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What do German companies rely on to retain their employees?

Introduction: everywhere the high employee loyalty is the characteristics of German companies in Germany, a lot of people, they think that into a great company after 20 years of service, it is very common, and even some not for life club. The German economy is defined as the world’s most robust economy is not really “the most perfect” is hard to say, but the German welfare and employee care have a lot of merits. How to get Chinese HR road? Is not the European model or the American model, but must find a most suitable way.

The Hao Qian | source: Sina

First, pay attention to the fine tradition of human resources

In Germany, a lot of people go into a company they think is very good, after 20 years of service is very common, and even some life without changing the club

At the BMW factory, there are a lot of workers under the age of 60, has been at BMW for 40 years. Everywhere the high employee loyalty is German corporate characteristics. Of course, the staff believes that this is because the boss first to them, because any “loyalty” are the two sides.

German companies have pay more attention to human tradition, the internationalization will also make “Germany HR” moved to overseas companies or factories, to capture the staff of the heart, the effect is outstanding. The German chemical manufacturer BASF (BASF) Wolfgang Group HR Director Dr. Hapke said: a global perspective, BASF employees worldwide in three years ago after the entry leave the company, the average proportion of voluntary employee 1.3%. Europe flow rate was 0.6%, 1.5% in North America, Asia Pacific 3.6%.

Another large German corporate executives revealed that in Germany, flowing in the Department Manager level employees to rate their company less than 1%, of course, because in Chinese and India, people are willing to quit, so this ratio is higher. Even so, the German company employee turnover rate is still higher than the local market counterparts is too low much.

For the “German type HR”, Roland Begg strategy consulting firms founder and chairman Roland Begg (Roland Berger) comments said: German companies, or European companies respect for employees, has become Europe characteristics, is mainly embodied in the general staff care and mental health. But in the United States seem, shareholder value may be more important to the development of today. The size of Chinese entrepreneurs how to get to the next, may need to find a reasonable way. Is not the European model, it may not copy the American model.

Two, let the French red labor policy

Although the German federal government is very focused on maintaining employment growth and promoting productivity, the first thing is that the real income of citizens must be increased

This principle has been very clear. Before Harvard Business Review comments that the United States and German wages higher than 66%., more importantly, the income gap between the United States continue to increase, it is controversial in American society.

In 2015, the German government began offering benefits, one of which was the minimum wage of about 11 thousand yuan

If you make a comparison with the western countries, the German wages are not high so outrageous. From January 1, 2015 onwards, Germany gradually carried out pre tax 8.5 euros per hour (about 62 yuan) of the minimum wage. This is lower than the minimum wage Luxemburg 11.1 euros (81 yuan); France 9.53 euros (69.6 yuan) slightly higher than the UK; (6.5 pounds, about 61.38 yuan).

But in fact, in practice, this car industry of German chariot citizens really safeguard and catch up. The German economy is defined as the world’s most robust economy. “The most perfect” is not hard to say, but the German welfare there are many worthy of note.

For example, if the German workers do not want to separated, the labor bureau can pay baggage handling fees. For example, both parents working but also with children, two people can have a person to apply for paid leave children at home, pay for the original salary 65%. if one party is unemployed, you can apply for a monthly subsidy of 300 euros this is called “welfare. Parents of gold”, is unheard of in many countries.

In the past ten years, the German government for labour market reforms, which in addition to families with children or single parents, there are a lot of special policy, the government also spawned a lot of “mini jobs” that exist in a form of work, low wages, but employers pay social insurance.

Zero hit flexible working hours in the rich German job market, the employment rate, reduce the burden on enterprises. A lot of French officials have publicly accused Germany a lot of “mini” on the French employment market caused a bad influence.

Three, the lavish Germany Enterprises

First of all, the German federal government, from the corporate level, compared with the shabby minimum wage, the majority of German enterprises to pay wages when workers are actually generous

EM Motive (editor’s note: Daimler and BOSCH formed a joint venture company motor) chairman Alex Humpert said, they are in Germany Hildesheim factory workers pay by the hour, pay about 36 euros to 40 euros. The working time is about 40 hours a week. This is down, a skilled workers a monthly salary of about 6400 euros.

The management of German companies said: a production line of BMW cars may be worth millions of euros or even higher, the workers on the production line is also lucrative. German product price is high, the cost is really behind the human can not be underestimated.

The German chemical manufacturer BASF (BASF) Wolfgang Group HR Director Dr. Hapke explained: “in addition to the market in accordance with the set wages, BASF promised benefits, opportunities for personal development and comfortable office environment. In many countries, in addition to the employee pension insurance, and supplementary medical insurance, as well as the share project, which is the investment shares of the company enjoy the benefits — it is to encourage employees to make BASF ‘veterans'”

“Those who make employees feel no sense of belonging to the enterprise, I think the company is money too heavy, not good enough for employees. An enterprise should do for a long time, the focus should be the long-term goal of the company, rather than looking at short-term profits. When an enterprise develops to tens of thousands of people, even the scale of hundreds of thousands of people, the so-called ‘centralized’ rule has been hard work, each employee must get the driving force, salary, welfare benefits and company atmosphere equally important.” an unnamed German corporate executives frankly.

