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Seven Classical stories, the True essence of Ancient Talent Management

In fact , it is not uncommon for people to make full use of their ability to make their contributions . The reason is that many leaders do not have to take advantage of talent management , or do not use them , or can ‘ t use them , or so on . In this article , we use seven classical stories to deduce the classical recruitment of ancient talent management . mechanical cad designer


Staying Talent: Liu Bei’s painstaking efforts to keep Xu Shuxin

As a result, it is difficult to attract talent, and it is difficult to retain talent, and it seems difficult to keep the heart of high talent. mechanical cad designer

Liu Bei was driven everywhere by Cao Cao, so it was not easy to settle down in Xinye County and get a military teacher, Xu Shushu. One day, Cao Cao sent someone to send Xu Mother’s letter, in which he wanted Xu Shu to return as soon as possible. But he is filial son, insisted on leaving. Liu Bei burst into tears, said: “100 good filial piety first, not to mention the separation of relatives, you can rest assured, and so on after your mother rescued.” In the future, I will have the opportunity to consult him again. “Xu Shu was very grateful and wanted to go on the road immediately. Liu Bei persuaded Xu Shu to stay on 1st and tomorrow to be his husband’s farewell. The next day, Liu Bei set up a farewell party for Xu Shu, and when Xu Shu got on the horse, he waited.” Liu Bei to lead his horse, will send Xu Shu a distance, can not bear to separate, moved Xu Shu tears. mechanical cad designer

In order to repay Liu Bei’s thanks, he not only recommended a higher talented man Zhuge Liang, and vowed never to do a trick for Cao Cao. Although Xu Shu’s people left, but his heart was on the side of Cao Cao. Therefore, there is “in the heart of Cao Ying in the Han” theory. Xu Shujin Cao Ying really did not plan for Cao, and in Changzanpo also saved the life of Liu Bei’s general Zhao Yun. From ancient times, all the cases of talent. No more than Liu Bei. Stay attention, as long as can retain the heart of talent, even if the talent in the ends of the earth, still serve you. mechanical cad designer


Introduction: fan Ju who kneels on the knees of King Zhao Qin

Talent is the foundation of national prosperity, but talent, especially high talent, is not so easy to attract. mechanical cad designer

Qin Zhaowang ambitious, want to dominate the world, in the introduction of talent to show extraordinary magnanimity. Fan Ju was a hermit, familiar with the art of war, quite a long way.

Qin Zhaowang drove to visit Fan Ju. When he saw him, he retreated and knelt on his knees and asked: “Please teach me.” but Fan Ju hesitated and hesitated to talk again. Therefore, King Qin again knelt down to consult, and his attitude was more respectful. But Fan Ju still kept silent. King Qin Zhaowang knelt again and said, “is it true that the gentleman does not want to teach me?” “this third kneel moved Fan Ju, expressing his unwillingness to speak. After hearing this, King Qin Zhaowang knelt down 4th times and said,” Sir, don’t have any worries, let alone have doubts about me. “I really asked you for advice.” Fan Ju was still not assured, and ventured, “the king’s tricks have also failed.” King Qin Zhaoqing did not get angry at this accusation, and realized that Fan Ju may be about to speak, so. On his knees 5th times, he said, “I’d like to hear your husband say it in detail.” the words were more earnest and the manner more respectful. mechanical cad designer

This time, Fan Ju also felt that the time was ripe, so he promised to assist King Qin Zhaozhao and help him unify the six Kingdoms. Later, Fan Ju worked hard to assist King Qin Zhaozhou to achieve hegemony, and Qin Zhaoking was also praised by people for thousands of years. To become a model of talent and talent.


Knowledge: a pair of chopsticks gave up Zhou Yafu

The so-called intelligence is not only to see who is the talented person, who is not the talented person is so simple, but to infer the big aspect from the small aspect, deduce the behavior after today’s behavior, and draw the employment strategy. mechanical cad designer

Zhou Yafu is the emperor’s ministers, in the pacification of seven rebellion, made illustrious military exploits, officer to the prime minister, loyal. One day, the Han Emperor Zhou Yafu to dinner, he prepared a piece of meat, but not open, there is no ready chopsticks. Zhou Yafu was very unhappy, inward Officer to double paternity chopsticks. The Han Emperor smiled and said: “the prime minister, I give you such a large piece of meat to eat, you are not satisfied? Also very inward paternity to the chopsticks, ah!” Zhou Yafu heard, hurriedly kneel apology. The Han Emperor said: “since the prime minister is not used without chopsticks to eat meat, also well, the end of the feast” and Zhou Yafu can only retire, but the heart is very depressed.

All the Han Emperor look at the eyes, sighed: “Zhou Yafu even I was rude to his cannot endure, how can we bear the young Lord.” Han Emperor reasoned that, if the help of Prince Zhou Yafu, will certainly have some uneasy claim, as early as possible gave up his crown prince colonial Secretary plans. mechanical cad designer


With Talent: steal War

The most important thing in employing people is to be good at discovering, excavating, and giving full play to the skills of their subordinates. mechanical cad designer

Chu will love to make friends with people with a skill, and they recruited into the army. There is a person who is not handsome, known as “God steal”, also treated quilt as a guest. Once, the State of Qi invaded the State of Chu. Zifa led the army to meet the enemy. Three battles were fought, and the Chu army lost three times. Zifa had no shortage of resourceful men, brave generals, but in front of the powerful Qi army, there was no way to do anything. At this time, God stole the war, under the cover of the night. The next day, Zi Fa sent messengers back to the Qi army commander and said to him, “the soldiers who went out to collect the firewood picked up your curtains and came to pay them back that night.” The god steals again to steal the Qi army commander’s pillow, then sends the person to return by the Zi Fa. The third night, the god steals even Qi army commander’s head hair hairpin to steal, the son hair still sends the person to return. Qi Jun up and down hears about this matter. The Qi commander said to his staff in horror, “if you don’t retreat again, I’m afraid Zifa will send someone to get my head.” so the Qi Army did not fight and withdrew. mechanical cad designer

People can’t be good in every way, but they can’t be bad in every way. Business bosses need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each subordinate, and never mix their personal preferences with someone you despise today. The future is your career turn GanJiang.


