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Dad, don’t dry up the machine today, just a day with me?

In the factory, the working family is still very hard, we often work overtime, travel, in order to catch orders there is almost no weekends and holidays, tired after a day home to eat dinner fell to sleep, and some even go for a few months to go home, to accompany The child’s time is almost as short as the time spent processing a part! manufacturing machines
Machinery factory children’s fathers
Let’s feel the children’s cries together. manufacturing machines

Because he is always so busy
Everyday machinery
There are endless calls
Get out of the phone in the morning
Going home to answer the phone at night
Or call on the weekend
Holidays say good to accompany me to the park
However, each time I just talk about it.
Then still busy in the car. manufacturing machines

I don’t like my father more and more
Because he loves me so much
But don’t love yourself at all
He often eats stomach medicine secretly
Dad runs outside and sometimes eats only one meal a day
I told my mother, I want to deliver food to my father every day.
Mom said: Silly boy, your dad talks about business.
Where are you going to find him! manufacturing machines

Nothing met my father in the last month
When I was on holiday, he was busy talking about business.
When I go to school,
He walked up every morning before he got up
I slept at night, he hasn’t come back yet
I worry if he is arguing with Mom
Mom said: Silly boy,
Why did father have time to fight with his mother?
Daddy wants to sell machinery and accessories for you to buy new clothes.
I said, I don’t want new clothes. I’m just my father. manufacturing machines

Mom said: Dad does mechanical work
Although tired, very hard
But in order to satisfy every customer
Let us live a better life.
He is willing. manufacturing machines

I hope not to have so many people shopping
Because that way Daddy can take a good rest
You can take care of your mother with me
I don’t want my dad to be so busy
Seeing my father is tired, I want to cry

I know that Dad is all for this family
In order to give me a better life
So, today I want to say to my dad
Daddy, I love you so much. You have worked hard to mold! manufacturing machines

Made a few years of machinery
We may not be able to live in the villa
Can’t afford a luxury car
Occasionally still squeeze a bus subway
But we are in the circle of machinery
Still painful and happy. manufacturing machines

This is life
This is the way of life
May everything be rewarded
let’s work hard together
To believe that tomorrow will always be better than today! manufacturing machines

Machinery is our rice bowl
Work is our future
But the child is our life
Children are our greater hope
Have more time with them
Today is Children’s Day
We take a day
Give your child a childhood that is not missing. manufacturing machines

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