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China’s annual output of 40 billion ball-point pen can not make the pen Why is this?

On January 4, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a coal and steel industry in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province to resolve the overcapacity capacity and achieve a forum for the development of the struggle to extricate itself from difficulties. He disclosed a “secret”: “Last year, we still imported some serious overcapacity in steel production Special grade high-quality steel.We also do not have the ability to produce mold steels, including the ‘ball’ on the ballpoint pen head, which still needs to be imported, all of which require adjustment of the structure. ” electronic prototyping company

If not Premier Li Keqiang said it, it is estimated that many people do not know. More than 3,000 pen and paper enterprises and more than 200,000 employees, with an annual output of more than 40 billion ball-point pens … China has become a well-deserved pen and paper powerhouse. However, behind a series of proudest figures, it is the core technology and materials that are highly dependent on imports and poor quality Embarrassment of the proliferation of counterfeit products, a large number of ballpoint pen “ball” but need to import.
As a big manufacturing country in the world, why can not we realize the complete independent development and production of a small part? The question of “ballpoint pen” is “the question of China’s manufacturing industry.” electronic prototyping company

awkward! “Pen big country” core materials, equipment, long-term dependence on imports
Ballpoint pen easy to carry, convenient and durable, is widely used in production, life. According to statistics, including the refill, the annual output of ballpoint pens in China has reached more than 40 billion.
“In terms of quantity, we are a well-deserved pen power, but not yet a pen power.” Chen Sanyuan, honorary vice president of China Pen Association, said that although the pen industry in our country was formed very early, in 2011 China started Core materials and equipment Independent research and development projects Before, from cutting steel wire, ink to processing equipment can only rely on imports.
Pen and ink are the keys to a ballpoint pen, where the pen tip is divided into ball and ball seat. At present, tungsten carbide ball is the most widely used at home and abroad, China already has a very good foundation, not only to meet the needs of domestic production but also a large number of exports. However, the production of the ball seat, whether it is equipment or raw materials, has long been in the hands of countries such as Switzerland and Japan. electronic prototyping company

According to reports, foreign production equipment on the requirements of raw materials is relatively higher, made of stainless steel wire cannot be applied, you must rely on Japan imported cutting stainless steel wire. At the same time, the matching ink should also be imported from Germany, Japan, and other countries. As a result, the current output of ballpoint pencils in our country is the first, but the “awkward” situation in which core materials and equipment rely heavily on imports.
As early as the 90s of last century imported a production of stainless steel nibble equipment will have more than 400 million yuan. In these years the pen industry, the low-end industrial chain profit margins are constantly decreasing, the pressure is also growing. electronic prototyping company
Dilemma! Imitation fast, profit micro-enterprises lack of independent research and development of power
According to reports, the production of the ballpoint pen on the processing accuracy, the choice of materials have high requirements. There are not only small “balls” on the writing tip but also five grooves for guiding the ink. The machining accuracy must be on the order of one-thousandth of an inch. electronic prototyping company

Experts said that every little deviation will affect the pen writing fluency and service life, pen tip thickness of less than 0.1 mm, but also taking into account the writing angle and pressure, ball and tip, ink groove bit must be matched To be “perfect”, the processing error cannot exceed 0.003 mm.

In 1948, China’s first domestic ballpoint pen was born in Shanghai Fenghua Ballpoint Pen Factory. After the reform and opening up, driven by the huge export demand, pen factory springing up generally appear. However, the weakness of enterprises, the lack of scientific research platforms and the insufficient protection of intellectual property have led to the shortage of “internal forces” in the growth of the industry and have restricted the pace of technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the pen industry. electronic prototyping company
Zhejiang, a stationery company, said the company has developed a new pen, “just out when the net profit of 6 cents a hair, very popular with the market.But overnight, more than 40 companies have started to produce exactly the same Pen, profit suddenly dropped to every 4 hairs, this new pen was soon followed by the dead.

Chen San-yuan said that ball-point pen looks simple, in fact, involves a national system of industrial aspects. “Compared to the steel industry, pens are small-volume industries, for example, a day’s output at a steel plant may be enough for the pen industry to digest for a year.” Chen Sanyuan said that for mills, this profit is negligible, It does not have the motivation to engage in R & D and production, pen manufacturing companies do not have enough power, and therefore rely on imports.
Research! Countries 60 million to support the rapid decline in the number of scientific research imports
Relevant departments of the state started the project of “R & D and industrialization of key materials and preparation technologies in the pen industry” in 2011. The state has allocated nearly 60 million yuan to support relevant scientific research institutions. The enterprises are engaged in the manufacturing of neutral ink, written stainless steel wire and processing equipment Scientific research. electronic prototyping company
Through unremitting efforts, the project passed the “12th Five-year” national science and technology support plan acceptance in 2015, achieving a series of technological breakthroughs. For a long time, the “import dependence” troubling the Chinese pen industry began to be gradually reversed.
Chen Sanyuan said that after we successfully developed the easy-cutting stainless steel wire rod, the Japanese steel supplier immediately lowered the price from 125,000 yuan per ton to 90,000 yuan. At the same time, we also successfully developed two domestic nip manufacturing equipment, built a number of ink, new structure nib demonstration line. The price and volume of imported ink are also falling. electronic prototyping company

Experts said that the problem of a small ballpoint pen is also a problem facing many areas of China’s manufacturing industry. The pace of scientific and technological innovation cannot be stopped, we should increase input into and improve the platform of production, study, and research, our pen technology is improving, and foreign countries are constantly carrying out technological innovations. We must unswervingly catch up with and surpass ourselves. We also need to cultivate the “artisan spirit” All this is an indispensable part of China’s move from a pen power to a pen power. electronic prototyping company

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