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[lean school] action analysis (three)

machining cost OEM Manufacturer. From the manual for the study, Gilbreth couple found all the operation is the basic action of a coherent (Fundamental motion) which, by the research results, the basic elements of the human body movement statistics (or basic movements) can be subdivided into seventeen kinds of dynamic factors, in order to make the readers of these dynamic elements of the definition, scope and understanding the characteristics, so will the seventeen dynamic factors into three categories

Analysis of action elements

Through the observation of hand, foot and eye movements, head activities, the order of actions and methods with both hands, eyes activities linked to detailed analysis, with the therbligs mark recorded and classified, and find out the existing problems and the action sequence method, single hand waiting and unreasonable action, the action of waste problems and to a a new analysis method. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

The purpose of the analysis of action elements

1.we classify actions into 17 basic movements, understand the process and state of each movement, clarify the relationship between action sequence and the actions of all parts of the human body, including hands, eyes, feet and head. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

2.grasp the body parts of the movement at the same time;

3.confirm the reasonableness of each movement, find out the existence of waste, irrational and unstable; distinguish between the necessary movements, auxiliary and unnecessary movements, and to find out the causes of the two types of action.

Active pheromone. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

There are 9 kinds of actions necessary to do the homework.

  1. the act of moving an empty hand near or leaving a target.
  2. grabbing: the act of grasping or controlling the object by a part of the hand or body.
  3. movement: the act of changing the position of a object with a load on a part of the hand or body
  4. position: the action of making the object of the hand and other objects in the right position.
  5. assembly: the action of merging two or more than two objects
  6. dismantling: the action of dividing one object into two or more than two objects
  7. use: the use of a device or device. machining cost OEM Manufacturer
  8. release: the act of releasing the object controlled by a part of the hand or body.
  9. test: the action of comparing the performance, quality, quantity of a target with the prescribed standard

Auxiliary motilin

In order to complete the activity element, it will delay the operation of the activites, the operation time will be too much, and the operation efficiency will be reduced. There are 5 kinds of jobs. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

  1. search: the action of looking for objects with five senses, such as eyes, hands, etc.
  2. found that after the search for the action, find the moment of the object of the action (some books do not list the animal)
  3. choice: the action of using five senses to select objects from a number of objects. machining cost OEM Manufacturer
  4. thinking: psychological activities, such as understanding and judgment based on thinking
  5. Reservation: to adjust the position of the object to make it happen to be in the best direction of the next action. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

Ineffective motilin

The action that does not have any effect on a job is a kinesin that must be taken in the analysis of the kinetic element, also known as the third type of kinesin. There are 3 kinds.

  1. preservation: the protection of the object in a part of the hand or body and the maintenance of the original movement.
  2. delay: the waiting due to the automatic feed of the machine, and the idle hand of a hand when the hands are operated.
  3. rest: in order to restore fatigue, the physical and mental activities are in a state of rest. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

The steps of the dynamic element analysis

  1. find out the problems in the operation and determine the operation of the analysis of the activity.

Preparation of 2. – hormone analysis: the pheromone analysis table, the recording paper, the stopwatch, and the tape measure

The implementation of 3. pheromone analysis. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

(1) fill in the necessary items in the analysis form

(2) observation, decomposition, recording of action

(3) sorting out the results of the analysis and filling out the summary table

(4) fill out the job site layout

  1. discuss the results of the analysis and determine the improvement scheme

(1) to find out the reasons and improve the movement of class 2,3, and analyze the balance of both hands. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

4W1H question technique, ECRS technique, action improvement checklist

Based on the principle of action economy

After the improvement scheme is determined, the dynamic vegetal analysis table after improving the operation should be made to compare the number of dynamic primes before and after the improvement, and the improvement effect should be grasped. machining cost OEM Manufacturer

The application of the dynamic element analysis

  1. discuss the efficient and easy working method

(1) to observe the work in any case, and not to discover the existence of the action.

The problem and the situation where the best plan is not worked out in any case

  1. explore the most appropriate sequence of action

(1) through the analysis of MOT, we can understand the action sequence of each part of the body.

  1. as a reference for the discussion of the most appropriate fixture and operating environment arrangement
  2. make the right and easy working method
  3. training consciousness of action

Application case of dynamic element analysis

Case 1: resistance insertion

Factor operation:

1 the right hand grabs several resistors from the container and puts it in the left hand.

2 the right hand takes a resistance from the left hand and inserts the circuit board.

3 repeating action 2, a total of 5 resistors are inserted on the circuit board.

4 put the residual resistance back into the container.

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