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These six kinds of waste in management will only hinder the progress of your organization!

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The lean management theory of Toyota Corporation has influenced many industries. Now, the “six wastes” that it induces is essentially a new achievement of its fine management thinking. Through the analysis of this article, we can see how to eliminate waste effectively. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

One, waiting for waste

1, we must wait for instructions from superiors, do not arrange jobs, or wait at lower levels. If superiors do not instruct subordinates, they will not perform. If the superiors do not ask subordinates, they will not report.

2, waiting for the lower level’s reporting task has been arranged, but it has not been checked and supervised. Instead of actively investigating the situation and mastering first-hand information, it only passively listens to lower level reports, making decisions without making verification or reporting to superiors. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

3, I have been in contact with the other party. I can’t decide when I can get a reply. I should be responsible for the responsibility for the delay in the work. I can only wait. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

4, the functional departments who are waiting for the production site do not take the initiative to provide services for the scene, but wait for the contact on the spot. They think what is more important to wait for a while, but they do not put themselves in the shoes for the scene, which seriously affects the timely solution of the production site problems. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

Comment: these “waiting” in the work is the existence of a large number of middle managers, mainly the lack of responsibility and initiative, is willing to assume responsibility. We believe that for this waste, and can use the 5W1H to carry out the plan decomposition, then the control, inspection and assessment. In fact, the X and Y theory are not to fundamentally solve the problem, X+Y may complement each other better.

Two, out of order waste

“No rules, not Cheng Fangyuan,” the old saying that the order of importance. The lack of clear rules, system, process, process easier to cause confusion, as everyone knows. But if this is so, not through the chapter, according to individual wishes caused by disorderly waste, is a very bad thing. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

1, unclear responsibilities caused by the disorder due to reasons of system, management and other aspects, resulting in a job like two branch pipe, but the entanglement of day of wrangling, so that the original order is disorder, caused by the enterprise to make confusion.

2, the low quality of service ability disorder caused by low, can not meet the need, will cause the disorder. Work should undertake some work of departments and personnel, due to capacity due to the insufficient work disorder; when the departments and personnel changes, inadequate job, work is not in place, artificially increased from “disorder” back to the “order” of the time.

3, the vertical sector set up of the disorderly line function system of business process is seriously fragmented to the transverse business process. Most departments consider whether a job can be implemented conscientiously in this department, and seldom consider how to assist relevant departments to carry out smoothly. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

Comment: managers should analyze the causes of disordered waste, to seize the main contradiction, thinking in this disorder, through effective methods, make the disorder into relatively orderly, thus the integration of resources, the maximum efficiency. This is one of the attention and focus on the issue of senior management should be. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

Three, coordination of waste and waste

The so-called coordination refers to all elements in the organization, work or activity to be harmonious with the overall goal, to facilitate the organization can be successfully achieved. With good coordination, coordination effect will appear. So 1 + 1 > 2 Farrell to coordinate as a basic function of management. If poor coordination in management in other aspects of the work will cause the stagnation of waste.

1, the lack of coordination process from two departments jointly undertake the work of problems, both sides do not take the initiative to contact, also need third coordination between departments, lack of spirit of collaboration and communication consciousness, the work of nobody, the original problem was also dragged into a big problem. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

2, carry out the instructions of the lack of coordination work instructions and related meetings arranged work did not convey, even if did not convey effectively to coordinate the implementation of the organization, the formation of the slogan relay, working in the Department of stagnation, has not been effectively implemented, the formation of work zone.

3, the lack of coordination in information transmission has led to the stagnation of information flow to a certain department, so that the relevant departments that should get the information can not grasp it, so it is difficult to carry out the work effectively. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

4, the coordination of business processes is not enough. Most of the management activities are not completed by a department independently. More than two departments need to cooperate with each other to complete the business process.

Comment: poor coordination is one of the biggest waste of management. It makes the whole organization unable to form cohesiveness, lack of team spirit and coordination spirit, resulting in low work efficiency. Even if TOYOTA has such a high level of management, coordination is also very troublesome. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

If there is poor coordination, try to adjust the organizational structure, reduce the number of longitudinal functional departments, the minister director authorized to establish the responsibility system of the project, gradually open up the bottleneck of horizontal business processes and stages to implement business process reengineering and rebuilding.

Four, idle waste

We put the management of the inventory of waste called “idle”. Overlap, overlapping functions. The formation of production elements make more personnel than work available, can not be used effectively, resulting in idle waste. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

1, the function of idle or overlapping companies set up some functions for some departments when carrying out the organizational design, but in practice, the function did not play a role, resulting in the departmental function idle, and also had an impact on the related work of the company.

2, the overlap of working procedures is complicated. In some cases, for some important tasks, superiors only bear the function of signing. However, if there is no signature or recognition from superiors, business will not be carried out. There will be waste waiting and stagnation.

3, the idle personnel many things, the importance, emphasize the work of their respective departments to increase personnel, three people to do the work of two. Because the workload is not saturated, Parkinson’s law will happen: in order to avoid the “more personnel than work available” criticism, began to create extra work.

4, the idle information. Some companies waste information in a very wasteful way. They need to fundamentally transform. Starting from the purposeful collection of information, we can find out inaccuracies and untimely waste in the whole process of collecting, analyzing, archiving, and exporting, and eradicate them. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

Comments: flat management, business process reengineering, organization reengineering, process management and other methods are effective measures for workflow, normalization and accountability, which can reduce idle waste to some extent.

But, more importantly, we should not idle our minds, and let the water run away. If we can continue to use the new management idea to attack the old thinking, we will take effective measures to eliminate the waste caused by idle.

Five, to deal with waste

As the name suggests, is to work with as dry, but do not take the initiative, not serious, do things carelessly, not the pursuit of the best results, thus the lack of practical effect, is a form of responsibility is not strong, this waste is often seen in the work. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

1, the check payable to the company of the work arrangement, no requirements on schedule to complete, just do some specious writing, to cope with the company’s inspection.

2, with no plans and caused cop-out self-examination in the work, do things in front, with the passage of time, behind don’t even do forget to do.

Comment: the waste of coping is mainly caused by poor sense of responsibility and low quality. It is actually a dereliction of duty in the work. The damage to the organization is hidden, and it will gradually erode the body of the organization. It is a chronic poison.

To waste this must not be petrified, It is quite common for the laissez faire, and should establish and improve the supervision and evaluation mechanism to performance as the center, to reduce waste. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

Six, inefficient and wasteful

The low efficiency or inefficiency of work is relative to the efficiency of management. The hidden waste caused by low efficiency is very large. As long as a person works, more than two people are needed to complete the work, and the tasks that should be completed according to plan are delayed for a long time. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

1, the managers’ lack of learning ability and the desalination of crisis awareness, the quality of a lot of people can not meet the needs of efficient work.

2, improper arrangement of personnel will lead to low efficiency, unreasonable plan arrangement, and hard work to be completed on schedule. If there are problems in sequential arrangement, it will cause primary and secondary irregularity.

3, the successful experience of the past such rigid ideas, effective measures in the past will make certain “successful” people so lazy, not pleased with oneself, continue to improve themselves, using the original set to face the myriads of changes in the internal and external environment, not only leads to low efficiency, even will drag the entire organization pace, become a stumbling block the organization forward. China machining surface finish Wholesale Manufacturer

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