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Look at how German C.P.T. threaded cutters work on threads

C.P.T. is a world famous thread processing precision tool suppliers, located in the industrial city of Stuttgart, Germany. Its main products include thread cutter, milling cutter, small aperture lathe cutter. The complete product specifications, precise size, excellent performance and long service life is famous in the world, and Carmax belong to the same product, different brands.

C.P.T. thread cutting tools. Including thread cutter, solid carbide thread milling cutter and special machining holes. Inside and outside round tools, cutting, cutting knife, boring bar, small screw knife, and dedicated to the processing of stainless steel and other materials hard to be machined thread cutter.


Threaded blade

Germany C.P.T. thread inserts size precision, high service life. Many specifications, including 60 DEG /55 DEG fan pitch thread, metric thread ISO, UN American Standard whitworth thread, W55 degrees, American Standard taper pipe thread NPT, American Standard sealing taper pipe thread NPTF, inch taper pipe thread BSPT, ACME acme, acme short tooth thread STUB ACME, German standard TR DIN103 German standard trapezoidal thread, pipe thread PG, German standard sawtooth thread SAGE, German standard RD round thread, American Standard special thread aviation UNJ, metric space American Standard sawtooth thread MJ, thread ABUT, thread API, VAM most of the trapezoidal thread tooth thread screw thread inserts. 11,16,22,27 specifications, the blade is divided into internal and external threads processing.

The German C.P.T. threaded blade surface coating technology, unique P25C, MXC, BMA, BXC and other coatings, in addition to the processing of steel, cast iron, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and other common materials, can also be processed with titanium alloy, nickel base alloy, high temperature alloy, high strength steel and other hard materials processing.

Type DSI

Germany C.P.T. double sided screw car blade DSI type, blade double-sided use, 6 cutting edges, cost saving. Knife pad unique vibration structure, so that the blade clamping more tight, cutting edge is more solid, especially suitable for heavy cutting

Grooved blade

Germany C.P.T. car slot blade, three blade, fine grinding blade, processing flat bottomed groove, R groove, and threaded blade sharing knife lever

Thread milling insert

Germany C.P.T. thread milling cutter, the specifications are ISO metric screw threads, UN American Standard whitworth thread, W55 degrees, American Standard taper pipe thread NPT, American Standard sealing taper pipe thread NPTF, inch taper pipe thread BSPT, German standard MT7 coating on the surface of conduit thread PG. unique, can be used for processing various materials. The multi tooth structure greatly to improve the cutting efficiency.

Alloy thread milling cutter

Germany C.P.T. solid carbide thread milling cutter, mainly used for high speed thread hole below M27, machining high precision milling. With a tool can be processed through hole / blind hole, the left and right hand threads, thread tolerance level can process different. The center side of the water, cold, necking structure. Processing special coating MT7 suitable for various materials.

Milling cutter type CMT

Germany C.P.T. vertical mounted thread cutter type CMT, axial pressing blade, rigid clamping screw blade. The best, slot milling cutter, for thread and groove milling, and processing for internal and external threads. The blade precision grinding, accurate size, high efficiency for cutting.

High hardness thread milling cutter

Germany C.P.T. solid carbide thread milling high hardness HARDCUT, MT9 coating is unique, for high hardness materials is less than or equal to 62HRC, widely used in mold, electronic industry. It can provide the processing depth of 2xD and 3xD products.

Micro thread milling cutter

Germany C.P.T. micro solid carbide thread milling cutter, mainly for small thread, high speed machining deep hole thread milling, the minimum M1.2×0.25. The processing depth of the thread hole 2xD and 3xD. The processing of various types of titanium alloy, stainless steel, hardened steel, steel and other materials.

Tools series

Germany C.P.T. solid carbide hole boring, covering the hole boring, boring back, copying car, tanker, threaded end groove, chamfer, tool type. The tool shank for reinforcing structure, edge smoothing processing, chip breaking ability, smooth chip removal. Widely used in medical, electronic, micro mold small parts, processing and other industries. The minimum cutting diameter 1mm.

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