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7 wastes in management

REVIEW: Everyone knows the famous TIMWOOD lean production, and in fact, if the management is not in place, it will cause great waste! machining services near me

Waste 1 – Management Work “etc.”


In the management work, the waste of waiting is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Waiting for superiors instructions: superiors do not arrange to sit lower subordinates, superiors do not instruct the subordinates do not perform, superiors do not ask subordinates do not report, superiors do not check the subordinate dragged on. How do I do more work and problems? There is nothing wrong with following the instruction. Big responsibility can be shared. A lot of work was done under multiple inspections and reminders, resulting in great waste.
Waiting for the report of the lower level: Although the task has been arranged, there is no inspection or supervision. Do not take the initiative to conduct in-depth investigations, master first-hand information, but passively listen to reports from lower-level authorities, make decisions or report to higher authorities without verification, and have problems.  Responsibilities can also be pushed by lower-level individuals in the past. machining services near me
Waiting for the reply from each other: I have contacted the other party, and when I get the reply I can not decide. The responsibility for delaying the work should be the responsibility of the other party. I can only wait. The responsibility is not afraid. I sent the document to the other party on a certain day of the month. The records here are very clear. If the other party does not reply, what can I do? You still contact each other about it, so as not to delay the work.
Waiting for contact at the production site: The functional department does not take the initiative to provide services for the site. Instead, it waits for the on-site contact. Sometimes it is impatient and thinks that waiting for something will be a big deal, but it does not put itself in the spotlight for the sake of the site. It seriously affects Timely resolution of production site problems. machining services near me
These “waits” are numerous in the work. The main reason is that the middle managers lack responsibility and initiative and are unwilling to take responsibility. For this kind of waste, we believe that according to the cultural atmosphere of different companies, if we cannot use Y theory to motivate employees to eliminate waiting waste, we need to use X theory to strengthen management, for example, for more important tasks, we can use 5W1H to plan Decomposition, then control, inspection and assessment. In fact, neither X and Y theory can fundamentally solve the problem. It may be better if X+Y complement each other.


Waste 2 – Disorganized Management


“There is no rule, no circle,” and this old phrase illustrates the importance of order. It is well-known that there is a lack of clear rules, systems, processes and confusion at work. However, if there are orders or regulations that do not follow, the unordered waste caused by acting according to personal wishes is even more terrible. machining services near me
Uncertainty caused by unclear responsibilities: due to institutional and managerial reasons, a certain job seems to be dominated by two departments, but they are tangled up all day long, causing the original order to become disorderly and causing great damage. waste. Someone in a certain department has to make a supplement if he or she sees a job that is urgent and if it does not affect the company’s interests. At this time there is a strange phenomenon: Well, the future of this work by you to do it, the responsibility department but let it go, it is also a disorder.
The disorder caused by low business capabilities: low quality and ability to meet job needs will result in job disorder. The departments and personnel that should undertake certain tasks have caused chaos and disorder because of lack of capacity; when there are changes in departments and personnel, the work is poorly handled and the cooperation is not in place, and the original work flow is often overturned and artificially increased. Unordered” time to restore to “ordered”. An effective manager should be a master of standardization, can standardize, standardize, and simplify complex and disorderly work, so that ordinary employees can complete tasks that they could not otherwise accomplish.
There are chapters that do not follow the order of disorder: Do whatever you like, regard the company’s rules and regulations as the rules of others, without self-discipline, do not set an example, do not perform management assessment according to the system, resulting in chaotic management, affecting employees’ enthusiasm and creativity, impact The overall efficiency and quality of the department. This kind of man-made disorder is more harmful. machining services near me
The disorder of the business process: The vertical departmental setup of the linear function system severely separates horizontal business processes. Most departments consider whether a job can be implemented in this department, but rarely consider how to assist the relevant departments to implement it smoothly. Usually consider this department as the center, and less work as the center, rather than the department support process, but require the process to turn around the department, which leads to the confusion of the process, the work can not be successfully completed, it needs repeated coordination, increase management costs. I have reviewed the management rules of several companies and found an interesting phenomenon: The company’s regulations are rarely written in the order of the horizontal business processes. Most of them are written according to the vertical department. How do the two departments work? The transfer is absent, the implementation will result in disorder.
The frequency of these disorderly occurrences will cause confusion in the management of the company. Managers should analyze the causes of disorder, try hard to grasp the main contradiction, and think about how to transform disorder into relative order through effective methods in order to integrate resources and maximize efficiency. . This is one of the issues that senior managers should pay attention to and focus on. machining services near me


