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The “eight cautions” of welding and cutting operations are well preserved!

First attention

No untrained personnel and the use of welding tool defects, welding equipment. Personnel to obtain the qualified certificate, the use of tools and equipment qualified, be engaged in the examination project within the scope of the welding work.

Second items of attention

Not in with pressure (liquid pressure or gas pressure) on the device or charged equipment for welding. In the special case of welding in pressure and electric equipment, should be through the job safety analysis, work plan, security measures, and the territorial management approval for work permit. Before the job.

Third items of attention

Prohibit welding structure in containers containing flammable goods or paint or other objects. The prohibition of flammable and explosive materials in the storage room for welding. Welding in the vicinity of inflammable and explosive materials, the minimum horizontal distance of not less than 5m, and according to the actual situation, to take safety measures (covered with screen or flame retardant materials).

Fourth items of attention

The container has residual oil or combustible liquid, should open the lid, clean up; the container has residual flammable items, should first steam purge, or hot water rinse clean, and cover the mouth open, can be welded.

Fifth items of attention

In the wind over 5 when banning open welding or gas cutting. But the wind in 5, more than 3 open welding or cutting, should set the windshield to the fire caused the fire. The rain splash star snow, can not open welding or cutting work. If the need for welding, should be taken the rain and snow prevention measures.

Sixth items of attention

When welding is carried out, measures should be taken to prevent metal slag from splashing, falling and causing fire, and to prevent scalding, electric shock, explosion and so on. The welding personnel should check and confirm that there is no tinder left before leaving the scene

Seventh items of attention

In the boiler drum, condenser, oil tank, oil tank welding and other metal containers should have the following measures: one is to prevent electric shock when welding the welder should avoid contact with iron, should stand in the rubber mat or rubber insulated shoes, wear work clothes and dry. The two is outside of the vessel should a see and hear welding work guardian, and should be provided with a switch, according to the welder’s signal to cut off the power. The three is a ventilation device, the internal temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, prohibit the use of oxygen as the ventilation air.

Eighth items of attention

In a closed container, no welding and gas welding and welding work. Work in the vicinity of fire places, should have the necessary fire fighting equipment.

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