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Manage Proverbs , fifty gold sentences of Haile President Zhang Rumin !

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Zhang Ruimin, Haier’s president, transformed a loss-making state-owned enterprise into a global top 500 multinational enterprise, and many of its management proverbs were also widely valued.

1, want the effect, do not excuse. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

2. Without ideas, there is no way out.

3, hold one outline and ten thousand eyes open, lose one opportunity, and destroy everything.

4. Logistics annihilates space by time, and business flows destroy time by space.

5. It is not because some things are difficult to do, we lose our morale, but because we lose our will, those things are difficult to achieve. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

6.” want to do” or “do not want to do” is the question of whether or not there is a sense of responsibility, it is a question of “morality”; “can do and can not do” is a “talent” problem, but can not do is passive, is to do according to other people’s requirements; Ability and inability to do is a question of innovation, that is, whether you can continuously improve your goals.

7. Human-oriented management is the innovative spirit of managers.

8. Invigorate the asset to want to invigorate the person first. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

9. If the manager sat down, his men lay down.

10. What is not simple? To be able to do simple things right a thousand times is not simple; what is not easy? It is not easy to do well what is generally accepted as very easy. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

11. The space of enterprise development is infinite, the distance between enterprise and user is infinitesimal. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

12. The quality is endless, the enterprise has no boundary, the famous brand has no national boundaries. in the international market competition, the first is quality, the second is quality, and the third is quality. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

14. There are no exciting things happening within a well-managed enterprise.

15. All of our quality problems are human problems. Bad equipment is not good for people, and parts are not qualified for people. All of our problems that cannot develop are problems of thinking, not lack of people or lack of ideas. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

16. Managers must do problem management, not crisis management. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

17. What cadres fear is that they do not know what they are afraid of.

18.No idea of leadership do not want to interact, no control of the leadership dare not interact. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

19. How do cadres face the market? To create and break. Both innovation, creativity, but also aggressive, momentum.

20. How do cadres deal with management? Savvy and resilience.

21. Cadre’s goal: to be a super leader, that is to say, you have a leadership level that allows your subordinates to work properly without leadership.

22. If you or your department have no room to rise, they will lose their living space.

23. It is not clear that internal problems are the biggest problems.

24. The recurring problem is a matter of style. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

25. Low quality is not your responsibility, but it is your responsibility not to improve the quality of your subordinates.

26. The concept does not change in situ, the concept changes the world wide.

27. Manage people in advance, manage people with style.

28. Gradual is conservative. Therefore, the innovation of business philosophy, we must reverse gradual, must be in place in one step.

29. Draw the target first and then shoot the gun. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

30.the special theory is to let the problem go free.

31.”do it now” is to do it at once with budgeted goals; “think about it” is a closed-door with no budget.

32. The market is being developed, not the product. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

33. The slowdown in the locomotive that drives global growth does not mean that all cars are slowing.

34. Haier people only start a business and do not keep their business.

35. The competitiveness of an enterprise depends on whether its employees are value-added assets or liabilities.

36. The customer’s request is not equal to the customer’s demand.

37. Once an enterprise stands on the cusp of innovation, there is only one way to maintain it, that is, to keep innovating.

38. Operating an enterprise is to operate a person, the operator must first respect people.

39. The only way to overcome criticism is to conquer yourself.

40. Work should be simplified, not simplified. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

41. Managers who do not have market orders are managers who do not manage; Employees without market orders are employees who do not work, the responsibility is not on the staff, but on the manager; Work without a market order is ineffective. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

42. Only you can beat yourself. Deny yourself before others deny yourself.

43. Intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, and consciousness is more important than quality.

44. Surveillance is guardianship, an appointment is trust.

45.cadon’t use the hand of function management to push the mountain of function management.

46. Yesterday’s successful experience and brilliance may be a hindrance to tomorrow’s success.

47. In order to be realistic, there are two very important points: one is whether we can seek truth from facts, that is, the problem of changing the mode of thinking, and the other is that we dare not seek truth from facts, that is, the question of the improvement of the state of thought. solve the invalid management, first of all, we should set up the confidence of improving the work effect by geometric progression in the ideology; Second, there is an endless concept of innovation, the space for innovation exists everywhere, everyone, everything.

All conclusions come after investigation; in research, if the cause and solution are not found. High-Quality lathe services China Manufacturer

The real talent is looking for opportunities to realize themselves.

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