Waste 3 – poor coordination and loss of cohesion


Co-ordination means that all elements, work or activities in an organization must be harmoniously coordinated so that the overall goals of the organization can be successfully achieved. With good coordination, there will be a synergy effect of 1+1>2. So Fayol sees coordination as a basic function of management. And if poor coordination in management, it will result in work stagnation and other aspects of waste:
Inadequate coordination of the work process: Problems arise in the work shared by the two departments. The two parties do not actively contact each other. They also need to coordinate with the third department, and the progress of work will certainly be affected. Which department should be responsible for some work is not clearly defined. It is a fault between departments. The lack of collaboration and communication between each other’s work is awaiting each other. They think that it should be the responsibility of the other party’s department. The problem has also been dragged into a big problem.
Inadequate coordination of superior instructions: There was no communication about the work instruction of the superior and the arrangement of the related meetings. Even if they were communicated, they did not carry out effective coordination to organize and carry out the work. They formed a relay of slogans and the work was stagnant in this department and was not effectively implemented. , Forming a blind spot for work. machining services near me
Poor coordination of information transfer: stagnation in the flow of information to a given department leaves the relevant departments that should have access to such information inaccessible and can not carry out their work efficiently. Information is not classified and aggregated, stagnating in the decentralization; information has not been fully analyzed, verified and used, and still stagnates in the original state; inaccurate information, resulting in blind production, chaotic supply of materials, frequent adjustment of plans, and no overtime benefit And inventory increases. What is more, the information as the department or individual private, intends to no longer pass, the greater impact.
Inadequate coordination of business processes: The vast majority of management activities, not a single department can be independently completed, requires more than two departments to cooperate with each other, according to horizontal business processes to complete. However, due to the fragmentation of business processes in vertical sector settings, some breakpoints will be formed. If coordination cannot be done in time, business processes cannot run smoothly, causing subsequent processes to stagnate and result in losses. Even if you try to bypass the past, you will also lose efficiency. It may also fail to achieve the desired effect.
Poor coordination is one of the biggest wastes in management. It makes the entire organization unable to form cohesion, lack of team awareness and coordination, resulting in low work efficiency. machining services near me

Waste 4 – idle production and business elements


We call stockpile management “idle”. Institutional overlap, overlap of functions… The formation of people is overboard, and the factors of production and operation cannot be used effectively, resulting in idle waste.
The idleness of fixed assets: overestimate the market situation and underestimate the production potential, and are keen to expand the scale. This can easily lead to the idleness of fixed assets. Plants, production equipment, etc., are wasted due to lack of start-ups, which increases the company’s costs and profits. Reduced, decreased competitiveness. This kind of waste is most likely to occur in senior leaders because they want to enlarge the organization and create political performance. Therefore, even if there is a feasibility analysis, it is full of optimistic estimates, and even the leaders consciously exaggerate the expected results.
Idle or overlapping of functions: A company sets up certain functions for certain departments during organizational design. However, in actual work, this function has no effect, resulting in the idleness of departmental functions and exerting an influence on the company’s related work . The two departments have taken on similar tasks with some overlap in their responsibilities. It seems that no one can be held responsible. In fact, no one is responsible for it. Push each other wrongly, made achievements and competing with each other, easily lead to mutual restraint in the work, affecting organizational efficiency. machining services near me
Overlap in the complexity of the work process: In some cases, a higher level may in fact assume only the signature function for some unimportant tasks, but the business can not be carried out without wait for the signature or approval of the superior, waiting and stagnation will occur waste. Why does this waste occur? If your superiors are concerned about losing their power, the subordinates will consult each other for a long time and the organization will gradually become inflexible and lose its vitality. This is a mistake that every manager at every level can make. Only by daring to authorize can we streamline processes and improve efficiency.
Personnel idleness: people do more good work, emphasize the importance of the work of this department, increase personnel, three people to do the work of two people. Because of the workload, Parkinson’s Law took effect: in order to avoid the criticism of “people floating above” at the higher level, extra work began to be created. For example, an additional clerk was added to the General Affairs Department. In order to fill her working hours, Or, in the name of the department, other departments are notified to submit XX plans, summaries, and statements, thus creating additional work and forming a series of chained waste. The clerk had work to do and achieved the effect of “detailed management.”
The idleness of information: A company that I once served once found that there are a lot of information and raw data inside and outside the company. It should have used this information to extract useful information. However, the management has not processed the analysis, analysis, etc., and output is amplified. Company waste of information is extremely staggering waste, the need to fundamentally change from the purpose of information collection, the summary, analysis, archiving, and then the entire output of the output, to find inaccurate, not timely waste And eradicate it. machining services near me
Flat management, business process reengineering, organizational reengineering, process management and other methods are all effective measures for work flow, standardization, and responsibilities, and can reduce idleness to some extent. However, what is more important is that ideas must not be left idle, and water should not be corrupted. If new thinking on management can be constantly used to impact old thinking, it will naturally adopt effective countermeasures to eliminate the waste caused by idleness.


