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Why does the German high-speed rail fail to come?

(Deutsche-Presse) 30 years ago, the German high-speed rail ICE with over 11,000 hp hit a historic record at 406 km/h from Würzburg to Folda. Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

At the time, this was the fastest train in global history. But soon after, this record was broken and ICE is no longer the fastest high-speed train. Today, the new ICE high-speed train purchased by German Railways has a maximum operating speed of only 250 kilometers per hour.

Passengers on the German railway can not help but be envious of the French high-speed rail, and even the high-speed rail in Asia is also growing faster and faster. In particular, China has caught up. Soon, will China’s high-speed trains also ride Germany?

Volker Schenk, president of the German Railway Industry Federation, said: “The Chinese have done a good job of preparing.” “Their master plan is to make their railroad industry the world’s best.” German rail has set up a procurement in China. office. Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

On May 1, 1988, the date of the German high-speed rail record was only 30 years ago, but it feels like it happened in another era. At that time, the German railway was also called the Federal Railway. The ICE high-speed train still in development was also called Intercity Experimental instead of today’s Intercity Express. The computers on the train today seemed to have come from the Stone Age. Almost all males in high-speed trains were all men. At the speed of 406 kilometers at the time, they shouted in unison to celebrate.

The government ministers praised this as “an impressive and cutting-edge technological achievement in Germany.” Accompanying reporters also praised this as a historic moment for the success of the “streamline train”. However, extreme excitement did not last long. Two years later, the test speed of the French high-speed train TGV increased to 515 kilometers, breaking the record set by Germany. The speed of high-speed rail has become a symbol of a country’s industrial technology level. Many countries and high-speed rail manufacturers are trying to attract the attention of the international community through record-breaking speeds. Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

After that, the French high-speed rail was again used to catch up with the Japanese Shinkansen, which is similar to German maglev train technology. Its speed can reach 600 kilometers per hour. The highest test speed in China’s high-speed rail has also approached 500 kilometers.

As China’s railway industry has received strong support from the country, China has long been a big country with high-speed rail. The turnover of China Railway Group is more than double the sum of the railway system revenues of Siemens and Alstom of France. In order to cope with competition from China, the railway businesses of German and French companies have been merged. Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

Figure from the Institute of Iron and Steel

China’s own R & D and production of high-speed rail revival number up to 350 kilometers per hour. The journey time from Beijing to Shanghai is 1300 kilometers. It takes only 4 and a half hours. After three years, it will be able to reach 400 kilometers per hour. Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

What about the development of German railways? Deutsche Bahn said: “Every place with a high-speed rail line will use this possibility.” The maximum speed of high-speed trains from Cologne to Frankfurt and to Berlin and Munich can reach 300 kilometers per hour. The high-speed rail from Cologne to Paris can even be within France. Speed ​​up to 320 kilometers per hour. In the main road between Würzburg and Hanover, the maximum speed is 280 km/h.

However, German high-speed trains rarely exceed 250 kilometers per hour. Because it is different from France and China, the German high-speed train makes a shuttle every half an hour. High-speed trains often share the railway network with slower ordinary trains. In the next few years, Germany will add more than 20 cities along the long-distance railway network. The ICE4 high-speed rail will become the main transportation of these Shinkansen lines. Since December of last year, the first new generation of ICE has been put into trial operation with a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The new car is characterized by low energy consumption and a more stable air-conditioning system. Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

According to information released by the German Railways Company, 70% of German high-speed rail lines have a top speed of 160 to 220 kilometers per hour. Karl-Peter Naumann, Honorary Chairman of the German Passengers Association, said: “The key issue for the German traffic structure is not top speed, but acceleration.”

Naumann’s request for new rails and bridges must ensure that the high-speed rail ICE can reach the major railway stations faster. He said: “If you take a high-speed train from Berlin to Frankfurt, the car starts slowly crawling from Fulda. In Cologne it is also a great loss of time in the last few kilometers.” Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

Just this year, the German railway had to admit it again. In a large-scale trial in the first quarter, the train driver increased speed to recover the delay on the line, but the recovery time was exhausted before entering the large train station. The German train manufacturing industry is no longer pursuing the highest speed of its own trains. The head of the trade association, Schenk, said: “Air resistance increases noise, and energy consumption is disproportionate, which is economically uneconomical.” Naumann also stressed: “Chinese trains are also slowing down. They drive 300 kilometers, we are about 250 kilometers.” Finding a CNC Machining Service That Matches Your Needs

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