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A test report is enough to knock down a company

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Quality inspection, in their daily work in general but is no longer the words, but the German Volkswagen “detection” incident has continued warming, once again reminds us that in fact, the test is not a simple matter. This paper reviews have occurred over the past few years a number of quality test event, defeating a and a big business. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Volkswagen’s “detection gate” incident continues to ferment

Recently, the International Council on clean transportation and West Virginia University in a test report pointed out that some VW in normal driving high emission vehicle emissions of nitrogen and oxygen compounds, some even reached 40 times the limit. To identify the regulatory authorities, public installation of complex software in the car, can be detected in recognition of car then, the exhaust emissions control. The environmental protection department assistant director Cynthia Giles said: “the use of failure protector in the car to escape the clean air standard is illegal, a threat to public health.” suspected of illegal emissions of about 482 thousand vehicles. According to the “Clean Air Act”, the public can reach a total fines 18 billion dollars. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Affected by the incident, the public shares the past few days continued to drop, worth about 1/3, more than 30 billion euros.23, Volkswagen Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Martin Winterkorn has resigned. The company will also face a series of investigation and litigation. With TOYOTA to compete in the global automotive hegemony in the long run, the public performance this year was “forcing” TOYOTA. The incident is likely to let the public to catch up with TOYOTA 2018 strategy. Volkswagen has 600 thousand employees work not completed, the German economy is significant.

By the public involved, the European automobile stocks ushered in the biggest decline since 2008, automobile parts manufacturers and even stocks are affected. More seriously, the latest news media, Volkswagen uses this software in the United States, in addition to the public and more well-known car manufacturers use similar software, the relevant departments are further in the survey. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Melamine scandal hits Sanlu Group

In 2008 Chinese tainted milk incident is a food safety incident China. The incident is a lot of baby food produced by Sanlu milk powder was found to be suffering from kidney stones, then were found in its milk powder melamine. According to the figures released by the end of September 21, 2008, due to the use of infant formula and treatment and rehabilitation of infants have counseling clinic a total of 39965 people, 12892 people in the hospital, had been cured and discharged 1579 people, 4 people died, the other as of September 25th, Hongkong has 5 people, 1 people in Macao have diagnosed illness. The event attracted national attention and concern on the safety of dairy products. China national quality inspection administration announced melamine inspection report on China dairy products manufacturers of infant milk powder incident, deteriorating rapidly, including Yili, Mengniu, Guangming, Shengyuan and Ashley, multiple manufacturers of milk Melamine was detected in the powder. The incident also hit the commercial reputation of China’s dairy industry. Many countries banned the import of dairy products in China. In.2011, the weekly quality report of China CCTV found that 7 of the Chinese people did not dare to buy domestic milk. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

After the Sanlu milk powder incident, the Chinese milk Association raised the total compensation of infant milk powder for 1 billion 110 million yuan by coordinating relevant responsible enterprises. Tian Wenhua, the former chairman, was sentenced to life imprisonment, and many executives were sentenced

Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group, founded in 1956, was China in dairy farming, dairy processing, research and development of large enterprise groups as a whole. Before the outbreak of the Sanlu brand value reached 14 billion 907 million yuan, in 2006 was named the “Forbes < > China’s top 100 enterprises” dairy industry first. After the outbreak of melamine incident in February 12, 2009 declared bankruptcy. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Lead to death Mattel exceed the standard supplier

In August 2, 2007, the largest toy maker Mattel Inc (MattelInc.) toys were detected lead content in paint exceed the standard, put forward 967 thousand pieces of plastic toy recall to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and for the first time in the name of the manufacturer under the pressure of Disclosure – Foshan Lida Toy Co., Ltd. Foshan Lida. By the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments for rectification, the State Administration of Chinese quality supervision and management announced a moratorium on the export of their products. The staff estimates, Lida Toy Co. compensation from being asked to recall the 967 thousand toy to a loss of 30 million yuan, about.8 month 11 days the company from Hongkong boss Zhang Shuhong was found hanging in the factory warehouse. Zhang Dutch act within a week, Lida under the three plant the workers have almost a severance empty. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Before the incident, the production of Foshan Lida has occupied second of the toy manufacturing industry in Foshan, workers over 1000, had won the credibility certificate of MATTEL in 1997, overnight, the more than 10 years of good production record of joint ventures collapsed

Expired meat Shanghai Fuxi Food Co., Ltd.

In July 20, 2014, McDonald’s, KFC and other Western fast food supplier of Shanghai Fu food company was traced to the use of expired inferior meat.7 22, the Shanghai Municipal Food and drug administration, a preliminary investigation showed that the Shanghai Fu Food Co., allegedly organized the implementation of the illegal production and management of food behavior, and verified the products in 5 batches, involving Chicken McNuggets, mini steak, smoked flavor meatloaf, pork pie, a total of 5108 cases. The Shanghai food and drug administration department for all Shanghai KFC, McDonald’s products all the shelves. With further investigation found Shanghai Fu Food Co., as well as in the factory outside of a mysterious warehouse, dedicated to other brands of products moved to the warehouse, and then put on their packaging fluke. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Shanghai was founded in April 4, 1996, is the parent company (OSI group) in the long-term development of China strategy based on second international standard in China investment of meat, vegetable processing enterprises, with a chicken processing production line, a beef / pork processing production line. The expired meat incident broke out in 2014 07 24 August, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau according to the person in charge of the Shanghai Fu Food Co. Ltd., quality managers and other 6 people involved in criminal detention in September 22nd.2014, Shanghai Husi employees severance totaling 340.

Plasticizer events make high-end wine fall into the trough. Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

In November 19, 2012, the domestic high-end liquor Jiugui Liquor burst was detected plasticizer 2.6 times exceed the standard.11 21, national quality inspection administration informed the detection results of 50 samples of alcoholic liquor produced in Hunan province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, DBP (two phthalic acid esters, commonly known as plasticizers) the highest value of 1.04mg/kg.

From the “alcoholic liquor plasticizer content exceed the standard 260%” news officially came to November 19, 2012, just one day, not only the stock of alcoholic liquor temporary suspension, the liquor sector also suffered setbacks, two city liquor shares of the total market capitalization of nearly 33 billion yuan. The total evaporation of alcoholic liquor plasticizer incident, year after year of losses, the first half of 2013 net profit fell nearly 9 years into a loss of 100 million.2014 yuan, increase compared to 2013 net loss of 145%-227%. plasticizer events before exposure, alcoholic liquor once with Moutai, Wuliangye comparable.

It is better to say that the enterprise has defeated itself than a test report, because in the subsequent investigation, it is found that the existence of the problem is not accidental

Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer

Experienced machining brass China Manufacturer


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