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Kawasaki heavy three new assembly lines to expand production in Chinese robot

Foreign media reports, Kawasaki heavy industries will be equipped with new production lines, to meet the company’s 70% annual growth target.

Japan’s Kawasaki heavy industries are expanding Chinese industrial robot production, to meet the country’s growing demand for automation. Kawasaki precision machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will be equipped with three new production lines in the month before the end of four, for the production of industrial robots. Kawasaki heavy target is in 2018 March, the fiscal year the company will be in the China sales increased 70%, reaching 8000.

Kawasaki heavy industries began assembling factory robots in Chongqing in the spring of 2018. Another station is still in the development of production, the internal area of small fiscal China industrial robot of the company. According to reports, the size of the investment of hundreds of millions of yen.

At present, with the development of social China, labor and labor costs are rising trend, Chinese manufacturers are rapidly adopting industrial robots to solve the dilemma. Kawasaki heavy commitment will increase investment in Chinese, expected in the year 2018 to sell 12 thousand machines.

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