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[HR] Performance Assessment Promotion and Implementation 1. How to effectively promote assessment progress?

In the process of appraisal and implementation, many companies have this embarrassing phenomenon: after the appraisal plan is introduced, it is difficult to implement the plan according to the plan. If the work is too busy or for other reasons, the appraisal data will not be able to be submitted, or Forget the statistics collection, the evaluation result is a reminder again, and so on, only the HR jumps up and down. heat sink design
So, please ask:
1. Does your company have this phenomenon happen?
2. What specific measures will you take to ensure that the assessment is completed as planned?

Reference resolution:
I think this situation should be encountered by many senior HR colleagues, and I am no exception. When a system is introduced, there will always be disapproval of a few people or a few people all over the company. Not to mention their support, it is really hard. Moreover, the performance of many companies is linked to wages, which account for a portion of the wages (that is, performance pay is not performance funds). If the employee’s performance evaluation results for the month are less than 100 points, the relevant part of performance pay will be deducted. The appraisers are also not willing to do performance appraisal. They only think of performance appraisal will be deducted, but they did not think of extra points, which is the reason for performance failure. Therefore, the manager of the department in the assessment is using excuses for busy or other reasons, dragging and dragging on the west, until the last day, or only a few days before delivery, in any case, can drag on, most Good is not to do anything more convenient. heat sink design


1. Improve the performance appraisal system, clarify personal and job responsibilities and complete the timetable. Before the announcement, the system should discuss the implementation plan with the managers of various departments, so that the managers of the department can participate in the discussion. After the discussion and approval of the meeting, the degree of cooperation will be much higher. As long as the department manager has the cooperation and support, I believe the success rate will go. 80-90%. After the implementation of the system, regular review of the performance meeting was insufficient to optimize the operational methods and processes and improve the execution.

2. When assessing the standards of the system, in addition to points, performance must be scored if the employees perform well within the assessment period or within the assessment cycle. Otherwise, each review will be awarded with no award, and if it takes a long time, it will become a form of performance assessment. , it will not become a real incentive. As the saying goes, there must be a warrior under the award, and there must be a weak under heavy punishment. Give employees a concept of more work and more, let them know the performance evaluation gives them a sense of accomplishment, a sense of honor. To achieve this, there is no training. heat sink design

3. Formulate the performance appraisal flow chart, determine the completion time of each step, and follow up regularly by the HR performance responsible personnel. For those who prefer not to cooperate, the department shall be designated as the key supervision department. Although this method is the most stupid, it is also one of the most effective methods.

4. The performance appraisal cannot be completed on time, which directly affects the calculation and distribution of the salary. Therefore, the performance report and results cannot be delayed. It must be on time. The human resources department can issue export notices ahead of schedule. Departments that fail to submit performance evaluation reports on time will delay the payment of their departmental salaries to the end of the month. I believe that department managers are not willing to look down on their subordinates and can only cooperate with them. heat sink design

5, do a good job interview, in the entire performance appraisal process, must not ignore the process of performance interview. Through communication with employees, one can avoid the unfairness of the appraisers. Secondly, the appraisers can put forward their opinions on performance operations, and can also understand the employees’ understanding of performance appraisal and their own expectations. If the employees put forward their expectations and conditions permit, the company can help employees to meet as much as possible.

6, must be the company’s high-level support, this is very important, all departments can not give HR face, but can not but the boss face. As long as there are senior executives, there are no uncooperative managers. heat sink design

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