system:
All purchased materials must be qualified after inspection and acceptance before they can be put into production. The acceptance of materials insists on the principle of “quality first” and “subsequent investigation of responsibility” and “advancement of joint responsibility” to ensure that each level of personnel is responsible for serious and responsible checks, and eliminates the occurrence of production accidents caused by the quality of material procurement.

(5) Supplier assessment method:
1Implement the access system and strict supplier qualification review. dci dental

2 Establish a scientific supplier performance evaluation system and conduct regular comprehensive evaluations through basic assessment factors such as quality, price, delivery time, and service, and eliminate poorly performing suppliers.

3 Establish long-term win-win partnerships with suppliers that are evaluated as A-level and implement supplier incentives to promote a virtuous cycle of supply and demand.

(6) Funds and accounting methods:
1 Strengthen fund management, rationally allocate funds, prevent limited funds from being dispersed, and increase fund utilization.

2 Strictly calculate the cost of projects, carry out reward and punishment control, and form a dynamic mechanism.

3 Under the premise of maximizing the overall goal of maximizing profits, the unity of procurement plans and financial plans can be achieved, and financial supervision of procurement can be effectively implemented. dci dental
Improve procurement organization construction
(1) Strengthen the linkages between departments of production, finance, warehouse management, and procurement, and establish a linkage mechanism for procurement requirements.

1 The production plan is an important basis for the preparation of the material procurement plan. Therefore, the production department must closely and comprehensively balance the various factors of production around the production operation plan, and arrange the variety, quantity, speed, time, inventory level related to demand from the time and space. And other indicators.

2 The warehouse management department must actively coordinate the contradictory relationship between storage and procurement, ensure reasonable inventory levels, fully account for storage costs, effectively avoid loss of loans, and provide a scientific basis for the establishment of economic batches. dci dental

3 The financial decision-making department determines the company’s health level by using cash flow analysis and stipulates the financial plan. On the basis of taking into account the time value of the funds and taking into account risks and rewards, a financial budget target should be set for the procurement plan, and the two should be highly unified.

4 Purchasing department effectively combines the company’s production plan, reasonable inventory levels, and cash flow of funds, and formulates the purchase plan and economic order batch through comprehensive analysis and implements procurement.

(2) Within the procurement department, there is an internal operation mechanism with the division of labor and cooperation, both of which can be closely linked and can be mutually restricted. dci dental

1 Strict job responsibility system, clear job responsibilities, and tasks, through the implementation of the monthly performance evaluation system of procurement personnel, effectively motivate the enthusiasm of the procurement staff to achieve the perfect unity of responsibilities, rights, and interests.

2 The functions of procurement, acceptance, and settlement are divided into different departments for implementation, and a hierarchical tree-like management model for decision-making level, management level, and the on-site level is established to form connected layers, connect up and down, and coordinate the management system around.

3 Set up a collective discussion and decision-making system consisting of buyers, business managers, and center leaders to realize the openness of concealed power and decentralized power, ensure that material purchases are mutually restricted, mutual supervision, and open and transparent. dci dental

(3) Establish supervision, evaluation and service mechanism for procurement work.

Outside the purchasing department, a leading team consisting of the user unit, finance, legal, audit and supervision departments, and business leaders is established to supervise the procurement methods, procurement process, and procurement results, and to inspect the procurement department’s policies, rules, and regulations regarding procurement. Execution of laws and regulations, investigation and punishment of illegal and irregular activities, evaluation of procurement work and suggestions for improvement, continuous strengthening of the supervisory department’s sense of service to the supervised departments, and promotion of enterprises’ procurement management work to a higher level. dci dental

Reasonable choice of procurement methods
(1) Procurement method is the way, form, and method for enterprises to obtain supplies, engineering, and services. It determines whether an enterprise can effectively organize and control the resources of its products to ensure the normal production and operation and the realization of a large profit space.

(2) The modern procurement method refers to a procurement method that mainly relies on modern scientific achievements to complete the procurement process, solves the time and space problems that are difficult to overcome under the traditional procurement methods, makes the procurement activities more convenient and faster, improves the purchasing efficiency, and reduces purchase cost.

1MRP purchase. According to the main production plan, product structure list, product, and spare parts inventory, calculate the production plan and purchase plan for all parts and raw materials and then purchase according to plan. This kind of procurement plan is meticulous and strict, with the sensitive market response and high purchasing efficiency. dci dental

2JIT purchases. The procurement method based on meeting the demand requires the supplier to order the supplier according to his or her needs. The supplier will send the designated product to the designated place according to the variety and quantity requirements at the designated time.

3 Supply chain procurement. It is a procurement model under the supply chain mechanism. Purchasing is no longer merely a purchaser’s operation. The supplier’s power is increasing and the so-called supplier management user inventory (VMI) is formed.

4 E-commerce is an online purchase. It is through the procurement staff to go online, look for suppliers and the required varieties, negotiate trade online, set up loans or even pay for loans, and then complete the procurement activities through the delivery and loan links. dci dental

Establishing partnerships with suppliers
(1) Implement the supplier access system, formulate supplier selection criteria and procedures, define scientific and standardized assessment projects, review supplier qualifications and legal and valid documents, and understand suppliers’ quality, price, service, technical strength, and scientific research level. , Responsiveness and other indicators, and on this basis to carry out purposeful negotiations, allowing qualified suppliers to access and establish a corresponding information file, eliminate unqualified suppliers.

(2) Strengthen the organization and leadership of supplier performance assessment to improve the system construction. In order to avoid the influence of negative factors such as too much personal power and subjective elements, a supplier performance appraisal team was established, a supplier performance management system was established, and a supplier performance appraisal was conducted scientifically and regularly. dci dental

(3) Establish a comprehensive supplier evaluation system, and comprehensively score points in terms of quality, price, service, cost reduction, delivery cycle, feedback and communication, fulfillment of contract commitments and capabilities, and assess the ABC level according to the score. The last elimination mechanism and feedback the results to suppliers urge suppliers to take corresponding measures to improve. Dynamic management to achieve the best procurement environment.

(4) Establish long-term and stable cooperation relationship with excellent suppliers, and encourage incentives such as price discounts, flexible contracts, goodwill incentives, information incentives, and elimination incentives to promote supplier continuity and improve supply quality. Improve performance to achieve “win-win” symbiosis. dci dental

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