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【HR】Examination and refinement of assessment indicators (4) KPI design for functional departments

Administrative, personnel, financial and other functional departments are relatively difficult to perform performance assessment, because most of the work of these departments is not well quantified specifically, KPI indicators are more difficult to extract and design, the use of qualitative indicators to score evaluation and easy to make the assessment flow in the form. So, please ask: fabrication shop
1. Have you conducted performance appraisal of functional departments?
2. How to better design KPI indicators for functional departments? fabrication shop

Reference resolution:
Although there is a certain degree of difficulty in quantifying KPI performance assessment indicators for functional departments, in addition to fixed duties and work content, many unexpected and temporary jobs may occur, such as temporary employee relations events, work injuries, and funding gaps. Things are not a department of a functional department that can influence or make decisions. Many of them are directly related to the company’s top management or company’s decision-making. However, the company’s top management cannot directly handle these tasks, and it is difficult to avoid the need for functional departments to deal with the problems first. Less work on internal and external issues, including the community, the government, etc., to a certain extent, the corporate leadership’s work on the functional departments is seen in the eyes, remember the mind, but because it is not the corporate business sector, from the profit From an angle point of view, it is impossible to bring direct economic profits directly to the company, and it is necessary to let the functional department be in a non-dominant position of the company.
In the case of performance appraisal, the administrative personnel department is the first to implement the department, and other business departments will undeniably look at how the functional departments, including finance, will be assessed. Therefore, the assessment of the functional departments has its own particularities. It is based on a comprehensive analysis of the KPIs and non-KPIs of the Ministry of Administration. fabrication shop

1. Design of KPI indicators for functional departments.
The functional departments include administration, personnel, general office, finance, auditing, and real estate. How to design KPIs for them needs to be designed in accordance with company planning, departmental responsibilities, and corporate culture. In order to adequately explain the problem, we must take “non-avoidance, not The principle of “birth” is shared by the Ministry of Administration’s KPI indicators as follows:
(1) Which indicators should be set: According to the actual work of our administrative department, with reference to previous experience, after discussion, it is decided to design the following KPI indicators of the administrative department: system formulation and completeness, the correctness of official documents, implementation of meeting minutes, and administrative cost control. There are seven indicators such as major event satisfaction, security incidents, and internal and external complaints.
(2) How to define the criteria:
A) First, consider how to define “system development and perfection” as an example:
a) Assessment period: 0:00 on the 1st of the month to 24:00 on the last day of the current month.
b) Goal: There will be no violation of the law on a monthly basis and there will be no less than three times the number of systems that can be adhered to.
c) Scheme: If you deduct 2 points each time you deduct this item, if the month is zero, add 5 points.
d) Weight: This item has a weight of 18 points.
e) Collection: The assessment data is collected by the Ministry of Personnel (when the notification of punishment issued by the Ministry of Personnel cannot be found in the company’s express provisions). fabrication shop
B) The definition of “internal and external complaints” is as follows:
a) Assessment period: 0:00 on the 1st of the month to 24:00 on the last day of the current month.
b) Objectives: During the period of appraisal, the company’s employees, government agencies, etc. have written, telephone, and mail complaints concerning the work within the administrative department. If the investigation is true, it will be less than or equal to 3 cases per month.
c) Scheme: For every 1 point out of 1 deduction, until this month is deducted, if the month is zero, add 4 points. If there is information on the television, newspapers, or the Internet that is detrimental to the company’s image, the score is zero. This is based on the company’s related system.
d) Weight: This item has a weight of 7 points.
e) Collection: The assessment data will be promptly collected by the General Office of Management from the personnel department, administration department, and company leaders.
(3) Other indicators: The design is not shown here, the method is the same, but the specific data is different.

