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5S Management/TPM Management: Seven Weapons to Inspire Employees to Participate

The most common problems encountered by our company in advancing 5S management, TPM management, and lean management are not technical issues, nor are we improving tool issues. They are employees’ participation issues. In the process of corporate transformation, the participation of all the staff is a necessary condition. Without the full participation of the participants, it is easy to become a month in the water. How to incentivize the main body of change – How can employees actively and actively participate? Large Capacity CNC Machining | Request a Quote Today‎
Here are “seven kinds of weapons” to promote employee participation:
I. Respect employee suggestions
As we advance in the process of reform, the advice of employees as agents of change will be invaluable, and the improvement cases that result from the actual actions of employees will be even more valuable. Therefore, during the process, we can organize and improve proposal activities, organize excellent case selection activities, and organize employee seminars to enjoy meaningful activities among them. Large Capacity CNC Machining | Request a Quote Today‎

Second, understand the needs of employees
Things that are good for employees, then employees will be very willing to accept. The needs of employees have in common, in simple terms, is nothing more than material gains and spiritual gains. Given the above two benefits to employees, then employees will no longer be resistance but will be active actors.

Third, work “common advances and retreats”
What employees can’t see most is the lack of participation from leaders or the power of role models. Leaders are encouraged to play an exemplary role. In addition, do not give responsibility to employees, as leading cadres should take the initiative to take responsibility. Large Capacity CNC Machining | Request a Quote Today‎

Fourth, employee promotion speaks with performance
Use the performance of the change to determine the promotion of employees. This performance is a combination of participation and participation in the final results, and full use of data to speak.

V. Listen to employee opinions
Senior leaders should go down to the front line, discuss with employees, listen to employees’ opinions, and encourage and honor employees’ actions. Large Capacity CNC Machining | Request a Quote Today‎

Six, raise salary for core employees
The most involved people, the backbone of the process of change, should be given a raise.

Seven, praise your employees
Give praise for the actions of employees in the process of change. Even a gentle handshake between senior leaders and employees and simple language exchange will be the best encouragement for employees to continue their actions and achieve deeper results. Do not use your own opinion to criticize or criticize the actions of employees. It is equal to putting yourself in a stumbling block to change.

Although these seven moves seem easy, there are a lot of details that are difficult to implement. Let us solve them together during implementation. Large Capacity CNC Machining | Request a Quote Today‎

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