Waste 5 – Coping


As the name implies, coping is that although the work is done, it is not active, conscientious, perfunctory, does not pursue the best results, and thus lacks practical results. It is a manifestation of the lack of sense of responsibility. This waste is at work. Commonly seen. machining services near me
To cope with the basic work: In the management of the system, many tasks that should be done on a daily basis are not done seriously, do not pay attention to the day-to-day management of standards, and lack solid practical work. The pre-announcement of assault on the surface to meet inspections can be imagined. Why is the gold content of the domestic ISO9000 quality system certificate getting lower and lower? Because many companies can balance their arrivals, even if there are problems, they will communicate with the internal representatives of the management. At the last meeting, only a few general non-conformities will be issued, and natural rectification will be passed. If you can handle it, you can do it seriously.
Coping with the inspection: The work arranged by the company has not been completed according to the requirements of the plan, and only some superficial articles have been made to deal with the company’s inspections. People often say that doing nothing is a matter of attitude and that doing well is a matter of level and its meaning is worth pondering. If the inspection staff also cope, or because of the situation will not be pointed out, it will form airspace.
After coping with the situation, if it involves systemic and process work, if the front is not serious, it will have a greater impact on the follow-up work, such as inaccurate delivery time, not timely, it will lead to manufacturing systems There is a lot of waste like extra overtime.
Dealing with animosity: There is no plan or self-examination at work, and things are only done in the front. Over time, the later ones forget or not do it. The lack of initiative in the work, letting you do something, is just to deal with the matter, rather than strictly asking yourself to do better. All these have great harm to the work. machining services near me
The waste of coping is mainly caused by weak sense of responsibility and low quality. It is actually a work dereliction of duty. This waste is hidden to the organization and will gradually erode the body of the organization. It is a chronic poison. . For this kind of waste that is commonplace in the world, we must not be indifferent and let it go. Instead, we should establish and improve a performance-centered supervision and evaluation mechanism to reduce waste.


Waste 6 – Recurring “inefficient”


Ineffective meanings include:
Inefficient or inefficient work: Compared with the high efficiency of management, low efficiency caused by hidden waste is very large; the original as long as one person to undertake the work, need more than two people to complete; should be completed as planned The task of repeated delays. machining services near me
Wrong work is a negative efficiency: Failure to do a good job at a time is the greatest waste. The work that should be done correctly is done wrong, and waste such as rework, redo, correction, etc. will occur, and it will even affect the whole. If you do the wrong job efficiently, you lose even more. What is even more frightening is that this kind of error is tolerated to a certain extent, it will be covered by various reasons and reasons, and it will happen repeatedly, resulting in similar waste.
We allow creative mistakes without allowing repeated low-level mistakes.


