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Looking at the spring of construction machinery in China

According to the “13th Five-Year plan” and “Chinese manufacturing 2025>, the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, the promotion of new cultivation mode of intelligent manufacturing is the future direction of China manufacturing development, and these factors will promote the rapid development of construction machinery industry.

Promote the real economy and push forward the structural reform of the supply side

“To promote the structural adjustment by way of reform, and reduce the invalid supply of low-end and high-end, expand effective supply, enhance the supply structure to the changing needs of adaptability and flexibility, improve the total factor productivity. Turning the supply side structural reform, the Heart Institute of industrial economics minister Zhao Changwen said the State Council development research, China consumers bought abroad the toilet lid, a cooker, a lot of high-tech equipment, long-term dependence on imports, behind the point of it is especially the manufacturing industry upgrading, restructuring, upgrading, realize the value chain from low-end to high-end transfer.

For the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, some people think that is to abandon the traditional industries, to the development of electronic information, biological medicine, new energy, new materials and other emerging industries. In this regard, analysts believe that the emerging industry is to promote the supply side structural reform, enhance the Chinese manufacturing level, but the traditional industry itself can also be bigger do strong, to meet consumer demand.

“We think the textile is a very traditional industry, and even behind the old together. This is actually a kind of prejudice, or because do not understand the cause of the situation of the industry. This industry has also biological technology, creative technology, Internet technology, but also covers many engineering and technical innovation, is a high technology integration. For example, we have advanced design software, advanced design concepts, advanced design thinking together, in order to design a beautiful flower.” Shandong Ruyi Group Chairman Qiu Yafu believes that through the transformation of traditional industries, high-tech promotion, can also be full of vitality.

Qiu Yafu’s view has been another clothing enterprises confirmed. Last year the “double eleven” after the Semir group launched a limited edition Lightweight Jacket detonated network, on the same day that the sale of more than 10 thousand pieces, up to half of the total inventory. In addition to its popular reason by the South Korean star Lee Min Ho endorsement, but also in the process of excellence in the selection of international patent fabric, fabric, high density yarn line, to ensure the tightness of the fabric structure; during the knitting process, machine imported from Germany, 120 minutes to replace a needle, to avoid the phenomenon caused by the pinhole cashmere run down; internal material high fluffy, clothes “light” and “thin” at all.

These details may be insignificant, but let consumers on product quality judgment have different views, to meet the effective demand of them. During the Spring Festival this year, China overseas tourists in the “shopping spree” to purchase a large number of daily consumer durable goods, and gives the reason is mainly reflected in the quality of the products and design details: “the nail clippers in Japan for more than 10 years are very good”; “the foreign toothbrush with hair part is relatively small, so for the side brush teeth; structure of its streamlined design closer to human teeth, brush cleaner.”

But, thankfully, China enterprises in the manufacturing industry especially the daily consumer goods efforts are gradually recognized by the market. According to Bain and Kay degree of consumer price index released <2015 Chinese shoppers report >, in 26 FMCG categories (personal care, home care, beverages, food packaging etc.), the domestic national brand for 3 consecutive years from international competitors gain market share; in home appliances, according to the combined ranking, Internet Weekly > and Silicon Valley power of Haier, GREE, Midea and SONY, PHILPS, beyond Samsung, SIEMENS, became the 2015 China 10 home appliance brands in the top three.

Promote “intelligent manufacturing” to meet individual needs

Click the mouse, the user can choose according to their own preferences refrigerator color, style, performance, structure, customized refrigerator one; through the visual operation, the user can always find your refrigerator in the production line, such as the production to which a process, there is no way this factory manufacturing. It sounds Arabian Nights products, but in the Haier refrigerator unmanned factory has become a reality.

“For the realization of mass customization combination, our factory will be the traditional production line more than 100 meters into a 4 18 meter long intelligent production line, flexible mass customization at the factory in a production line can support more than 500 types, so as to meet the user’s purchase of flexible rapid diversification demand.” Haier Shenyang refrigerator factory in charge people said, in obtain customized information, factory workers, just put the door into the random cage in the production line can be customized according to the user information retrieval, automatic die changing.

“Internet plus” boost Chinese towards high-end manufacturing

“Internet plus” is an important support for the “2025 China manufacturing”, to promote the integration of the manufacturing industry and the development of the Internet. The prime minister Li Keqiang in May 4th the State Council executive meeting said. The meeting of the deployment of promoting the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth of integration, accelerate the Chinese manufacturing upgrade.

In early January 27, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to focus on promoting the “Chinese manufacturing 2025> and” Internet plus “integration and development, the meeting identified a number of measures to support the financial industry efficiency upgrades. Proposed to promote the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing as the starting point, the new mode of nurturing manufacturing, new formats, new the product is put forward. The intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, quality brand promotion and other 11 supporting the implementation of guidelines, action plans and special plans. It is pointed out that the implementation Chinese manufacturing 2025> to promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the deepening of the supply side structural reform plays a positive role in promoting. And a breakthrough in the” Chinese manufacturing + Internet “as soon as possible, to achieve Chinese manufacturing towards the end.

Promoting the new industrial revolution and promoting new competitive advantages in Chinese manufacturing

On the guidance issued by the State Department on May 13th on the development of manufacturing industry “integration with the Internet that manufacturing enterprises to build the Internet” double “platform and promote the Internet companies to build manufacturing management service system at the same time, but also to support manufacturing enterprises and Internet companies cross-border integration. This is not only an important symbol of” China manufacturing 2025 “and” Internet plus action “two national strategy of seamless, and is a key step to upgrade oriented real economy and the virtual economy to the organic combination of industry. This edition from today launched the” focus “manufacturing + Internet” series of reports, and to explore together the manufacturing industry and the Internet integration development topic.

The manufacturing industry is the mainstay of the national economy, is the main battlefield of the implementation of the “Internet plus”. To deepen the manufacturing industry and the Internet is the integration of development, implement and promote the overall development of “an important measure of guidance on China manufacturing 2025” and the State Council on promoting “” Internet plus “action, but also speed up the realistic choice of manufacturing power the construction of.5 13, the State Council officially issued” guidance on further development on the integration of manufacturing and the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the “guiding opinions”), this is the Party Central Committee, State Council made a major strategic new trend of taking a new round of global technological revolution and the industrial revolution, its core is to accelerate the manufacturing industry the transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve the “Chinese manufacturing” new competitive advantages.