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The factory management actually has more employees than employees. What the guy said when he resigned made the boss ashamed!

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In today’s workplace, there are many companies that are developing pathologically, especially small and medium-sized companies, where many of the managers are relatives and friends of the boss, and the ratio of management to employees is extremely unbalanced. There are more of these companies. It’s an intrigue, not a whole-hearted job. Here is an experience shared by a reader, let’s take a look: Manufacturer of an industrial machine shop in Xiamen, China

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Zhang Qiang works as an equipment technician in a factory. Just last month, Zhang Qiang submitted a resignation report to his boss. The reason is very simple. Zhang Qiang felt that he did not fit the culture of the factory. He felt that the factory would close down after a long time. There are actually more managers than those who actually work, and they don’t have much to do every day, and their salary is much higher than that of the grassroots employees.

You may not believe it. In addition to the director level, the factory has many positions. For example, there are two deputy directors of the workshop, and those general dispatchers, deputy dispatchers, line leaders, team leaders, and finally, 60 people. There are 32 people in the factory as the management, and the rest are some grassroots employees and some technical jobs. Those managements are all wearing bands. Friends of the boss introduced friends. They basically don’t work, and their salary is much higher than that of the grassroots employees.
Because Zhang Qiang met his boss at a technical exchange meeting, which is equivalent to the boss poaching from another company. After seeing Zhang Qiang’s resignation report, the boss felt shocked. If Zhang Qiang left, some equipment in the factory would not be available. People can maintain it, and at that time they can only hire people from outside to do maintenance. This will definitely cost a lot. Manufacturer of industrial machine shop in Xiamen, China

Out of helplessness, the boss had to go to the dormitory to talk to Zhang Qiang. The boss was very direct. He hoped that Zhang Qiang would stay, and he promised to raise his salary by 500 yuan. However, Zhang Qiang said firmly: I am very unhappy at the factory. If this goes on, I will definitely go bankrupt. Our employees work honestly below, but the management staff in the factory are all intrigues. If you are in a bad mood, take it. Our employees were outraged and kept deducting our wages. I am very grateful to you for poaching me at the time. It is for this reason that in the past six months, many factories have dug me, but I did not go, but now I really can’t stay. .

After listening to what Zhang Qiang said, the boss lowered his head and began to meditate. He did not lift up for a long time. It may be what Zhang Qiang said, which had a greater impact on the boss. The boss silently smoked a few cigarettes, and tried to talk and swallowed several times. I went back, and finally said to Zhang Qiang helplessly: What you said is right, I don’t say much, I approved your resignation, I wish you all the best in the future! Manufacturer of industrial machine shop in Xiamen, China

Originally, Zhang Qiang thought that the boss would keep himself. Seeing the boss look like this, Zhang Qiang didn’t say much. He left the dormitory with his luggage silently, and he felt a little uncomfortable.

Now many companies have this kind of management morbid state. There are not many people who really do practical things, but there are a lot of people who do management. Most of them are the owners’ relationship households. It is difficult for this kind of enterprise to develop well. Go down.Manufacturer of industrial machine shop in Xiamen, China

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