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A half-life story that deceived us for a long time

One has misled our generations of stories. fabrication companies
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Ford Motor Company of the United States was in a period of rapid development. A number of workshops were quickly built and put into use. The customer’s order quickly filled the Ford sales office. Every Ford car that has just been offline has many people waiting to buy it.
Suddenly, one of Ford Motor’s motors failed and almost the entire workshop could not be operated. The related production work was forced to stop. The company transferred a large number of maintenance workers to overhaul and inspected many experts. However, it could not find where the problem was, let alone maintenance.
Ford’s leadership is really rampant, let alone stop for one day, stop for a minute, and it is a huge economic loss for Ford.
At this time, some people proposed to invite the famous physicist and electrical expert Stein Gates to help, everyone listened to reason, rushed to send someone to bring Steinmitz. fabrication companies

Stanmenz asked a mat to lay next to the motor and listened attentively for 3 days. Then he asked for a ladder. He climbed up and down and was busy for a long time. Finally he chalked a line in one part of the motor and wrote it down. “The coils here have been lapped for 16 more times.” People did it. Amazingly, the fault was ruled out! Production resumed immediately!
Ford’s manager asked Steinmenz how much he wanted, and Stanmont said: “Not much, only $10,000.” Ten thousand dollars? Just draw a simple line! At the time, Ford’s most famous salary slogan was “$5 a month,” which was very high at the time, so that many experienced skilled workers and excellent engineers across the United States flocked from all over the country for five dollars a month. Come.
1 line, 10,000 US dollars, the sum of the income of an ordinary staff for more than 100 years!
Stan Mentz, seeing everyone puzzled, turned to open a bill: draw a line, 1 dollar; know where to draw line, 9999 US dollars. fabrication companies
After seeing the Ford company manager, he not only paid the price, but also hired Stanmont.
Many people have ended the story here, including what is said in our high school textbooks. This is a very exciting slogan – knowledge is wealth.
Accompanying this slogan is how to get knowledge and then gain wealth through knowledge. As for the means to be taken? No one to manage.

In fact, this story has the following:
Steinmetz was originally a German engineering and technical personnel, because of the economic downturn in Germany and later unemployed to the United States. Because he was unaccompanied, he couldn’t get a foothold. He had to wander around until he was fortunate enough to receive the favor of a small factory. He was hired as a technician for the selection of machine motors.
Stenmenz is very grateful to the boss, he studied hard, quickly mastered the core technology of motor manufacturing, and helped the small factory received a lot of orders. fabrication companies
When Mr. Ford, the president of Ford Motor Company, learned of it, he greatly appreciated Stanmonts. He was very happy to give him $10,000 and then invited Stanmont to join Ford. But Stanmonts told Mr. Ford that he could not leave the small factory because the owner of the small factory had helped him in his most difficult time. Now that he has left, the small factory will close down.
Mr. Ford first felt sorry and then he was filled with emotion. Ford Motor Company is a large and powerful company in the United States. People are proud to be able to enter Ford Motor Company. However, this person is abandoning such opportunities because he is responsible for people…
Shortly afterwards, Mr. Ford made the decision to purchase the small factory in which Steinmuntz was located.
The members of the board felt unbelievable. Why would such a small factory enter Ford’s vision? Mr. Ford said meaningfully: Because there are people like Stanmonts who know how to be grateful and responsible! fabrication companies

Today, we are advocating that “knowledge is wealth,” “science and technology are primary productive forces,” and vigorously criticizing “taking a scalpel as a scalpel,” complaining that the intellectuals are treated poorly…. , Graduate Student Enrollment…
As for what is grateful? What is responsibility? Everything came back second.
Because the mainstream intellectuals of this society are all eyeing a single word – “wealth,” they are all thinking about how to sell their “knowledge” and how to turn their knowledge into wealth. Experts and professors are busy with acupuncture, busy with hype, and then make a good book, go abroad, and become famous.
So we sighed with the world’s winds, lamented the moral corruption, and lamented that people are not ancient. We still did not wake up. We have forgotten some of the more important things in the “Knowledge is Wealth.” No one has ever rethought what we have lost. fabrication companies

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