What are the reasons for inefficiency?
The low quality of managers: the lack of learning ability, the weakening of the sense of crisis, resulting in the quality of many people can not meet the needs of the work. In each organization, the quality of personnel must be uneven. Complaints are useless. It is even more difficult to push responsibilities onto ordinary employees. Only low-quality managers are not absolutely low-quality employees. High-quality managers through training and guidance, employing personnel, make the best use of talent, effectively lead the staff to complete the task. A lion leads a flock of sheep and a group of lions led by a sheep is completely different. Therefore, we should look for reasons from the middle and senior managers, but we can’t simply push the responsibility to the lower level. machining services near me
Improper method: improper staffing will lead to inefficiency, irrational planning, and difficulties in completing the work on schedule; problems in the ordering will cause no distinction between the primary and secondary, and no one will focus on the work…
Retaining rigid thinking: the past successful experience, the past effective method will make some “successful” people complacent, indulge in the glory of the past, so unscrupulous, do not continue to improve themselves, using the original one To face the ever-changing internal and external environment has not only led to inefficiency, but has even dragged the entire organization forward and has become a stumbling block to the entire organization. Only by constantly learning new knowledge and accepting new ideas can it be possible to solve new problems.


Waste 7 – management is not “reasonable” can be


The management cost is an important part of the cost structure of an enterprise, which is the cost incurred by each functional department in the processes of production, supply, design, quality, finance, and marketing. Management must act according to “rationale” to control costs and reduce waste, otherwise they will be punished. “Li” specifically refers to “objectives, targets, budgets, and plans” in business management. However, if there is a problem with “theory,” then it is more harmful.
The target index is irrational: Management should be based on “rationale”, but the premise is that “reason” is correct. If “theory” itself has a problem, or if we understand it wrong, then the result can be imagined. Just like solving a math problem, if the conditions are known to be incomplete or even wrong, even if the calculation process is wonderful again, no correct result can be derived. machining services near me
There is no basis for planning: The company has issued target indicators, but it does not know how to break down, rely on “braining the brain” and take it for granted to make budgets and plans, lacking enforceability. For non-quantitative work, do not refine, do not have maneuverability. The short-term plan has not been compiled around the mid- to long-term plan. There is a disconnect between the two and no continuity is considered. The preparation of the plan was delayed and the situation was urgently issued, ignoring the timeliness. For this kind of plan, if you do not make any changes or adjustments, or even push back, it will bring great harm.
The implementation of the plan is not serious: The superiors did not inform me that I did not know the content of the plan and therefore could not be implemented. The actual situation changed too quickly and the plan could not be implemented. As the previous work was not completed in time, the plan could not be completed; , The indicators were not implemented due to implementation difficulties, and they were implemented according to their own imagination; they did not look at the plans after they received the plan, and they did not know what the plan was, or simply looked at them and left them aside. .
The plan inspection is not serious: anyway, the assessment of the plan is carried out by the company in a unified manner. I don’t have to check it every day. There are deviations in the plan. Either the plan is reported to be higher or the plan is omitted. There must be a reason for this. Why should it be investigated? Almost done on the line, one by one to implement more trouble ah.
Plan assessment is not in place: Due to the inability to understand and master the progress of the plan and the completion of the situation and problems, and difficult to implement the assessment. Even if a problem is discovered, it will not review itself and objectively analyze the reasons for the difference. Instead, it will emphasize the reason, shirk its responsibility, and evade assessment. After the problems are found, the measures are not in place and the plans in the next period are not reflected or corrected, causing the problems to persist. Are working in a company, bow to see the rise, why should offend that person, understatement to a few, you can keep me back all right. machining services near me
Input-output mismatch: Although the target is completed, is the cost too high? What is the return on investment? It is known that it is not worth the candle, but because it has already submitted a plan to the head office, it has not been willing to admit defeat because it has been brazen enough to continue to suffer losses and create new waste.
These problems are often found in day-to-day management, but they are difficult to measure. They are not as intuitive as the appearance of waste products. The hidden costs of management costs thus formed are often overlooked and even taken for granted. It is difficult to eliminate them. The power of waste.
The “seven kinds of waste” in the management work are much more serious than the “seven wastes” in the production site pointed out by the Toyota production method, but it is also much more difficult to solve. Because most of the waste in the production site can be quantified, however, most of the management work is a soft index. It has greater flexibility, and it is relatively difficult to quantify and refine. In addition, it is commonplace that even if the requirements of the higher authorities are tight, they will loosen up after a while. It is prone to be repetitive, and if it is not possible to form a consensus on waste in management work, it is difficult to carry out the activities in a sustained and effective manner. Therefore, we must have a clear understanding of the arduousness and long-term nature of waste elimination activities. From the elimination of drip management waste, we will go on step by step toward the goal of completely eliminating waste. machining services near me

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