2. Design of non-KPI indicators for functional departments. fabrication shop
There are a lot of temporary jobs in the functional departments that are not always regular, and the usual work is not easy to quantify, especially the functional departments in which the various departments of the company communicate and bridge the role of the bridges, and they are responsible for the central role of many jobs. If you do not conduct the quantitative assessment, first, it can not reflect the overall work of the functional departments, the second is not convinced and easy to form, but also should set some non-KPI assessment indicators, are briefly shared as follows:
(1) Which indicators should be designed: In our organization, the non-KPI indicators of the administrative department include: teamwork, exemplary role, work compliance, and comprehensive scores of senior leaders.
(2) How to define the quasi-indicators: Here is an example of how “model with role” is defined:
A) Assessment period: 0:00 on the 1st of the month to 24:00 on the last day of the current month.
B) Goal: The number of times that all employees in this department have violated the company’s regulations in the assessment period and were subject to written disciplinary actions by the company or the department, and it is less than or equal to 4 times.
C) Scheme: 1 point is deducted for each person exceeding 1 person. If this item is deducted, if the month is zero, add 4 points.
D) Weight: This item has a weight of 6 points. fabrication shop
E) Collection: The assessment data is collected by the Ministry of Personnel (according to the disciplinary points in the notice of punishment issued by the Ministry of Personnel or the Administrative Department).
(3) Other indicators: In the other indicators, the “comprehensive rating of superiors” is divided into 4 levels: excellent 8 points, good 7 points, general 5 points, poor or failing 4 points. The direct subordinates give points.

3, the design of the assessment index of the functional department reminds:
Due to the particularity of functional departments, when designing their assessment indicators, attention should be paid to the following aspects:
(1) Correctly position the functional department. The functional department is the institution that formulates, revise, and publishes the company’s numerous institutional policies. It plays a link and bridge role in the company’s business management process, but its general profitability is very limited. Therefore, in the functional departments themselves, do not think that all day long in the leadership or the boss, consciously superior, full of confidence, do not look at other departments, is not the correct view; for other business departments, we are the company to make money Departments, companies rely on us to survive and develop, and yell at other profit-reducing functional departments. We don’t even look down on corporate leaders. This is also incorrect. The company’s various departments are only different in the division of labor, who cannot survive from anyone, is an interdependent community. fabrication shop
(2) Quantify the various assessment goals as much as possible. This does not require much narration. Only one or two indicators can be descriptive. Leaders can evaluate it.
(3) Listen more to the leader’s assessment opinion. Direct superiors, especially deputy general managers or general managers, are very important in their understanding of our perceptions of this department. From an indirect perspective, they are also a reflection of their work performance. Even if other departments are dissatisfied with the administrative department, they have their opinions. Or opinions, other departments will not say too much. fabrication shop
(4) Leave room for leaders to score. In my opinion, among the KPIs and non-KPIs of the administrative department, at least 20 points are required to lead the leaders in the scoring. First, there are many temporary decisions made by the functional departments. Second, the functional departments hold a lot of company secrets. Third, the work of the functional departments is much better and the difference is determined by the company. Fourth, the functional departments have backed many companies for the company. This needs to leave a comprehensive evaluation score for the leaders. Instead of giving emotional points, it just reflects the functional characteristics of the functional departments. It only needs the leadership and HR departments to patiently explain to other departments and ask them to understand this arrangement.

The special features of the functional departments, including work content, collaboration difficulty, personality stability, work importance, and complexity all require functional staff to clearly recognize that corporate leaders need to be aware that they need to be given to other departments through various channels. Explain clearly, but their respective responsibilities are not the same, all departments need to cooperate closely, there are problems first from their respective departments to find problems, think of ways, cannot blame each other, dismantle each other, do more persuasive, interpretative, communicative work, many jobs are It’s because communication doesn’t happen.
The KPI design of the functional departments is the main content of the performance appraisal work, and the non-KPI indicators should also be taken into account. Only in this way can the job content of the functional departments be fully reflected and the other departments can be convinced. fabrication shop

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