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Lean production: standardized operation

We will often improve the standardization work, what is the standard work? We all know? Let’s come to know what is the standard of it.

(a) what is the standard work?

Standard work is for more efficient production, material, equipment, reasonable combination of production factors such as an intensive mode of operation.

Work under the standard conditions, the less waste, machine, combination of material and technical conditions and on-site management, head of standard technology and production form and staff training and execution, execution continues to improve, so the standard operating conditions have been optimized.

Now the more popular TOYOTA standardized job content consists of three elements and four important forms

Standard work and work standards are completely different. The operation standard is a variety of technical standards, in order to carry out the standardization operation and regulations such as the processing of temperature, time, pressure, such as tool type, shape, size, material, cutting conditions, cutting fluid, this is in order to produce provisions of technical standards. The quality of the economic conditions of work as a standard.

Standard operation and standardized operation are completely different. The standard objective is the production process is reasonable, orderly, controllable, effective, is to minimize waste, which will have many forms, will also have many applications, visual management method and visual management. But the form type. Just means. But the so-called standard table refers to the number of Lean is not completely promote enterprises or departments, only in promoting the standardization of the operating application form format, but not according to the standard work really do it, such as the measurement time is not accurate, there is no Cell process, no waste solution, improving slowly the content of the form is not updated in a timely manner, etc., are standardized operation cannot effectively guide the production of the phenomenon, here only focus on form, we call it the standard.

(two) the role and responsible person of standardized operation

(1) standardization is the basis for improvements, not standardized. There is no improvement in lean production, work is the pursuit of continuous improvement, and no standardized production is not stable, today and yesterday, efficiency, quality, fatigue is different, can not find the basis for improvements to improve about, so standardization is improved. So TOYOTA personnel said, “the first step in improving the standard, there is no standard there is no improvement.

(2) standardization work is the basis of site management. For example, a site if the operation is not standardized, so I have the leisure or work is boring or the fear of being found out after the charge of valuable free positions, may slow down the speed of operation and may take the initiative to do some extra work, such as handling. Clean up, which will greatly conceal the real scene, disrupting the technology / management personnel to the scene to understand, so that the real problem is not solved. At this time, he the right way is to perform wholly intact standard work, homework finished, just wait or take the initiative to report the supervisor, to make the problem as soon as possible exposure and resolution.

(3) standard operation can make stable operation, reduce process variation, reduce injury, particularly in the new staff training effect is especially obvious. Generally speaking, in the style of the enterprise, is the standard operation by the technician as third using IE techniques to carry out work measurement, and based on the results of completed. In TOYOTA, the most prominent feature of the standard is it via the field to carry out this operation (Management) personnel to develop. Specifically because leader understand better than others, familiar with their process in operation, so the standardized work mainly by the head of decision, can also be said that the standard operation by the field leader in understanding based on the real development field within their own group file.

In addition, to maintain the standard operation set for the site supervisor, it is their duty to modify the standard operation. At the same time not fixed things, according to the improvement of the origin of the thought, changes in various conditions of the scene, will be changed. That is, only change the standard operation, in order to improve.

(three) prerequisite for standardized operation

1., to implement standard homework, first of all, the operation itself to achieve a stable state, otherwise, even if the temporary standardization, the actual will not be effectively implemented

  1. standard operation is the premise of Cell production, including more work, walking around, establishment of human centered, get rid of waste, only focus on the real meaning of the work, work can be repeated under the same conditions of order, while at the same time, the mechanical configuration also matched with the above model. Here we will see the standard work – the working procedures of standardization work as TOYOTA says, our enterprise inside time, incoming, matters needing attention in the operation, it is based on Cell, can work, walking around, do not understand the standard work on the understanding that the elements below that of the tool – three elements and four tables.

(four) the elements of standardized operation

  1. beat time refers to a manufacturing process that can meet the customer’s demand for manufacturing speed
  2. operation order, job order refers to the operator processing of goods, to order finished change from raw materials, including transport items in equipment installation and disassembly, which is accompanied by the flow of time and the order of operations, does not mean that the product flow order. This will be in the back.
  3. standard handheld, in order to successfully carry out the work, semi-finished products process required, also contains the machine installed in the product, the quantity with the equipment configuration method and operation sequence and the different ways of change, nowhere semi finished homework is not established.

Generally speaking, even the same machine configuration, if the operation in accordance with the processing order, only the machine needed to install something on it, the process will not have holdings. However, if the work carried out in accordance with the advance process in reverse order, every procedure is necessary for each manufacturing a product, there is a Holdings (two per installation time is two).

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