A: Xingzi training Yu Yucai Ji chicken

In general, the talents must be trained after they go to the post, that is, to educate the talents. The talent is the permanent project of the enterprise.

According to legend, a hobby Xingzi Ji Zhou Xuan Wang, a famous expert in the sport, was sent to a.10 for raising the rush days, Zhou Xuan Wang asked: “trained?” Xingzi Ji said: “not yet, it saw the other chicken, chicken or heard the other call, to another 10.” good day, no training asked Zhou Xuan Wang, Ji Xingzi said: “not yet, the mind is also very active, it has not yet subsided.” after 10 days, Zhou Xuan Wang asked: “what? Haven’t trained?” Ji Xingzi said: “now almost no gas, arrogant, or mind the stability of the other, the chicken, no response it seemed not to hear it, no matter what the situation suddenly met, it does not move, do not panic, look like wood chicken. This is home. Training, other cross it would have turned and ran, did not dare to fight week bucket.” The king went to chicken, was untouched by the outside dumb as a wooden chicken, bright sound, but it is the spirit of cohesion, and the other chickens are afraid and it challenges, see it right away. mechanical cad designer

In fact, our education is just following such a rule. Only enterprises are devoted to cultivating talents and nurturing to a certain degree to bring greater value to the enterprise. mechanical cad designer


Inspiring talents: Mozi’s painstaking efforts to encourage ploughing Pillars

Cultivated column is a generation master Mozi’s favorite student, but he is always being scolded by Mozi. Once, Mozi blamed the ploughed pole, ploughing column felt very aggrieved, because in many students. Everyone recognized that ploughing column is the best, but often criticized by Mozi, let him feel very humiliated. One day, Gongzhu indignantly asked Mozi: “teacher, in so many students, I was so bad.” So often to be scolded by your old people? “Mozi listened, not irritated to ask:” suppose I want to go to Taihang Mountain now, in your opinion, I should use a good horse to pull a cart, or old cattle to trailer? “Gengzhu answer:” stupid people know to use good horses to pull the cart. “Mozi asked:” then, why not old cattle? “Gengzhu answer:” because good horse is enough to bear the heavy responsibility, is worth driving out. “Mozi said:” you answer a bit right. I often scolded you, only because you can shoulder the heavy responsibility. It is worth my repeated instruction and correction. ” mechanical cad designer

It is a kind of art to inspire people, and only the appropriate encouragement can produce the desired effect. Mozi’s incentive measures are not universal rules, but they can be used for reference for today’s exciting talent.


The case of Talent: Cao Cao used a knife to kill Heng

It is difficult to lead, to use, to go, to a world thought talent, but not the use of strange talent is difficult. mechanical cad designer

The famous personage of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Yu Heng, was a famous manic of the three Kingdoms. He was of great ambition, eloquence and eloquence. At that time, he was very famous. Kong Rong, one of the seven sons of Jian’an, recommended Heng Heng to Cao Cao. Cao Cao sent for him. After meeting him, Cao Cao deliberately gave him some color and refused to let the great scholar sit down. mechanical cad designer

Li Heng: “alas, although the world is rich, but there is no talent ah!” ”

Cao Cao: “I have dozens of outstanding talent, are the heroes of the world, how can we say that there is no talent?” ”

Heng Heng: “Xunyu can make mourners ask about illness, Xunyou can see graves and guard tombs, Cheng Yu can close doors, Guo Jia can make Bai ci read Fu, Zhang Liao can make drums beat and gold, Xu Chu can let cattle let horses go!” ”

Cao Cao: “so what are you capable of?” ” mechanical cad designer

Li Heng: “Astronomical geography, all of them;” I can be a Ming Jun like Yao and Shun when it comes to Dali. To Xiao Li, my moral articles and Confucius, Yan Hui can have a comparison. How can I be compared with your men of ordinary people? ” mechanical cad designer

Cao Cao was very irritated, knowing that he could only talk a little bit, but of course he would not buy his account. Zhang Liao, a subordinate, wanted to kill Heng Heng, but he stopped it and appointed him as an envoy in Jingzhou. To persuade Liu to go back to the court. Later, Liu Heng went to see Liu Biao, whose habits were hard to change, and which angered Liu. Liu Bu had heard of the abuse of Cao Cao by Li Heng many times, and he knew that Cao Cao wanted to use his own hand to kill Wang Heng. He was sent to see General Huang Zu, a small warlord whose quality did not reach the level of Cao Cao and Liu Pao, so he did not say a few words when he saw Huang Zu. Huang Zu was offended and angered, so that he was pulled out and chopped off. When he heard that he had been killed by Huang, Cao Cao burst out laughing and said, “this pedantic man wants to die himself. He doesn’t need to dirty my knife at all.” mechanical cad designer

Although Luo Guanzhong has a narrow-minded intention of disparaging Cao Cao in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, the strategy of Cao Cao to remove this strange talent is indeed very high. Today, there are a lot of geeks, crazy talents, how do our business bosses go? The reputation of the best employer must be taken into account!

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