Four, the unique cultural staff care

I learned a new word English at BMW, called the “human engineering”. How to care for workers, BMW has been building a reputation.

In Germany, BMW Dingolfing factory, for some older workers is more intimate, from the plant is set to medical care, physical therapists have even realized, all in one service.

The word “human engineering” are of high frequency in BMW’s production department, mainly because they believe that the factory production line setup and installation must be taken into account for the structure of the human body.

These conform to the basic principle of human body engineering components and production lines, are reflected in the details.

For example, a special wooden floor, can display a larger font display rotating frame; in order to prevent workers stand too long and can provide comfortable bench; to prevent staff flash to the waist by height adjustable shelves; for poor eyesight. In the shift staff to strengthen the illumination of the gap, the workers can even rest in convenience the bed rest room provided by the workshop.

SaskiaEbbauer Production Department of BMW group spokesman explained: “automation can greatly liberating manpower, some need to repeat after simple tasks and exhausting can be given by robots, they bear all the heavy labor, this is also the factory feature in the future. Even so, the human is still an important component of plant operations”

So BMW has been towards the staff take good care of the direction.

The BMW group has 70% employees working in Germany. BMW group and use the principle of human resource planning, can be matched with the situation in Germany. According to the analysis of BMW’s data show that: by 2020, the proportion of the average age of German workers over the age of 50 will grow from 15% to more than 35%.

In 2004, BMW group launched a comprehensive “today for tomorrow” (Todayfor Tomorrow) project, the main is to explore how to change at the same time in the workers’ age, can also ensure that workers are innovative and productive.

“In short, we need to create a working environment for all ages. In fact, there is no” old line “, no” lightweight workstation ‘, only suitable for all ages of the production line. Even the young workers, but also to ensure that their bodies in the age of growth and health, can maintain long-term productivity. “Saskia Ebbauer said.

Five, willing to invest in the future of employees

Come to talk about the story of Franz Fehrenbach (FranzFehrenbach) in 1975. He graduated from the university entered the BOSCH company for training, reason is BOSCH in the treatment of workers, R & D and equipment are very generous after.28 years, Philippines Bach from BOSCH to run trainee chairman, and in July 2014 he was appointed as chairman of the board of supervisors, become BOSCH Industrial Trust Company (RBIK) partner.

“Why would I have been working in this company, because of very high degree of internationalization of the company’s business operations in 350 countries, different business segments, means that the company will not change, you can learn a lot, give everyone the opportunity is enormous. I used to work in the United States for a period of time, but also in different the business sector has work experience. So I never want to leave this company, the fact is, I can not find reasons to leave. For other loyal employees, I think they are very satisfied with the mode of operation of our company”

I asked the Philippines run Bach: “suppose a young man full of wit to apply for BOSCH company, he three years for the three companies, would you hire him?”

The Philippines run Bach smiled and answered: “he could not get an interview from me”

“Sustainability” for our company is very important. All the commitments are going to perform, and can not be interrupted. “He said.

A similar reason and Bach did not quit the Daimler Philippines run RobertFrederick Veit.Robert Frederick Veit is Germany’s president and CEO card China Bus Co., when asked why the German employees are loyal to the boss, the tall, sharp language it quickly, the language front Daimler “veteran” patted his chest and said “I know a look. I worked at Daimler for 22 years, from the apprentice, very lucky to participate in management training, step by step to today’s job, isn’t it a good example?”

Robert Frederick Veit further explained: “the development of the company is very robust; a very high degree of internationalization; give employees a lot of opportunity, I naturally will not quit”

Executive vice president Stephen Chinese president and Daimler trucks joint venture Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co. Ltd. (Stefan Albrecht) said: “the German corporate employee loyalty is very high, because the question of corporate culture: the company is willing to make employees happy. Investing in staff, employees will naturally pay more loyalty to the boss. This is a two-way”

Of course, the so-called “investment”, is not so simple. To pay employees the opportunity to enhance learning, is keeping secret many German companies.

Further training seems to encourage employees “lifelong learning” in BASF (BASF) Wolfgang) Group HR Director Hapke, security staff have lifelong learning opportunities but also on the BASF investment in the future. The staff to continue training to future manpower needs some protection.

Like many high quality German enterprises, BASF group has no layoffs during the financial crisis, this is because they have taken a lot of measures in order to survive, including the reduction of overtime work, cost control, more flexible use of personnel. In Ludwigshafen, there are 600 employees to do temporary job or transfer to other jobs.

“The fact that during the financial crisis, to avoid layoffs is possible.” Wolfgang Hapke said.

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