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A fan of Drucker’s 50 Book Diary | Drucker essay

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Introduction: from the start to the end of it, too, this is a loyal fan of Drucker’s portrayal. There will be reading in the process of reading comprehension, reading of Drucker, he wrote 50 articles about Drucker thought sentiment, this little bit is to pursue the essence of management, today we are going to look at his sentiment. China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer


Church members. Many capital baozi co-founder, lecturer at the Peter Drucker School of management, has long been engaged in research of Drucker’s management thought. China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer

Drucker was 90 years old, wrote this century <21 (Management Challenges for management challenges > the 21st Century). The book is a hundred years of management development history as the foundation, puts forward the management challenges in twenty-first Century mankind will face.

Read three times, meaning “no”

From the first time I knew this book, I read it three times. Every time I started with all my efforts, I ended up being powerless. China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer

Do not want to insist, this book contains almost all of the challenges facing society in twenty-first Century, complete its content, logic clear, sharp change, hitherto unknown every time I read, don’t always understand the difficult place, no wonder Harvard Business Review > will say this book “rich extensive knowledge, experience, insight, incisive analysis and restore justice like in a” common sense is not certain life experiences of people, it is hard to feel the power. China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer

Into the second half of 2014, because the working relationship, I began a large number of Internet companies and dealing with, at the same time because of the need of work to study the lean startup < > >, < < commercial canvas, khanacademy >, < < subversive innovation > > < entertainment to death, the third Industrial Revolution > a kind of work. Contact more, suddenly have a feeling, it is a feeling of deja vu, as seen in the book of these views, a friend told me that all this did not leave the prophecy of Drucker, in the <21 century > management challenges in 1999, would have predicted this everything. He told me to read this book right now, because everything in the book is happening today.

50 notes

Originally, reading also needs time, so I began to seriously study the book, and on the basis of reading, the formation of 50 reading notes, respectively published in their own public number, causing a lot of readers resonance

In the process of writing, I constantly feel the great impact of Drucker thought, filled with wisdom feeling over and over again hit. On the other hand, the external economic environment is vicissitudes. Change was so distant from us, and as close but only a step away: economy, society, education commercial, medical, all walks of life. Undergoing tremendous changes in the information industry. Under the impact of mature enterprise stand in place, continue to promote the transformation of enterprises, to the customer transformation. We see is only a huge monster, but have their own dance step: Waltz, ballroom dance, dance, square dance, be too numerous to enumerate. An Internet practitioner said to me before, the so-called best practice, but now it seems that every family companies are taking their own best practices. Grass root counter attack story over and over again in the US, happen We have become accustomed to, and this inspirational a batch of entrepreneurs. Although BAT still occupy the Internet arena status of big brother, but also cowboys in boundless space looking for their own position. China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer

I understand that this world is changing fast. 90 no longer let people comment, they create the world we may not understand, but may not know. 90 almost perfectly reflects the characteristics of knowledge workers, and our management mode is still slow flowing rivers in the way of physical labor workers have obviously 90 tube. Wait, they began forced the reform of the management, a management reform movement from top to bottom, and all this is happening, in 16 years ago, Drucker had reminded us, he said that management has already changed, and we are still on the basis of the industry in the era of hypothesis management, he said, knowledge workers have become a social role, and we are not ready, he said that management is not management, but to guide people.

In a word, yesterday with certainty that today may not be set up, or are or will be changed: management is the enterprise management? There should be the only correct form? There should be only the right to manage “people”? Technology, market and end user is specific to the scope of management? By defining the law? Only inside the organization and defined by the boundaries of the state economic system limited to management field.

Therefore, the inevitable trend of the strategy about this book, talked about the new paradigm of seven management, talked about the principles of organization change, talked about the information revolution, talked about knowledge workers, about self management, these are the future that has already happened, has happened in today. China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer

Peter is on the other side. We are in the middle of the river

No wonder when he passed away, “China Business News” issued a question entitled “Peter is on the other side of the river, we are in the middle of the river”

In this book, we met the future of Drucker, he seems to live today, around us, in a gesture of onlookers, give us his thoughts, his views are still so clear, so accurate

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China grinding spindle Wholesale Manufacturer


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