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German scientists crack flight principles, lifelike mechanical birds, the perfect combination of structure and power!

Many machines can fly — but no one would like to fly like a real bird. Until… Markus Fischer and his team to create Smartbird: a kind of Bionic Flapping Wings seagull, rely on to achieve flight machine body light bird.

The German technology company FESTO (FESTO) scientists have invented a machine called SmartBird bird, which can automatically start flying and landing, the degree of flexibility can be like the real bird.

It can not only flapping wings, can also be reversed at a certain angle, so that the amount of light “bird” is consistent with the principle of aerodynamics and excellent flexibility.

It can glide autonomously in the sky and change its direction by swinging its tail and head. Its minimalist material and lightweight structure make the consumption of resources and energy to a minimum

In addition to the advanced technology, its appearance similar to the real bird is also amazing

The clever bird is developed by German Festo scientists to break the bird’s flight principle and develop a robotic bird, which can not only simulate the flight of birds perfectly, but also make it very lifelike, which is difficult to distinguish true from false

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